Finally better development for the desktop. I do prefer esteem for regular use so when I’m at work now I can use this desktop version

I prefer the desktop as well better than any other site. If you ask me, if we could all just be happy with the desktop version, we'd not need all of the web presences that basically tie into the same blockchain. Just serves to confuse people.

Hi there, wondering if you need help to translate it to Chinese? As far as I know some Chinese authors are highly supporting it. If you need my help, pls feel free to let me know. Thanks

The translation is fine but dont forget to put the original post :)

Thanks. But without permission from the author, I can’t work on it.

Esteem is the best

I much prefer the to use my desktop but wasn't able to download the sufer yesterday @good-karma. it seems like that has been fixed now and I've got it on my desktop ready to go. 😊

Great, @gillianpearce! Let us know how it works out for you. Thanks!

Well it doesn't seem to be working at the moment @good-karma. I posted about it in Discord But when I click on comments it just lists a load of posts. Not sure from where. Maybe the trending feed? it's certainly not my feed or my comments. 😢

Are you talking about eSteem Surfer for Mac/Windows/Linux or eSteem Mobile? Have you managed to log in with your username and password there first?

I've got it all sorted now @dunsky. Thank you.

I'm just writing a post which I will post with eSteem Surfer shortly. Hopefully it will all OK. 😊

Super! Already downloaded, installed and commenting from it :)

Let's tell them that this is great for blogging!

Steem is favorite project

I just downloaded it yesterday, and use it now on to share my contents with eSteem Surfer, because of the preview part is amazing!

i am loyal user of esteem. love to see its progress .
best app i have ever seen. @good-karma dear

Thanks for your support man!

now & always for esteem, dear @yandot

this post is very interesting and can make me more spirit to write in esteem, Thank you to @good-karma

good luck continued esteem. I am very happy to use this application

I did my self introduction through mobile esteem application, it's just that I still have obstacles when reply to friends and application comments to be stuck alone,
has the latest application been fixed for this kind of constraint?
but before I say thank you for the application of esteem because for me the beginner is very easy to surf social through mobile esteem application. good work @good-karma and good luck always

I think the new 1.0.7 not available yet.. will check it out later. great jon as always, thank you

don't worry.. I've just updated the version just now... free to use for your second post ;)

This posting about eSteem surfer 1.0.7 brings similiar post is important for me, always success to @good-karma

Esteem best of the best

Hello, İ wrote posts on esteem but didnt upvote me from esteem. How i can upvote from esteem?

Try to make a quality post and your post will get curated :)

Good information. I Verry like

I am a true fan.
I use it all the time.

As a new here on this platform people like us require a little support of great influencers. I wish if you could provide a small support from your end.

Looks like there's an exciting new feature addition. Thanks for the developers, I hope this is much better.

Is it only for desktop..... i am ios user ..... i use esteempp ,,, but i cant use esteem surfer.... sir if you teach me how i use that I would be greaful to you @good-karma

eSteem Mobile is for mobile devices on Android and iOS, eSteem Surfer is same for desktop (Windows / Mac / Linux).

Thanks for your information

This is what we were waiting for
All. Can say is it is getting better day by day and it is your amd the teams work ...
Thanks @good-karma and @esteem ...
There are still many improvements we all are waiting for this is just the mere start...

Lets mAke steem esteem

Superb initiative by @good-karma again I tgink my witness vote for you is really worthy

Cool new features!

Extraordinary hard work of eSteem team. & eSteem is always best.
Bravo eSteem

Good luck always, and future esteem applications can grow better,

glad to know this project become more interesting

Good information...
Thank yuo very much @good-karma
Esteem is the best

This is why I love eSteem. 💕

Support @good-karma & @esteemapp for 1B delegation!

Thank you guys, I love your way!

Esteem continues to be upgraded, this will have a very good impact in the future :)

This application is growing better day by day. Thanks @good-karma for this interesting application.

I am glad to hear of the existence of this change. Hopefully with the changes it makes, the more esteem further.

really a very good update @good-karma with this update, we are very easy to access it, and we wait for the next update update. Thank you

Thanks @ good-karma this update is very useful for esteemapp loyal users. Yours sincerely from EFA

The latest updates are maximal, so each esteemian will be more secure and comfortable in surfing, the team that always gives the best for all users.

Thank you @good-karma, hopefully more successful and useful for esteem application users.


Post yang sangat bagus ,esteem mantap

Thanks to get the uodates...Since then i installed esteem in my desktop, I really love this stuff to be franks. My latest series of blog on my travel journey with so many photographs would'nt be posted if not for this desktop application...
A really great look side by side

Thanks for the support and for using eSteem to post quality content!

you are welcome, Esteem made steemit a fun

That's awesome steemit surfers have unique features.Since i started using esteem surfer i can easily upload images ,past links but the problem is i am trying to download 1.0.6 but the new versions are not downloading

If you have 1.0.5 or 1.0.6, you should receive update notification inside app by now. Please let us know if you could see update 1.0.7, thanks!

