eSteem stats - Indonesia and Nigeria leading mobile usage

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Here is a short eSteem stats for last 30 days Locations and Demographics of mobile app usage...

With this speed, whole population of Indonesia will soon be on Steem... In those countries it makes sense to see such a huge growth in last couple months because only way to stay connected to internet is through mobile devices. And location metric is very important and we are working to get as many locations as possible to diversify userbase within eSteem.

Few exciting news are coming soon, stay tuned!

Steem on!

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Never used this app; I think I should try it. I have a question: Is it possible to post on or dmania using this app? I have heard that esteem users get rewarded when they post through this app.

you can see Aceh one of the largest steemit user regions. even throughout Indonesia Aceh only uses steemit, primarily by applying the esteem. this is a remarkable achievement

yes, we in Aceh really love the esteem application. esteem has become the window for the steemit platform.

Yes, you are right. only the area of ​​Aceh that uses steemit in Indonesia, and even then through the most extraordinary and social applications for the community. ie esteem

You can also see in @demotruk's post about the largest steemit user graph ...


Aceh is still the number one user Esteem .. Especially after the internet access can be reached to almost all corners ,, even I myself who live in "CONG GUNOENG" very easy to reach .. do not have to climb coconut tree .. hehe

Butoi nyan

You are right, @bawangmerah Aceh is the most users for now, and most users are App Esteem

Esteem app is one of the best app on the steem blockchain ,good work

Ever since I joined Steemit, I never understood: why Aceh, why that particular region is so prevalent on the site as a whole?

@bawangmerah230, you just hold on for a while, Nigerians are coming En Masse, personally, i am organizing a free seminar and its going to be a bomb! many more folks are coming on board.

y'all just hol on a sec!

Nigerians are coming. Yay :)

Where are you organizing the seminar in Nigeria?

Let's connect.

I know a few users from Aceh and all of them are great and fun loving people.
eSteem is really grateful to its users and we promise better service in the future.

Let's get whole Indonesia on eSteem

Nyan luar Biasa... sampe2 na tag ACEH :-)

thank you, the information @ good-karna, very good steemit development in aceh @bawangmerah and good luck in all our activities salam steemit dati saya @boile si novice

How did you get that age and gender data

Our Myanmar try to top user in esteem.We love esteem.

Thanks for spreading Steemit

eSteem should have a HUGE year!! Keep up the good work! Followed!

hi @good-karma we in aceh have been eager to campaign eSteem application in aceh and now it's popular thanks to the most users from aceh .. and do not you mention indonesia because we are not the same as indonesia although in the world map aceh still called in indonesian territory .


this is where most users of eSteem application which is located in aceh that is at tip of sumatra island

Bereh bang aceh ike sabe

Maybe he isn't aware that aceh is a different territory.

But you guys have been doing an excellent job.
Keep it up

I'm agree with this brave guy @arjunmartavela. hehe

Thank you @good-karma.Thank you for your help very myanmar from customers.
And thank you again. And people power low.

Woww very interesting .. I as citizens of Indonesia is very happy because the use of eSteem application in Indonesia in the most with its growth is so great. for the future eSteem application more advanced and more use of eSteem application.

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Yeayy ... it's Indonesia ....
In our country, the new STEEMIAN only know @good-karma as a witness (although some of them have not chosen you as a vote witness), so do not be surprised if your current popularity in Indonesia surpasses anyone in the eyes of Steemians, they always peek at account activity @good-karma and post immediately when your account is active, in hopes of reaching SBD from your vote and friends.
Sorry, if sometimes, I also expect it 😎😎
By the way, Esteem @good-karma version has opened a new paradigm for Indonesian netizens.
Thank you for being able to change the lifestyle and activities of Cyberspace and Social Media in our Country.

@good-karma please give me more. I'm jealous to see my friends get a lot of upvote from you. I am very disappointed. difficult to write and always collect photos but my hard work is never in more appreciation. Please, give me more @good-karma 🙏🙏🙏

yeaaah, indonesian have milion population and averyone have conection

i'm vote @good-karma for a witness

We must see, whether the State of Indonesia in general or special Aceh Area?


Aceh Steemit Community

Good job @good-karma!
Would bemost delighted to have a relationship with the team from Indonesia.
Been looking for a way to join you at discord, Tnx for today's post, I just joined the discord chat.
Send my special love to the people of Indonesia, tell them I would be waiting for them right there on discord ........ Lols

Esteem is the best

I represent Atjeh steemit thanks to @ good-karma, on
there is a chat community of Atjeh

"Aceh has a job
Indonesia has a name"

this is a very good information @ good-karma thanks for sharing

really good step .. i am too much happy .. for esteem .. this is too good

Indonesia love esteem. Thank you for information.

Great work done by you sir .. i am also using esteem just superb .. work ..

Bagi kami yang pemula Sangat berharap vot & followback dari @ good-karma vahmyvargas,🙏 sekian dan terima kasih. Dari Aceh

awesome... in other side, please look and search about Aceh @good-karma. Aceh is one of most largest Steemit user area.

You can see Aceh is one of the largest steemit user regions. Even throughout Indonesia Aceh only uses steemit, especially by applying the award. this is a great achievement .... please help us from aceh @ good-karma.steemit debes

Hi! You once regularly supported me on Golos, and on Steemit you do not do this for some reason)). Take a look at this post, maybe you'll like it.
lviv opera house 1.jpg

Witness very reliable

Thanks so much for u :)

Mantapp that awak indonesia, khusus jih aceh yg mendunia d steemit 👍

thanks for this interesting information @good-karma

Thank for sharing

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Indonesia but actually aceh number one 😘

Vote my pos @amh220795

Saya bangga dengan orang indonesia,
Karena indonesia mempunyai populasi terbesar pengunaan steemit di dunia,khusus nya aplikasi esteem.
Semoga esteem makin maju terus, dan bertambah sempurna....!!

