This is very cool! As I reported on the github:

Comment tab doesn't work though to me (MacOS). Also it says it's 2.0.4 (maybe due to this?)

Thanks for report and PR, appreciate that... please keep them coming 😉
Comments tab should work, hopefully new upload will fix it for you. Few more minutes, re-compiling now with your changes...

Thanks a lot for super-fast response and merging. I believe open-source project should be more open to external contributors like you did. I'll keep contributing. I believe I can do since I've been contributing to Busy and I made my own bot. If I keep contributing, I'd really appreciate if you would follow me :) I'm kidding but actually it'd be fun and good incentive for contributors. roadscape kindly followed me after I contributed some on steem :) It was great! But please don't feel pressure (especially since you're not following many). Many thanks for the great project.

Thanks for support and contribution, yes please feel free :)

We have just pushed update of 2.0.5, can you re-download and try it out?

Sure and thanks a lot for following!

Great, now it shows as 2.0.5 (including SBD :) but still comments tab doesn't work for me. all other tabs are working so I don't think it's a network problem.

Try to change the server in settings to see if that helps in fetching the comments

Thanks! It works with other servers as I left comment on github:
maybe deprecated api use? I guess you're a dev for esteem? Hope will be resolved as well. Thanks!

Sorry for the late reply, I've been busy. I'm not a developer for eSteem. It’s great seeing you contributing to the eSteem development.

I've just voted you for witness. While I knew esteem mobile is widely used, I'm not a mobile user. So I actually realized today that you're actually running this, and the mystery of your high ranking has been finally resolved :) Sorry for being late and not interested in steem politics. But actually witnesses should advertise and communicate more. My voting is only 12k including proxied, but I'm a person who believes the power of small :) While top witnesses might be determined by only a few now, hope that'll change in the future. Thanks.

Great Update! We're trying out the new Esteem Surfer on desktop right now!

Great, let me know what would you want to be improved, any feature request, suggestions, etc. 😉

Great work once again @good-karma !

You and your team does great work and continues to make progress.

If I had it my way I would put you in charge of Steemit Inc to turn this whole ship around !

Thanks @brianphobos for support and kind words :)

Esteem is fun to use both Pc and mobile. Lately I have used the one from the PC.
Glad it has its own interface away from ads and pop ups.
Keep on w

Posted using Partiko iOS

Well great work all!
Waiting on an update of the iphone app! Can understand that you have to set priorities 😔
But glad I am supporting esteem with some small beneficiary rewards which are well deserved!

iOS app is ready, we are waiting AppStore feedback, which hope won't take longer than 2 weeks

Looking forward to it!
Having problems with the current version!
Appreciate all the hard work your are doing!
Keep it up!

@fullcoverbetting, could you elaborate on issue you had? we just updated 2.0.5 version, could you try to download and test it?

It keeps loading my feed.
Can you tell me wherr I can download the latest iphone version. Then I will try it out!

This post is about eSteem Surfer, desktop wallet application and its update.
Screenshot you have is old/legacy version of eSteem Mobile. We are in process of releasing eSteem Mobile v2 for iOS. Android v2 is out already, iOS will follow soon.

If Feed keep loading, please check Settings and Server option inside app and choose one of other servers and try again. It is likely server connection issue.

Sorry about the confusion.

No worries, I have updated my above comment which might help solving feed loading in legacy mobile app

RE-steemed! I have not tried this interface yet, but the delegation functionality seems very useful.

I find it amazing how much dApp development is going on in this bear market.

Give it a try, I assure you, you will love it!


We will love to hear your feedback on using Surfer 🏄 to surf Steem! Your suggestions are welcome too 😉

Hi @good-karma, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I noticed that @charlie7 doesn't exist on Steem. Did you mean to write @charli07 ?

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I’m using Surfer on my linux PC and it works perfectly, waiting for V2 Update on iOS. Glad to see its ready and you are waiting for apple confirmation.

Posted using Partiko iOS

COOL, thanks!

Just updated and resteemed! ;)

A huge hug from @amico!

Ich finde die @esteemapp richtig super praktisch. Danke, großartige Arbeit! 😊👍

Posted using Partiko iOS

It seems to be working smoothly on Windows 10.


Should add "Copy Links" to every links because sometimes I want to paste the link to like Discord.

It's already in todo list, thanks!

That's still old version. The latest version is 2.0.5, this shows on the bottom right.

This post has been just added as new item to timeline of eSteem on Steem Projects.

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We will love to hear your feedback on using Surfer 🏄 to surf Steem! Your suggestions are welcome too 😉

en que consiste surfer?

