Surfer 1.0.10 update brings post history view & activities popover

in #esteem6 years ago (edited)

Your releases are published faster than I can even download them @good-karma!!! :-D Thanks for your outstanding contribution to the Steem community.

One of your loyal eSteem Surfer users :-)

Thank you! 🤩 Our current release cycle is weekly but we will slowdown once we have everything we have envisioned! 😊 Do let us know if you think something can be improved

Awesome! I'll try to catch up weekly :-))
Sure, I'll write down everything I notice and let you know on discord.
Steem on!

I wish Condenser would look like that.

well done and I really like that pop up.. it's safe my time on checking what's going on while creating my post. good job as always and wish you continued success!

is it safe to use ????
custom voting weighted option is available ???
i want to use it --

steady. endless innovation. you are great @good-karma

Thank you @good-karma for the constant improvement...I love using the esteemappp, especially now that it has a toogle night mode.

This is really a great project good luck :)

Nice! I have been looking for this an hour now. Thank you for your hardwork, now every Stemian can do their things really good. Much appreciated. This is actually my first comment using the app. :)

Update surfer is good

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