I am recieving update notification and when i start downloading it.It says some error and stops on 6%
And i also had a problem pasting my post url in esteem discord group.Everytime boot is saying its in slow mode

Could you please screenshot that error message and share it here or on Discord? Discord slow mode issue, somehow new to me, I haven't noticed that before, if you can shed some light on this with screenshot that would be most helpful as well. Thank you!

you can share the link once in 24hrs. try after 24hrs. reach us on discord #help channel for any issues.

Hello @munazza!

  • If you want to retrieve the url for you to share in discord or so on, you can pick it up on the steemit url just like the steemians do.

  • Related downloads that stopped at 6%, I think it's not the issue that happened to eSteem-Surfer. Maybe it's a problem because of a network interruption in your place.

Okay thank you i will try it in my sister laptop :)

good to know information for knowledge and update , great effort to make it simple and easy to explain, i am trying to use it for windows computer , how is your experience ???

pls do upvote , follow and response, thank u

Sangat terinspirasi, saya mendukung esteem, dan memimilih @good-karma sebagai saksi

Surfe esteem yang sangat bagus dan mantap ,nice post

It's a wonderful and ... addictive application. Thanks a lot for it!

Sangat terinspirasi, saya mendukung esteem, dan memimilih @good-karma sebagai saksi

I am always excited for new updates on esteem. But I hope updates can be issued also in iOS.

eSteem Surfer really motivates me to always make a good post. success is always for you @good-karma

We are more comfortable with our desktops

Amazing!!!!! :·3 TY!

Thank you for doing STEEM - better. Good luck to you and Love.

Спасибо, что делаете STEEM – лучше. Удачи Вам и Любви.

hopefully esteem better for the future, I always faithfully use esteem app to make every post

thanks for your supporting.

Turns out I'm using the older version. Just to be sure, on the Mac, I have to do a clean install [remove older version from Applications first]. It is not a updater [that just updates the older version]

Am I right @good-karma ?

Mark Zuckerberg

What we want to know about human beings is not the question. The question is how much people want to know about them.

I wrote Facebook code in my dorm room and started Facebook from there. I hired the server for $ 85 a month, I gave an advertisement on the site to provide this money. And by now we are providing our costs by advertising.

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The question that I ask every day is, what am I doing the most important thing that I could do? If I do not think that I am doing the most important thing, then spending time is worthless to me.

There is only one way to fail in the rapidly changing world, and it is not risk-free

Installed it and testing it out !
Thanks @good-karma !

Good post Mr. @good-karma
I'am reblog, oky

thanks good-karma cs for development dekstop. i have usd it. that easy and great. nice job. we waiting for the next improvement

Just updated a moments ago !

I am indeed getting more used to Esteemsurfer and thank to you @good-karma looking really forward to it !

While am preparing for the contest of 3 second video ; )

@good-karma Loving it .. really well thought out
Is this little circle jerking back and forth at the bottom of my profile feed a bug? Or is it supposed to be there?
Thanks, either way no worries.


thanks for sharing i am new on steemit and i also would like to work on esteem

Thank you for all the hard work ^_^.

Wow, this is very amazing, your article is very helpful to me in my lecture, I am a student in biology and I can show you the articles that I write to show in front of my class, and you are very amazing, you always make article helpful, I like your article, amazing, 👏 👏 👏 you are very fantastic

Wow, this is very amazing, your article is very helpful to me in my lecture, I am a student in biology and I can show you the articles that I write to show in front of my class, and you are very amazing, you always make article helpful, I like your article, amazing, 👏 👏 👏 you are very fantastic

Thanks for the sharing this information

Thanks for the sharing this information

from the first i using my esteem from android now from your suggest i get my desktop esteem surfer. thanks brother

Good posting

Esteem surface 1.0.7 is good

This is very good desktop version development. Finally that is very awesome experience for desktop user. Now i can use that as a desktop user. Thanks

i am new to steemit and was facing difficulty to adopt the system, but i always wanted to adopt it beacuse so many data breach is done by these giants like facebook, then i got across your post. i installed your app and found it so nice.
i hope and prey this platform to do wonders and your app make me feel in love with stemit.
i don't know how to use it to its full potential but i definitely am loving it.
thankyou so much for making this.

Esteem for dekstop, now I can enjoyed use esteem not only in Android. Thank you @good-karma

Posted using Partiko Android

really usefull

very beneficial, I really agree very much with this development, thanks @good-karma has given my best, I will share this post

@good-karma i need help, these days, They do a downvote to all steemit accounts for no apparent reason. I am their victim. How i can solve this problem.




Was able to finally install the version 1.0.7 today. Been a fan of esteem since implementation and I can say its been so wonderful using this application.

A useful application is obtained. I once downloaded it to android, but it did not work for me. Maybe I did something wrong. I will subscribe, in the hope of reciprocity). Useful news.

Mobile application doesn't have this feature yet, but we will add this as soon as we can to eSteem Mobile.

a very useful theory, I really like it, attracts a lot of people, can make learning from the theory, useful for your followers, you are very good at making things like this, very good
Thanks @good-karma

hello good-karma sir ,I have upvote your blog, your blog is very good, your blog has been explained very well by trike in detail which is very good. Please help me .

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