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eSteem website got re-polished with up to date information and new screenshots and getting ready for bigger releases.

I have been working on SteemPoll improvements but also was thinking of releasing only account creation part of eSteem web wallet and/or desktop wallet so that you could create account for your friends with ease instead of waiting.

Would you want to create account to your friends right now?

Web app is in a ways can be viewed as wallet just like desktop app. Which will be focused on features to give you full control of your account. That's one distinction of eSteem desktop/wallet compare to other user interfaces on Steem that it will be mainly focused on give you all features. Some of you may have heard that certain feature is only possible via cli_wallet but with eSteem desktop and web wallet app goal is to give you access to those features without technical/development skills.

Check out website:

Steem on!

vote witness good-karma

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Da heck?! Creating accounts via simple to use website or app without waiting? GREEEAT!!! I would upvote that 100 times : )
Ease of account creation is what will bring mass adoption to steem.

Contributions after contributions, your work keeps on relentlessly growing, helping our communities all over the internet and the world. Thanks you so very much for giving us the power to make such a positive change in our world.

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Please do make an easy account creation function in one of your apps, and dead sexy website so far :) Keep up the great work!


Thank you, great... In fact account creation part is ready, I will have to strip out some of the not ready parts from app, maybe call it pre-release v2

Great Job..!! appreciated..

Thanks to your contribution for steemit and eagerly waiting for it.

Very good new information, thank you for your excellent work on this project....

Good job @good-karma. I cant waiting for this webapp.

Do your best dude

Keep up the good work for the community. :) appreciated.

I'll keep my eyes open for announcement of webapp.

good news for us new users.very useful app.

Stunning website and fantastic app! Thank you so much for making this!

Thank you so much @good-karma!
Registration of new users is a serious problem for many who wish to join us
@pfunk helped me create an account, thank's him!
Now I myself can do it)))


Glad to hear that, soon you will be able to do that through eSteem desktop or web app as well. 😉

Appreciated!That's great news and eSteem website is looking awesome.

Thanks for all the work you do for the community!

I'm waiting for web eSteem or for app for my Lumia 950 :/ or universal app for Win10

Great news job well done thankyou for always updating and making improvements ..

awesome app looking forward very much too this!!

I am so pleased to see so many good updates


Very good looking.

When I see something like this, I often tell myself:

"The community here is terrific!"

Truly is!

This just keeps getting better and better everytime. Thanks for putting all this work into this, GREAT JOB!

How is this connected to Steem?


Hey @dawidrams, Steem is blockchain and eSteem and Steemit is utilizing it and giving you access to that platform. eSteem is focusing for standalone mobile and desktop app and soon web app as well. It has some of the unique features that compliment your usage of the Steemit.


Steem in essence is the blockchain in which many many apps are built. Steemit is one of the website being built on top of the Steem Blockchain (built by the same developers who built the steem blockchain), there are many many great apps being built too like Peerhub, chainBB, and of course in this case, eSteem.

eSteem offers a different platform from Steemit to post, upvote, comment and generally connect to everyone on the steem blockchain.

And in my opinion, at the rate @good-karma is building eSteem for free without asking anything back (how hard is giving him a witness vote of confidence anyway). I find that it's becoming easier and easier to just eSteem.

Thank you for the Information, good Work :)

I have just wanna try on my mac as soon as possible. Installation cli command line on mac is little difficult.. and thia desktop software can resolve my problem.. thanks @good-karma

Thank you so much for all of your efforts, this makes it easier for us "technologically challenged" types to interact!

Congratulations @good-karma!
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its application is very good indeed. what is the effect if for example many accounts in that one application.

despite the nice clean look of the site and the idea behind it, I find the logo lacks huge potential .. it's horrible in my honest opinion! It looks like hand drawn, no symmetry nor wise sense in relation to the website itself.


😊 appreciate the comment, what do you mean by lacks potential? Logo represents the brand eSteem although that is variation of it, official one I am sure you saw on my other posts! If you are graphics designer, feel free to make a suggestions on improving it...


well yeah, the project says it's about "Blog, vote, share pictures", does the brand hint to one of these points in any way? for me no! I'm not saying it's a must have but what it definitely needs is a more balanced appearance, a good brand is key. However a logo doesn't make the brand it's the name and the logo in combination. May I ask why the site is named eSteem? and yes I'm a graphic designer, I could help sure, but for that I would need some specifics, key infos for the brand in other to kind of harmonically work. See a brand needs to instantly catch attention, I guess eSteem only catch my attention because of Steemit which isn't bad but it didn't catch my attention for the reason I think it should have catch attention, which is for "Blog, vote, share pictures". I had to read first to find out what it's all about. So there is something the brand kind of lacks, something that kind of hints to what it's about, the connection.


We are in beta so there is not much outreach and marketing outside of the Steem ecosystem yet. Once we are ready to scale, more effort will put towards that, for now, focus is improving user experience and development, gather feedbacks. You can check my blog about history of the project.

Hey so I want to be clear with my understanding, esteem is a DIFFERENT platform then steemit? Of course on the steem blockchain, but a different platform?


Yes eSteem is different project on top of Steem. Steemit is just one example of application on top of Steem, there are other apps beside steemit and eSteem,,