SMT market initiative - eSteem token

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We have been wanting to publish more detailed report on our eSteem token metrics and plans on how to improve our products and user experience. And with our recent release of eSteem Mobile v2 and eSteem Surfer v2, we are few steps closer to bootstrap our eSteem tokens.

One of those steps will be in collaboration with Daybit which will help us on distribution of token and liquidity on an exchange.


We (eSteem team) offered technical support and help for integration of Steem and SMT (once released) for Daybit team together with SteemHunt team.

We will keep you informed on how everything develops and as an initial testing ground, SteemHunt project will try out integration with their crowdfunding and token listing. After that we will learn from this experience to improve on it and very likely eSteem will be next project on a line to move Steem adoption to next levels with more dapps and projects.

Daybit being relatively new in a space gives us advantage to start small and test things relatively quicker. Once process is in place, it will be great example for us to move forward and reach out other bigger exchanges with bigger volume and exposure.

There will be more information about eSteem token on separate post and how to be part of future we are building together with you.
We have some exciting development updates as well, stay tuned!

Steem on!

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Its a great deal to sustain #steem for the future!

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That’s a great news. I am very excited about esteem token. Very happy to know that esteem also market of token by SMT.

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It's really great that we can collaborate with eSteem to create SMT market. I'm sure this small step can amplify the success of SMT project!

This it's amazing and a great news I'm ready to help..

Amazing initiative! Kudos!

So good initiative.. waiting for more information.

This is wow. I can't wait to see it.

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Well done and wish the project the best for success!

Wow. This is really great to hear about this

I would like to see the esteem token very soon. I will stay tuned future update.

As a user esteem we are must be glad to know your work nearer and nearer to the goal. I am sure it is happen in not long time. We are glad to join in this community and support you effort. We hope the steem atmosphere will be better and better so it support our enthusiasm.
Thank you @good-karma
thank you esteem
thank you steemit
warm regard from indonesia.

I foresee a solid and brighter future for the steem blockchain. Esteem collaborating with steemhunt, SMT gonna be huge. Ride on @good-karma, waiting for the next update

Wow! That is marvelous news!

ty, sounds cool

Excellent guys,,looking forward to more upadtes on tokens .

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Super wow!!!!

We hope that you implement your plans - and you don’t want to consult with the public?
And the comment button on iphone X and ipad still don't work for me
When will this be fixed?

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Can you share screenshot of what you mean by still don't work?!


Yes, of course - I can vote but I cannot comment - nothing happens when I press

iphone X, ipad air

Hi! I would like to ask if there is any bounty program for this project as well as airdrops for marketing and awareness purposes specially for non-steemians.

Awesome it's really exciting

I am very impatiently waiting for all that will come true, very appreciative of the team esteem effort. Hopefully the steps successful.great movement :) 👍👍👍👍👍

Howdy sir good-karma! This is such an exciting initiative and the platform is just flat out exciting as well! Great job sir.


Thank you Janton! Hope you are enjoying new experience with our v2 line of apps. Let me know if there is anything you would like to see prioritized 😉


Howdy sir good-karma! Actually I haven't been able to use the v2 line yet. When I get it downloaded it won't connect to any of the servers even after I've put in the exception into Malwarebytes so I've been using the first version or one of the first versions because the newer ones won't work on any of our computers. I haven't gotten around to going on discord and asking support about it so it's my fault! God bless you guys!

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Awesome and too excited to know more

Thanks Mr.@good-karma

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can't wait to see esteem tokens!

Whoa! Big news! I would love to see and sure looking forward to the update!!!! :D