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Few days back I wrote about upcoming feature private messaging on eSteem application and some of the potential sticker and other market opportunities to give our users even better user experience and improve social interaction.

Let me introduce @dunsky - illustrator and graphic designer who will be offering some of his awesome work to eSteem users. We have 3 pack of stickers ready to be rolled out for free. I am sure you will love it. They are funny, entertaining as well as unique to carry your messages around with emotions.

Give him a follow and check out his work, he is also working on premium stickers which will be rolled out after our initial release of private messaging. Stay tuned for that!

Contact us to say hello or share feedback! | Website | | Telegram |

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Hello @good-karma

I love the way yu are constantly working and Improving the Estem app, it shows your amazing work ethic.

The stickers will be a killer as there are a lot of stickers and gifs being used on steemit at the moment.

And the fact that these stickers by @dunsky have aesthetic appeal is an icing on the cake.

Keep up the good work Feruz.



Vote my

That is great news @good-karma 😀😀😀 that is what I am waiting for here in eSteem 😀😀😀 so excited for that! 😀😀😀


what is esteem?


Hi @nomadinsoco 😀 eSteem is a mobile and desktop steem app created by @good-karma. For the moment I am using eSteem mobile app. It's an amazing app I am using right now. Mostly of my posts and comments I got an auto-vote from the eSteem creator. 😀😀😀 Try to install the app for you to discover how wonderful to belong in here and follow @good-karma and also vote for him as a witness. 😀😀😀 Enjoy your journey! 😀😀😀 Bright Blessings!


Hi @good-karma :) You have such great posts ^^ I'm happy I followed you.

Will check it out asap! Seems like it could add lots of fun!

That was great! Hope it works soon coz that's what I am looking for.


I follow you bro.

So cool! Can't wait to see how they turn out!

i usually use esteem, thanks!

Wow! Really nice! Love It!


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Cool! This is like emojis but avatar style!

Wow! That's really cool! Thank you!

Wow this is so cool!
Amazing work @dunsky!
I can't wait to see them :)

Wow update is very fun of course if added sticker @good-karma

Wow, it will be nice

Esteem with emitions added is very cool.

I become on fire when make some article in Esteem.
Thanks to @good-karma and the ilustrator @ Mr @dunsky

wow! truly nicely done!

I i like it that sticker .. thanks for sharing @good-karma

awesome, it will looks cute and make the app more colorful tho :D

Wow nice, you are doing a great job as a community member.

Very inspirative and motivative.

I love the emotions . They are just like Simpson

Oh... verry good @good-karma 😉😉

Very nice, follow and voted.

New features again at Esteem

I like it so much

Love Esteem and keep make use shock with your features 😊

Good job brother

Wow thats something new.

Haha nice! ^_^

Thanks for sharing. Good job!

Great that you are working on this. I wouldn't mind if the messaging app is separate as long as it shows up in the main interface of Steemit. This may be a crazy idea but what about having a messaging app with its own blockchain?


What blockchain would you suggest to use for messaging if it is to have its own, creating new blockchain just for messaging, not sure if it is effective enough?

For instance, there's no doubt that the tears of joy stickers is used as a way to tell someone you're laughing so hard that you're crying. But what about everyone's favorite brunette in the pink shirt? She's clearly the queen of sass, right?

A great starting point to familiarize yourself with the whole sticker creation.

Really thanks to @goodkarma and @dunsky they were truly amazing guyzz they were tried to steemit upper portion which is great. Now it's really to take that type of experience in steemit.
Big thumbs up

thanks for sharing man! I am on his profile!

Good post your blog.i resteem this post

steem just keeps growing and growing i'm glad i got into it

it was really funny, i very like it!

Private messaging is needed for sure in Steem.
And without sticks or emojis isn't same thing :D

wow youre making good money

Great breakthrough.
Outside projects can. Congratulations to all of us.

I'm sure the user will be more pleased with the presence of this sticker. But what is the presence of stickers will not affect the speed of work esteem?

Thank you @good-karma


No it shouldn't effect the speed of application since it will be off-chain :)


Okay.. Thanks you @good-karma :)

I like and used esteem

that's amazing updates of esteem of getting 0.35$ for bonus thanks for making this keep working on this @good-karma

Good job

A very useful post, worth a try.
Thanks @good-karma

Hi ! Do you know in how many time will they put it ? It should be a good thing for more exchanges... Thanks for share, I Voted for you in the Witnesses. nice day
@Permatek - My last Post : Art Place

nice post

The stickers look unique and cool :)

This seems so awesome will put tag on from now on thanks.

