Points in new eSteem Mobile 2.1

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Been wanting to schedule some post.... finally, we can do it! It is amazing that the app already has so amny features,,can´t wait to try them all ...

I still have a problem though...... if I use the eSteem mobile, typing the pin is a tedious job.. The screen is frozen and I thought it is just the connection, but it´s always the case if I enter my pin.... I tried re starting the cellphone but to no avail, still the samer..frozen screen.

The one awaited finally came, thank you #esteem, @good-karma, @dunsky, and make it all

Man looks like a lot of projects will be launching their own coins.

Tokenization of web has already been happening since 2015...

This sounds very interesting... but does this mean the current SBD prizes are already over?

No, eSteem token is additional reward. There will be more detailed post about future and use of eSteem token.

great let us know what is esteem token :)

That is very cool! Thanks for the information! 😉
And keep up with the good work, I've become a fan of eSteem!

Hmmmm. I've updated to the latest version in Android and now the app crashes after every comment I submit. What is the problem!?

Have you tried fresh install? Some reported updating from older version might be causing crashes. We are also investigating some of these crashes!

Yes, I have tried removing the app, cleaning the cache, reboot and install it again. But thanks for the suggestion.

PS: the problem appears to have been fixed now. Great work, guys!

I have been using the new version of the app since it was available in the play store. I was never able to use the app for commenting and making post effectively. Some things that I have observed so far.

  • The app crashes and closes quite often.
  • When I'm writing an article or when I'm writing a comment, it closes. Sometimes I lose what I write. Issue is catastrophic.
  • I'm unable to do a select all in my mobile in the content editor.
  • I feel that there should be a warning before we navigate from the writing window. Sometimes when I hit the back button by mistake twice, I'm navigated to home screen and my content is gone.
  • It will be nice to have an auto save feature in article writing window instead of me hitting the save button once in a while. That also has inconsistencies. I'm unable to see if it really got saved or not. The button is not turning green.
  • I noticed that whenever there is a notification, my current window will be closed and I will be redirected to the home page of the application.
  • I find it very hard to do comments on the posts because of this issue.
  • When there is a notification popup on my mobile and if I click on that, I'm just taken to the home page of the app. It would be nice if I'm taken to the notification page.
  • I would be happy to use the pin feature only when I use my wallet or when I make a post or comment. If it keeps asking me every time I open the app, it is not user friendly but sometimes annoying.

The application is definitely great and far better than the previous version. Kudos to that. It will be great if the above issues are fixed. The issue is so bad, I couldn't even post this comment using esteem app. I instead used partiko app. Thanks for this wonderful app @good-karma.

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Hey bala, thanks for taking time and writing your feedback.

  • Please try new version and let me know if you still get these issues.
  • You might have been using really old version, we do have autosave feature that keeps content intact.
  • Good point about changing button color if content is saved or not, we will consider this in next release.
  • Notification redirections should be fixed in this latest release, please give it a try and let me know.
  • Pin code is there for security purpose, we don't want someone finding your phone and using your account, we will see if we can give option to ask it every X hour or so type of settings, it will add complexity to user experience but we will think about it.

Thanks again and looking forward to hear more of your feedback! 😉 🙏

Sorry for spamming your post with so many replies. I found one more issue. If I update an existing reply, some characters go missing. For every update I do, the characters go missing. Please check one of my previous replies. I'm unable to edit the reply and add the missing characters. If I do so, it again disappears.

I have seen this problem earlier when I try to update an already published post using esteem app. For every update I do, some content from the article will disappear.

Thank you for your report! We will look into that!

In my previous comment I'm trying to add two images. But after I hit the reply/update button, the second image disappears. This is the second image I tried to add.

Edit: Unable to add the second image at all. 5th time I'm tryin

I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Now it looks a bit stable. I will continue to use it more frequently and provide you another feedback.

I wish to see Esteem more powerful so that I can be dependent on esteem for all mobile related operations. Thanks for the reply @good-karma.

I'm just trying out all the options in the application. The crash is not very frequent now. I was able to reproduce one scenario where crash happened. When I went to notification section and hit the tick mark in the right side, it keeps loading for a moment and then closes the app. Screenshot below. @good-karma


It might have to with fetching notifications, we have pushed some fixes, if you restart app, you should be getting improvements. Let me know if notification crash issue is fixed. Thanks

In my previous comment I'm trying to add two images. But after I hit the reply/update button, the second image disappears. This is the second image I tried to add.

Edit: Unable to add the second image at all. 5th time I'm trying. This is the image id of the latest upload. z0evo2032i.png

Second image upload, that's new one but we will check this as well

Thanks a lot for the info..!! I will take a look..!!

