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Thank you for your review, @helo! Keep up the good work!

Loving it, finally eSteem app is back to its former glory

I just got started. SUPER IMPRESSIVE.

Time to buy more STEEM with all this SUPER COOL sh$t happening !!

Thanks, try it out! It will surely change your Steem experience, more updates are coming next week...

great , I"m using it right now... it's my new dedicated platform for my laptop (-:

Steemconnect login or how?

Would be cool to see this application also as a snap or something similar so it can be run on other linux distributions like Arch Linux or else.

Thanks info and suport me
Ģood loux's

It looks excellent. I can't wait to try it. :-)
Keep up with the good work.

i don't know what you did between 2.0 and this version but you really increased the speed a lot! :) well done. i'm torn which interface to do now. will you ever have like templates?

We have drafts which can be used as templates and also working on Signatures feature that you can plug into your posts/comments and customize it as you like. What do you have in mind when you say templates, can you elaborate your ideas? Would be really helpful to incoorporate how our users want to use Surfer.

well currently i use textexpander for my macros and footers but i'd like to have ready to go templates for the the different posts i put up, i've just started using that in steempeak for template for the different things -- be it dtube or whatever, means that i can use a terminal and login to my steem account with all my footers when i don't have my computer but want to use something else's machine.

that's kinda what i was thinking of.

I don't see an exe for windows in the releases , do I need to compile or use the linux subsystem? Seems like effort....

It's there. Check again, please.

Will be making an appointment with my optometrist thank you.

We have uploaded exe files, there was slight delay signing windows builts. But should be fixed now, please check again and let us know if it works

The interfaces are looking great. Love it.
Hope it hit the steemin.

Great job @good-karma. Always on the top. Great UI foundation that will probably support SMT DEX next year. Consumers will love it!

Very important post thanks for sharing the details.....

Great job! I'm amazing at how much you have done for the STEEM blockchain!

Thank you @brianphobos! Appreciate the support, stay tuned for more updates on our other products.

Very good job. I like it, @good-karma. I think I will use it more in future.

Hi! I've just installed it and I am impressed with the new look and the speed.

But it seems to have a problem with text justification using the code <div class="text-justify"></div>.

Even when looking at my old posts the text is not justified. Is this a bug?

This is great
I use the normal esteem app any need to update or should I uninstall and download here?

If you are using older version of Surfer, you would receive notification in every restart of the app to update for latest version.

Wonderful.. Thanks sir @good-karma.

Really enjoying it. My only small comment is when I'm on the dark blue background "theme" that I am liking, it is too hard to see the typing in the reply box. You need to keep the font darker there. THank you !

Congratulations for the new version. I will update it ASAP

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Hey man, esteem mobile no longer getting updates?

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It would be interesting to see Surfer 2.0.may it be better surfing in steemit. I will try it. Thanks frnd @good-karma for providing such a useful content.

@good-karma Hey man! So I just downloaded and used the esteem Surfer v2 this evening. From something I stumbled onto from about a year ago I read that the rewards are split 70% author 25% curator and 5% @esteem. Is this still true, and if so what are the benefits from a monetary standpoint in using esteem? Just curious, the layout and design is fresh and nice!

Thank you very much for everything and especially for this 2.0.1 upgrade with all this bug fixes!!!

Some feedback
I had installed (previously) the version 2.0.0 - there wasn't an edit button which is here now in this new 2.0.1 version.

But there is one thing that maybe might be useful for those who are still running the 2.0.0 version, as this time (in contrary to usual) the app itself didn't offer me or inform me about possible upgrade to the new version 2.0.1.

By following eSteem Discord channels I knew it was released, but I wasn't able to download it through the app (older version) itself, but had to go Github and download the file by myself. So, maybe, it would be wise to mention this option to other users if they expect the old version would inform them about the available new upgrade.

Just my 2 cents! ;) :)

Wow, just love the "New Navigation + Search" function!! It seems I found all the LoveFriday posts so far....779:) Thank you!! :D

amazing project! congrats
re-steem :)

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Thanks again with the update, love all the good stuff you keep rolling out @good-karma!!

On another note, i do have something to nitpick...

The color of the editor font hurts the eyes after some time staring at it.. Any reason why it's not set to #000000 color code?

again, amazing app.. with a few more improvements i can see myself using esteem surfer on desktop full time!

We have fixed this issue with latest release, thank you for reporting this! <3

Yay! Happy to know it's ready to go! Thanks for all your hard work!

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