Gud changes... thankx for dat

@good-karma what is itFresh Surfer 2.0.5 build

I'm gonna install it now on windows and see how it works.

Great, let me know your feedbacks once you do 😉

I don't know why the comments section is not loading perfectly?

It's loading in the browser, but not in the application.

I’m using Partiko to make friends and have fun on the Steem blockchain. You should as well! Here’s my invite link:, you will get 3000 Partiko Points for sign up bonus, and you can exchange them into Steem token!

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Greate app. im download in this moment. thanks :)

This is a good information

@good-karma it is cool but I am expecting it not be too heavy or loading all the time, do you understand what I am saying?

Wow! This is great news @good-karma.
Hopefully all those features will be available too in esteem mobile. 😀

Sure, the mobile apps (Android & iOS) will possess exact features like the PC app when completed ✍

Thank you @horpey. 😀 I am a fan of esteem mobile. But seems that I use partiko in replying @good-karma comment. Lols. 😀
Honestly speaking I am really a fan of esteem app. Been using it from the very start. Thank you. 😘

Yes, Mobile development will catch up with Surfer development in due time :)

Wow! Looking forward to that @good-karma. Thank you for the great news. 😀

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Timely updates make it the best platform

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hi from Venezuela good day

Can you implement an update command directly in the app?

hola soy de venezuela

Update command? App notifies you when an update is available already.

No, to update within the app.

Yes, you can do that. When you get update pop up, click on download.

Oh, really? I've never seen that pop up. I'll have to check.

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this is new.png

Indeed. Very nice. Never seen it before.

Nice to see delegation feature in new version which was missing in last version.

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Very interesting news form this post ,I appreciate you ..

nice integration as now we don't need to go to steem bot tracker as we can now directly do delegation from it.

Posted using Partiko Android

I like the improvements and I look forward to coming, @good-karma. I'm only using Surfer and now I'm in version 2.0.5.
I want to use the opportunity and to point out some of the issues I have noticed.

  • I can not choose favorite people, disappeared that icon with a heart ... or maybe I do not know where to look!

  • I can not see the list of people I'm following or the list of those who follow me. The number of followers or follows is not clickable.

I hope to send useful information, if I'm wrong (and somehow it is my laptop's fault), please forgive me.

I am new members just 10 minutes I try this app

Thanks for the post, i think it's gonna helpful for me and everybody

how about a anonymous browsing ?

@good-karma Hey :) I am uploading videos, and I'm using your App and what I noticed is that every time I'm sharing a video the thumbnail does not show up as a picture but instead is taking the first picture which I am sharing or in my case only the banners. I attached a screenshot. !

@good-karma I just published a post(with a video, and banners on the bottom) and it's looking like this

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 9.30.32 am.png

instead of

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 9.34.50 am.png

I have to change some things on so that I can see the "real" thumbnail.

I like this information, about fresh surfer 2.0.5 build

Very good

Posted using Partiko Android

This is awesome, you guys are working hard to perfect the system .Good work guys.

Impressive, i'll be all over it, ty ... only use steemit at work for quick peeks, but otherwise i'm always Surfin' ! (-:

Surfer and Mobile has some perks such as real-time notifications and activity manager and drafts, bookmarks, favorites which syncs accross your devices (Surfer and Mobile), multi-account support, advanced search engine, many more features. Give it a try and let us know what you think we should improve. Happy Surfing 🏄

thanks so much

Posted using Partiko iOS

Thankyou for sharing this information with us. Textsheet

Looks well interesting. Have resteemed from my phone through @partiko the best phone app. So that I can install later, Lets hope this is the Long awaited platform for the PC. I will report back Over the next few days with My thoughts. Very excited to see how it works. 😎😎

Posted using Partiko Android

Have you heard of or tried eSteem Mobile? If not download for Android phone
ps. App is still in Beta so expect weekly update before the final release and expect iOS versoin in few weeks!

Yes I have used previous versions if esteem. But found it very unstable. When posting it would freeze or crash my phone. And after writing a long blog It was very anoying to lose it all. So I lost trust and find partiko far superior and very relyable. You should give it a try.

Posted using Partiko Android

The errors highlighted above do not occur in the new eSteem Mobile App v2. Download, Enjoy and Give your feedback.

Ok I will wait till it moves out of beta and may give it a try. But you know how it is once you find something you like its hard to change. And partiko is a very good app. 😀

Posted using Partiko Android

Good! Please keep your eyes on it.

haha 😆 yeah that's true but if you want something better than what you presently use, you replace it with something better ✍

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thanks for charing this

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