Finally better development for the desktop. I do prefer esteem for regular use so when I’m at work now I can use this desktop version

I prefer the desktop as well better than any other site. If you ask me, if we could all just be happy with the desktop version, we'd not need all of the web presences that basically tie into the same blockchain. Just serves to confuse people.

Hi there, wondering if you need help to translate it to Chinese? As far as I know some Chinese authors are highly supporting it. If you need my help, pls feel free to let me know. Thanks

The translation is fine but dont forget to put the original post :)

Thanks. But without permission from the author, I can’t work on it.

Esteem is the best

I much prefer the to use my desktop but wasn't able to download the sufer yesterday @good-karma. it seems like that has been fixed now and I've got it on my desktop ready to go. 😊

Great, @gillianpearce! Let us know how it works out for you. Thanks!

Well it doesn't seem to be working at the moment @good-karma. I posted about it in Discord But when I click on comments it just lists a load of posts. Not sure from where. Maybe the trending feed? it's certainly not my feed or my comments. 😢

Are you talking about eSteem Surfer for Mac/Windows/Linux or eSteem Mobile? Have you managed to log in with your username and password there first?

I've got it all sorted now @dunsky. Thank you.

I'm just writing a post which I will post with eSteem Surfer shortly. Hopefully it will all OK. 😊

Super! Already downloaded, installed and commenting from it :)

Let's tell them that this is great for blogging!

Steem is favorite project

I just downloaded it yesterday, and use it now on to share my contents with eSteem Surfer, because of the preview part is amazing!

i am loyal user of esteem. love to see its progress .
best app i have ever seen. @good-karma dear

Thanks for your support man!

now & always for esteem, dear @yandot

this post is very interesting and can make me more spirit to write in esteem, Thank you to @good-karma

good luck continued esteem. I am very happy to use this application

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