Wow. It seems the longer the more eSteem good development, has now come up with a bumper sticker in my opinion be the attraction of people to use the application this eSteem. Thank you for share this post to us all Sir @good-karma, and rewarding and exciting.

That is great news. Keep up the good work

Hopefully that will be done for us shortly which going to be easier to browse Steem from our smart phones better than sticking on computers

Looks cool but serious question: What's Esteem?


Please checkout eSteem FAQ linked in post to learn more ;)

Awesome post that l write on your @good-karma, this important thing that l make my esteem will be improve. Thank a lot for you. Good luck together and forever.

Stickers, stickers, need more steeeeckers

This is so called motivation and leveraging your passion towards the goals that can help you to stay focused. great work. Love to see more updates. Followed and upvoted

Wow that is what I am waiting for here in eSteem
Amazing work @dunsky!
I can't wait to see them :)

Now this is the nwes for iam waiting for,thanks @good-karma this idea of stickers is really great and with a lot of fun in using, let's hope for a great messenger in the form of eSteem.

Theyre so upbeat and funny and certainly brighten up my news feed so I am sure they will provide personality to esteem!!

Still laughing


@dunsky very healthy as always!

I could invite my friend and office mate to embrace steemit. Much better than facebook now.

Thank you @good-karma - a follow and resteem here from a Steemit brother, I also will follow Sir Dunsky @dunsky at your direction. Looking fwd to gaining and utilizing the sticker 3 pack'r when it comes avail. Thank you good-sir !

That amazing idea... Great sticker @good-karma. I think thats sticker is your face. Hhaa cool. I like it
Please follow back and come to my blog oke. Dont forget to vote

those look wicked. nice job! :)

That will be so much fun! Can't wait for messaging. And I am quite impressed with how quickly my photo uploads happened today!


Thanks Melinda for feedback, servers have had some slowness but feedback from users like you helps us to find solutions and improve the services ;)


Its all working faster than ever now! Thanks SO much for the 15 SBD. That is huge to me!!😘

that would be an amazing @good-karma. nice to hear about @dunsky

Great by day steemit platform improves and becomes much better...

Thx, for the introduction.. so good to see people work together.. Did you see my idea I posted yesterday.. what do you think about it:

Thank you very much @good-karma for your support
I will gladly follow the hard work of @dunsky
I wish you a lovely time
Thanks again

Thank you very much
Can't wait to have all the new features implemented
I love using eSteem
I am following @dunsky he is a great great illustrator and graphic designer

Oooh very nice pro

Good sir

Steemit is getting upgraded day by day. It's bringing new features and trying to incorporate for the end users for their benefits. Good Job

It was a great work @good-karma. The stickers were so cute and excited. They were so funny, it was could be so fun while we make relathionship with others using esteem. It can be more fun using these emotions. Thanks for the great works @good-karma and @dunsky.


Great news. Looking forward to this new feature for us to use.

Using stickers on esteem app is very useful . thanks for adding. I have used this app and post all my article through this help please look and vote my posts...

Its great news ...nice stickers ....Thanks

Awesome looking stickers! You're doing an excellent job with esteem, I love it! download.jpg

@good-karma is my favorite witness, and the only one I have voted for. Keep up the great work!

Having a messenger on SteemIt would be outstanding! That is wonderful news.

I will definitely check out @dunsky and his stickers. I am looking to migrate completely from Facebook and use steemit exclusively.

Your handle @good-karma is really neat. I also wanted to thank you for upvoting my Introduction post and wanted to return the favor. Have a great week!


Wow! This is so cool. Great idea!!

Love that app, one of my best tools!

good news, thank you, upvoted good _karma

great idea and am gonna do as the master ha requested...
thanks for all your efforts

thanks for sharing man! I am on his profile!

looking forward to this, thank you ;)

Good thank for sharing information, @good-karma is the best👍

We are waiting for a new feature of eSteem. Thanks

Thank you goood

Congratulations @good-karma!
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Gracias por el trabajo que estás llevando a cabo para mejorar la aplicación, y a @ dunsky por desarrollar estas nuevas pegatinas o gifs .
Muchas gracias

woo good one

Very cute it ^_^

@@@@@ nice post keep it up :) @@@@@@

Cool thanks!

Followed him too.
He have some awesome work there too.

You got a good starting point for branding with him.

Good luck with all your projects.

That's cool. I always use sticker instand of my feeling.

u r great sir....

Congratulations! @good-karma I really hope we can get Steem added! That will really help!
Great post! The project is interesting . At this point I agree with you.


very good

That's cool, looking forward to it :)