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Partiko lit a fire to dat azz I see! Great to see the competition

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Good one, did you know esteem was first mobile app on steem?!

Yea I’ve been here since July 2016. Partiko is better. Every time I try esteem it never works. I even tried it after I typed this comment and it didn’t work.

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Hey Trevon! Thanks for giving it a try, we have been getting some feedback that if you upgrade from very old version, it might cause some crashes. We are working to see what is causing crash meanwhile, have you tried reinstalling fresh copy and try again? Thanks for your feedback, appreciate it!

when someone replied to me , i clicked reply from notifications , and how can i back to the main text ?

Have you looked at Activities/Notifications page within app, it is located on bottom navigation?

It happened many times a few minutes ago, @good-karma ... when I was trying to comment. This page came in.


Really nice update! :)

I will add to my comment that I've downloaded the app and I wrote 2 comments. At the end of each comment the app closed automatically.
I hope you can solve it as I love the app! :)

Could you please give more details, are you using v2.1.0 build 1648 ? You can see it on bottom of side menu. What version of Android it is and what is device name?

Huawei p8 lite 2017
Android version 7.0
The esteem app version v2.1.0 1648

Just about time to do this, I've been waiting to have the new update for awhile now.

Great, make sure you are using eSteem v2 app. iOS update is on its way...

I just installed it now, that's what am using to reply here.
It's cool. But wait, let me try some other features of it.

I uninstalled the previous version and installed the last one. Unfortunately, today it cracks frequently, can not read a post to the end and interrupts. To install again?


Can you please share what post was it that crashed app? Maybe it is post content rendering issue, we could take a look. Thank you!

Unfortunately I'm not sure but I think this was the post, I tried to write a response to a comment and eSteem fell several times after writing a few words.
Then it closed before I could key in the access pin.
Now it's okay, it works very well without incidents.
I'll let you know if it's happening again ...
Thank you for your reply, interest and good work!

This is great news! Our Gecko-Steemians are trying out the app right now! We'll make sure to give you any feedbacks and bugs we find.

I just installed it and writing this reply from it. Looks amazing and far better than v1. You guys have done a great job. Thumbs up dev team! 👍

Thank you 🙏

I am so much excited for this initiative of esteem token.
Welldone esteem team.

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Hey, installed new app on Android and removed the old one.

The new app is performing visibly faster. Not to mention better looks :)

So far I like it!

Does this qualify as a bug? It happened while upvoting a comment under my article
and trying to use the slider ...


Fortunately, the comment wasn't deleted. It was a scary moment though :)

🙋❤ Great app so far @good-karma Question:
😳 Where it shows 361.00 esteem points / Then shows 1.250 with a + symbol under it in Blue, is the blue tokens new ones just recieved and do we keep those tokens there or do we add them to the 361.00 tokens !? and if we add them up does that mean they are like powered up and we cant use them!? Thanks, will wait for your reply!

This is just a "Claim" button. Whenever you see you have more points you can tap this blue button to claim them to your account. You will be able to send or use them later.

Ok awesome, thanks for the information,that's what I thought just wasn't sure if I was powering up.👍👍👍👌

Amazing app great I will try

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What is better in your opinion
Partico or ESteem ?

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I am using partico too lazy to go get my keys and switch, if you found out that it's worth it let me know

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Thank you for your amswer, definately i will try

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Nice update, can't wait for the esteem token post, so as to know what it's been used for. Before, let me keep on accumulating some esteem tokens

I have been waiting for this a long time @good-karma and finally in came to ground.

From my early days, I am using esteem app on mobile. It has a light and easy to use UI.
I am sure that the new token thing will increase popularity among steemians.

Well, I have not updated the esteem app lately so I don't think I ll be getting any token but let me do it right now so that I won't miss the opportunity any more.

stay well and keep the good work up.

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If you have been using app for last couple month you already earned some tokens, in order to check you can download and claim token with v2 app.

I just installed the v2 app but i havent got any tokens. I was using the old esteem app that may be the cause.
Also, the app is crashing multiple times when clicking on rewards. Hope the bug will get cured soon 😃

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Can you check side menu bottom, what version of app you are using?
It should be 2.1.0 and build number 1648

Sorry, I just uninstalled the old one wfter installing the new one. It was esteem mobile legacy.

Hey guys!
Just tried esteem v2 app, it's awesome.
Is there any purpose for esteem tokens already?

Great App. Loved the interface. Also while browsing through noted that the App doesn't have the down vote option. Thanks.

It is on our to do list.

