Surfer 1.0.10 update brings post history view & activities popover

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Your releases are published faster than I can even download them @good-karma!!! :-D Thanks for your outstanding contribution to the Steem community.

One of your loyal eSteem Surfer users :-)

Thank you! 🤩 Our current release cycle is weekly but we will slowdown once we have everything we have envisioned! 😊 Do let us know if you think something can be improved

Awesome! I'll try to catch up weekly :-))
Sure, I'll write down everything I notice and let you know on discord.
Steem on!

I wish Condenser would look like that.

well done and I really like that pop up.. it's safe my time on checking what's going on while creating my post. good job as always and wish you continued success!

is it safe to use ????
custom voting weighted option is available ???
i want to use it --

steady. endless innovation. you are great @good-karma

Thank you @good-karma for the constant improvement...I love using the esteemappp, especially now that it has a toogle night mode.

This is really a great project good luck :)

Nice! I have been looking for this an hour now. Thank you for your hardwork, now every Stemian can do their things really good. Much appreciated. This is actually my first comment using the app. :)

Update surfer is good

I never hear this before, but this app will be good to try on my computer.
Good luck for developer.
Keep spirits

@good-karma this is your effort that is making this esteem work alot and showing and proving different colors to us and the unknown people who are still illitrate to understand what steem is all about...
Thanks for making steemit easy to surf,this helps alot...thanks again this is good about being @good-karma ...loads of love mate...

This post is important for me

Super sweet.!

I follow you, please follow me, sir. I'm totally new to Steemit. Hope you will follow me and help me get filled up by Upvoting. Thank you so mutch.

Activities Popover...I like this form with pop-up. Very easy to verify. Thank you!

This is good news for us, hopefully eSteem continue to provide the best service, and hope you and the team are always given ease in every business. and healthy always. Continue to continue eSteem surver and apps eSteem.

We Love eSteem.
Bravo eSteem

tomorrow must update the price before posting

sir @good-karma this is a good update i will soon renew my esteem app on my mobile, best esteem app in steemit :)

Good post @good-karma . thanks you

This is great, and I am composing my latest blog entry with it! It's my first time to use eSteem Surfer to blog, and I like it better than Steemit's own editor. The update has completed and I can't wait to finish my entry and upload it soon. :)

I'm happy to be be in the front few by commenting on your post as i heard and have been hearing about you on Steemit. Although i seem not to understand this particular post as looks more advanced and supercontent. If a simplified summary is given through reply I can do with that.

i feel glad for this news eventhough i never try surfer because i use esteem app. weldone and keep doing your best.

Well done, and i'm sure that esteem will be more better day after day.

You have done a markable work for the communities for steemians you are developing and improving a new programs which will be appreciated by the whole community.

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I am very happy to wear using eSteem application all very easy in making post good luck..thank you @good-karma

Nice app @good-karma. I have just downloaded ios app of esteem and posted through it. It worked really well and I am glad I read your post.

Now, I could exactly know my reputation points up to two decimals. I like it. Thank you for the app.

Highly rEsteemed!

I like the changes, but I'm somewhat confused. When I click on the flywheel icon, I see options for currency. I haven't seen that before. Why do I need to choose a currency? Can I buy things through the app?

This is just for users convenience. Someone leaves in Russia and wants to see Russian Rubles instead of dollars etc...

count me in...I'm into this😊

Thank you very much @good-karma. Best regards

Thank you @good-karma good update

Good app

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I wondered if esteem works if I am travel blogging on steemit via steempress plugin? Will it link with one another?

Good work @good-karma. I really enjoy and am happy that you have renewed the surfer's self-esteem. I use a self-esteem phone. i will try his Thanks.

Terima kasih supportnya

Much progress. I'm glad to see this development. Hopefully eSteem more successful.

Greetings from Indonesia

Thank you @good-karma

This great information.

I really hope that the esteem continues to advance, and fast-paced and successful always with a new program of program is being released now,

wow thats great news!

Gooooooo~d project ! :)

bluengel_i_g.jpg Created by : mipha thanks :)항상 행복한 하루 보내셔용^^ 감사합니다 ^^

I'll get it a new update esteem surfer 1.0.10
'Ve a nice day @good-karma

thanks for all these improvements @good-karma !=))

All in, downloaded and running. I just discovered the function of the mark beside the refresh on the pop up, been wondering how to clear activities notification, now I know. keep up the great work boss

I love this program, but planning contributions is confusing. In the scheduled posts list, the current date and time is displayed for posts. This is unclear. There should be a scheduled date.

I have just updated it and checking the new cool features

Nicely done @good-karma

Great job @good-karma. I am so glad to hear that you have improved esteem surfer. I am using esteem mobile. I should try esteem sufer as well. Thank you.

Amazing Work bro

Finally, esteem on my laptop.

That is so great, i like that.

Well done I really like

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Greetings @goodkarma, why it's been a few postings I @fad. saleh17 via the esteem is not in the vote?Thank you

Very nice app


FYI: I think scheduling broke w/ the new update?

I have t downloaded. Thanks for all the work you do @good-karma.

I am always looking forward to esteem app update. thanks to @good-karma.
Just to add: I wish @good-karma can also make a more robust,dynamic a solid steem wallet app ready for peer tp eer epayment.
Good morning from the Philippines.

You are the best! What more could we ask for.. 😁

Awesome work on pop up.Carry on.

upvote me also

FetchError: request to failed, reason: self signed certificate in certificate chain

??What should I download? I have no idea on GitHub

I just updated the latest version and it is amazing.Can i ask you something? Are you a person that launch every new version of esteem

truly extraordinary

Beautiful UI!
I love how you managed to get the scammer to be helpful

Can you make a button something like "check update" and do the auto update from the app rather than re-download the application?

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