Surfer update brings 3 more languages (Dutch, Korean, German), friends list, connection indicator and more

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This is a bunch of excellent improvements on the eSteem Surfer. While I am not a regular user of the Surfer app, I love and admire its sleekness and cool UI. I have both the Surfer and Andriod client installed on my devices, and I always enjoy the few time I spend with it.

It's clear that a lot of work has been done. Considering the number of new features, improvement, and fixes, it shows a great deal of effort. I appreciate the work!
The post is clearly well-written, precise and informative. Thank you for providing!

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Thank you for your review, @tykee! Keep up the good work!

thanks @good-karma. in this posting, I can see two kr community members: @blockchainstudio, and me. haha. and don't forget to another member. he helped to take a proofreading for this korean translation. thank you @joeypark

Yes, sorry how could I forget, will update post asap! Thank you!

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It looks like it should be great

When I click the link I get this message:

Screenshot 2019-02-27 at 14.53.49.png

Am I the only one who've got this after an instant update?
2 layers and codes instead of text for all languages

It seems so... i don't have that problem, neither on Linux nor Windows. 😑

Please download latest version again, because seem like you got the one which had small bug like this. We have fixed it, if you re-download from github again, it should work fine.

Спасибо! Теперь все выглядит намного лучше

That is great. I will use new app.

Another nice improvements! Keep it going!

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Really this is amazing for desktop.
I want to ask one question about mobile version esteem app. It some time does not show images after publish.
Is there any reason in uploading or network issue?
I always appreciate your team work and encouraging system to minnows.
Thank you brother @goog-karma
Luckily KARMA is my Town name.

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Could you share more details about your issue? Or screenshot

All improvements are needy thanks for quick update.

The exe file is not available

Check again please

Still not available. Only the source code in a zip file

Could you please check again, it should have been fixed by now. Thanks

Yes it's fixed. Thanks

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great effort to connect many people in this world. you have worked hard to develop this platform.
Thank you @good-karma, @esteemapp team
Warm regard from Indonesia

Very Perfect.

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As others have said, I can't find the download link for this version.

Please check again, we have fixed link issue. Thanks

unrelated issues but i can't get a response ... wtf is going on with steem and steemit accounts on twitter ?

they are not working.

Thanks for all the work you do to make Surfer better than ever!

Don't work the download link...the same as @kus-knee!

They know and are working on it!

Well if it is as good as the Mobile App then you got a winner!

Surfer is optimized for desktop users and mobile for mobile users with smaller screen, both should cover need of most our users, we are considering website as well in near future

You keep working nonstop 😊😁👍

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Hi @good-karma, thank you for mentioning my work :)

No problem, you deserve it... we are looking forward to see more of your contributions!

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Thanks for your try hard

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Work great! I'm happy I can access following, followers list. Thanks.

Work great! I'm happy
I can access following,
Followers list. Thanks.

                 - bluemoon

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I like this update, thank you to @good-karma

Perfect. Following and followers list ... is of great use. Thank you! I hope the internet connection indicator works well. At eSteem Mobile I often see that I don't have a connection ... but I have, because the application doesn't interrupt.

Thanks a lot for the upgrade!

Very cool bugfixes and updates... but...

Internet connection indicator

Where can we find this? I don't see it anywhere.

You can see it when you disconnect from internet, app should detect it and show that so you know you don't have connection and don't attempt to submit or safe as draft which might get lost :)

Ah, that's nice! Thanks for the explanation! 😉

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Thank you for this update

Excellent App! Started testing it on macos yesterday. Unfortunately i can't schedule posts.


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