The application is great but it keeps closing with every comment I make. Hope this gets Patched as soon as possible

We are working on it

Wow! the esteem rewards feature is awesome.

aunque soy nuevo en la comunidad Steemit, probare esta aplicación ya que seria mas accesible

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Nice update

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I like this news, thank you to @good-karma and esteemapp

Saw this announcement just now, I immediately went to install the latest esteem mobile v2

And what happens next?

It sure took a long time. But I'm glad it's here.

We have been testing this for awhile, now confident that it works well and both Surfer and Mobile is integrated, users already earning tokens. Surfer update will come out soon with possibility to manage tokens.

That's good. I already claimed some tokens/points. I think now's the time I get more active with esteemapps. Great job.

This updates sound very exciting

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Exciting development for sure. How awesome is it that we can be active in a social market and earn tokens while doing so! Changing the game here Steem!

I used that mobile app but it won't let me post or comment. I already logged in but it said not valid.

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Which of the key? or through SteemConnect?

through steemconnect, it was a month ago I think then I uninstalled it. I just use the other one which it allows me to do so.

Download this v2.1 and give your feedback 😉

First, congratulations on the latest update. I have installed and started with uninstall and reinstall fresh 2.1 now.

  1. Back in 1.6 version, user can choose server before login. Highly recommend to have this again as people from the mainland China having difficulties to login if the default is set to point at api.steemit.com

  2. The language selection in settings unable to scroll. I am not sure others having the same issue, but looks like we need to work that part out.

So many replies already. I hope you'll be able to see this and if possible to make this improvement sooner than later.

Thanks for feedback, we will have a look into this. 1. is already possible. 2. we will test it out. What device are you running it on?

There is no scroll need because already has these languages just pick one. @good-karma

Saya sukak posting ini

Hurray! Congratulations to all of us! ❤️

Wow this is great... Another source of free money while making fun.

Thank you very much for the program, I really like it. This is a really good job. I wish you success

Partiko is also better. For me, this esteem constantly crashes and slow.

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Have you tried latest version, what device are you using it?

Ya I tried. But not help me.

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What's your Android version and device name? We can test it out and release fixes. Also check side menu that you are using latest version, 2.1.0 build 1648

any news when will it be available in apple store?

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iOS update is in progress.

It should be available right now.

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10% beneficiaries is just to much.

Its just preventing me to use it, since i use bid bots some times...

I do a post to test everything.

Crash two times, text is hard to select, and text body is hard to navigate (when i scroll it select the text and open the keyboard instead moving)

Im going to keep it for checking how i evolves... But 10% is a little much. @Share2steem services have the same system of beneficiary but they upvote with the 10% value of what you earn (turning the beneficiary cost to zero)

Keep the good work, the interface is nice!

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We have multiple encouragement programs that helps our community/users to gain more. And new eSteem token is one of them, we will talk about future of our token on next posts.

I look forward to it! I wrote a short entry as feedback from your app


Thanks for the information @good-karma

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Wow that's awesome . Managing your wallet is it's great feature

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Very cool ... lets see how it all start work in long run :) Happy to see new things come all time up here :)

Although all related changes are superb but I much exited with eSteem token reward and scheduled posting.
Thank you eSteem team.

This update is fantastic. I was waiting for save draft feature in esteem app and It's there now. Another addition of points is great..its like cherry on the cake. Superb work by esteeem team. You guys are amazing.

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its very cool , i hope to eSteem token transfer option be added soon .

It is already possible. Download latest version from PlayStore/AppStore and try it out!

How do you claim the points for steem?

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When you install v2 you will see it on bottom navigation

OK. I'm all in. I uninstalled my beloved legacy app 😢 and will spend my day trying to find my way around here!

I re-installed Legacy. There are too many issues with v2 for me.

Thanks Melinda, we found out that, there has been library issue that caused app to crash frequently, we have fixed most of them. Please re-consider using v2 because that's where you earn eSteem tokens and we still have plans on deprecating legacy version by end of May.

I used v2 this morning for a while and the most I could do was 3 comments before it crashed. Sometimes it crashed while I was simply reading a post and had not done any other functions. I have not been able to post at all with v2. I keep trying, but I like Legacy SO much better than v2.

Great improvements indeed. Hope it helps to grow faster.

Can we get more token from delegation?

We will make announcements about this soon.

Coool! I’m being tempted to change to esteem!

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What happens to iOS 12.2? can't login, is it a problem with the device or the esteem version on iOS?

Are you using steemconnect or regular login option? Are you using latest eSteem v2, 2.1.0 build 1648? You can check it bottom of sidemenu.

I login regularly, now it runs normally. Thanks dude!

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I have been using the web version for sometime now. I will get the app and use it as much as I can.

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Love the direction that this app is headed!

Hi @good-karma thx for sharing

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@good-karma showing error

Ferry good

App keeps crashing after I click the gift icon and after it attempts to vote.

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Have you tried fresh install? We heard that some people had issues when they upgrade from previous version of app, try fresh install and see if it helps. We are working on some fixes reported by users.

new feature that will increase the enthusiasm of all esteemapp users

Heya @good-karma Thanks for sharing valuable information as many newbiews don't know about esteem or pratiko... Hope your blog helps them and spread the awareness... Keep it up thanks =) I'm pratiko user and don't know much about esteem so can you please tell what's minimum points required to redeem tha points???

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There is no minimum requirement, in next version we will add redeem/transfer of points. So stay tuned for more information on usage of points in app.

Very nice! I had tried this app a while back and it wasn’t working, but now that it is I really like it :) Looking forward to seeing what the eSteem token will be like!

App crashes when Im trying to Open it by clicking push notification.

We have pushed some fixes, please restart app and it will get some of our fixes right away.

Don't works well, still.

Thanks esteem for the great update, waiting for ios version!!!

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Nice Post about esteem. Can anyone please tell esteem is better or Partiko for steemit?

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As always esteem better than every app. Especially security things.

@mukhtarilyas, thank you @good-karma for updating the android esteem. Hopefully we will be easier and smoother in handling and transacting.

It's good but the steem market may be out of your reach ...

I dont know if it's a bug or just a network congestion on my side but I really noticed that every now and then the app crashes, more like every 5mins or less of using it. Applies to both light and heavily written posts.

We found that there is small library issue, we have fixed it and there will be new update soon as well. But for now you can restart app and some of our patches should start working.

Pretty cool, team!

Partiko found the competitor. That's good for us.

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Спасибо большое, хорошая работа. Я рад что Стим развивается дальше. Успехов!

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We are preparing What future awaits us on eSteem and eSteem token metrics post which will be posted in few days. Stay tuned to hear more about eSteem token and possibility to be involved as a contributor.

Looking forward to this.
Waiting for the iOS update.
Great work on e-steem @good-karma

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such a competitive stance. Smooth move

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why it say's (unreleased)?

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Because we have released it under Beta, we will move to production release soon and that text will be gone.

okay I'll try installing it and give you some update about it

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it worked but the app kind of lag and it won't easily scroll up or scroll down. I don't know if it's because of internet because my phone still have bug memory left in it's RAM. I made a post and actually I am using it now replying your comment. I want to copy the url of my post by scrolling up the blog but it won't scroll up.

so it takes time before it function easily the app,


But it's good, I'll try using it in replying also..

I might try your app for the point system because I love and use Partiko. Can you redeem upvotes with your tokens or sell it on Steem-engine?

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Utility/Usage of points will be explained in more details in upcoming post. And from next version will start adding functionalities, so stay tuned!

Thanks for all the work by you and your team to keep esteem running smoothly. 💕 I have downloaded latest application.

Great job brother.. Go a head. I pray you are always healthy

Partiko seem much more better, in my opinion

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sir @ good-karma tahts really awesome feuture of this post . be a awesome condition its been a ggreat . untill relesing this app we must need something like that . thanks for your post . this really helpfull post .i am really waiting for trying all.!


This is awesome @good-karma , im definitely going to check this out, I hwve been looking for this type of app for android and will check out the Google Play store for it! Cool to see that we can save up token rewards kind of similar to The Partiko app I have! ❤👍🙋
****upped and resteemed to spread the word!***
I just down loaded the app onto my phone, It does say that it is in development, but I will try out!

ok @good-karma here I am trying out your App for the first time I just finished downloading it and so far I love it! Hopefully the comment posts ok, Woot!

I would like to be a beta tester, just contact me on discord sciack#1896

Hear sound great, let me try

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Hey @good-karma waiting for the great update....so the old mobile app won't get any benefit with esteem token?...I now install the new v2version ...

Yes, that's right. Legacy version won't get any benefits. We have been planning deprecation of legacy version and this will be first step, if our users will move to v2, deprecating v1 will be easier ;)

Well my innings with V2 is not going well...the app is crashing again and again...even I uninstall and installed it twice. Also I manage my first post with V2 and is not get curated....🥺 Which in-use to get in V1

Well my innings with V2 is not going well...the app is crashing again and again...even I uninstall and installed it twice. Also I manage my first post with V2 and is not get curated....🥺 Which i-use to get in V1

wow great news