Woww.. I am from Indonesia. Very happy .

This is such exciting news @good-karma. I have actually just made a comment on a post by @dragosroua here, his posts talks about Marshal Islands issuing a National Cryptocurrency to function as legal tender.

My comment here talks about the popularity of M-Peza in Kenya, which is mobile phone minutes as currency.

I am finding it so fascinating that these countries that do not have very robust banking systems are embracing mobile technology and digital currencies as an alternative.

Cryptocurrency is creating a fairer playing field for millions/billions of people, giving them access to global currency, micro-finance and access to the global community. I love these stories.

Wooow was incredible. I am glad I am Indonesian State name in your posts. I have a lot of his friends invited me in Aceh Indonesia joined in esteem. terimakaaih good-karma on your post

Hy @good-karma so good your post..

Most Aceh residents use steemit and esteem applications that can make it easier for me to post...

Can you have esteem save the login and not logout when using the app

Selamat malam good-karma

steady steemit will grow rapidly and will be the subject of conversation among the community and will help the economics of lectures and unemployment.

Populasi terbesar steemit di aceh baru tersebar di wilayah lain seperti pulau jawa, yang mengcakupi pengguna steemit terbesar di indonesia adalah aceh.

really good step .. i am too much happy .. for esteem .. this is too good

I am Indonesia and I am very happy to use eSteem made in @good-karma

You can make incredible emang this app. ..
I salute you

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Thanks a lot @good-karma .. i will wait for the next step from you.
Very good information and congratulats fo u @good-karma..

Please vote me..i hope this

I'm in indonesia

sir i give a new post esteem plz support...
esteem is always helpfull..i love it..
upvt @restm

what do you think about the growth of steemit account in indonesia, and what is your suggestion as
steemit which is professional for beginners who are in indonesia

Thanks @good-karma .. i will wait for the next step from you.
Very good information and congratulats...

sir u r great...sir now now i have no support...have any cause? please check my blog...resteem done

We are in indonesia especially in Aceh spending a lot of time at coffee shop. Coffe shop is not only the place for us to have a cup of coffee or to hanging out with friend, but its a place for many things; doing bussiness and etc. And every coffee shop as a wifi to access. So that's why indonesian become one of the highest user for internet.

"And every coffee shop as a wifi to access" this is amazing. No wonder...

Yeah it is :D

user esteem in indonesia very much and really extraordinary but i see vote got not as expected as still too small voice given.
I hope the future of esteem application can improve its voting for users in Indonesia.
warm greetings from me to Witness - Developer of eSteem, SteemMonitor, SteemFest, SteemIAPI, Pick apps.

user esteem in indonesia very much and really extraordinary but i see vote got not as expected as still too small voice given.
I hope the future of esteem application can improve its voting for users in Indonesia.
warm greetings from me to Witness - Developer of eSteem, SteemMonitor, SteemFest, SteemIAPI, Pick apps.

Good karma... kiban cara dile beu neuvote but droneuh? ,neujaweub ea ..thanks

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Thank you @good-karma for his information during this steemian make in indonesia

Great Job for fellow Steemian from Aceh and Indonesia.

Please see my post @riefwalker and give upvote if you like, i am very thankfull for that. Best regards.

very useful good-karma what you berituhakan, but once visit my blog so that i can better understand about esteem also steemi...

thanks @good-karma this post is very useful for me you are steady and good like your name.
You is the best

Bek tuwe vote lon @good-karma 😀

Aceh love steemit and eSteem app

Hopefully always this steemit life in Indonesia and the whole world I just promo steemit in stadium badminton .thanks

Good luck goog-karma success for you.

Good karma is the best

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Good post
yes we will faithfully reply to the latest news from you ..
i love @good-karma

thanks for this interesting information @good-karma
keep on creating something great.

hi good-karma what's wrong with my post? i use app esteem but i never get upvote from you?
what should I do to get my upvote from you?

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keep it Up @good-karma , esteem app is cool and I'm happy Nigeria is much aware with that. My promise to you is a promotion of esteem app more on my facebook page this week. Also I'm into translation and one of esteem app translator in igbo language (one of largest language in Nigeria).
Please always support Nigerian community. Hugs you

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Whole indonesia on steemit !!!!

That's freaking awesome.

I wish my India also gets onboard ASAP !!! It has a huge market base.

Thank you @good-karma for providing us with the facility of esteem app.

Good for you post

Thank for your information

Wow that's Amazing

Help me vote

Yes especially in aceh almost everything that there is indonesia in aceh is the most players @ good-karma

indonesia paling sering dan paling banyak menggunakan, terutama daerah aceh.
saya indonesia, saya dari aceh.

Amazing @good-karma

Nice post 😊@good-karma


hopefully the esteem can always be strong and accepted by the people of the world, because esteem can always be creative with ease, and can be, direct greeting from @good-karma, in aceh very crowded that use esteem application.

Vote for indonesia,. Bang @good-karma.

Here in the Philippines, esteem app is also used. Thanks for sharing this apps to us @good-karma.

Nice post

Indonesia became a great market and most user applications of esteem, the days growing users, particularly aceh, besides easy application to work with the full feature is also highly esteem

The population of Indonesia is currently around 200 million more, and the population of Aceh is around 5 million people ... If this application continues to be developed and does not turn users away due to lack of app developers attention, I'm sure Esteem users in Indonesia, especially from Aceh will more than double the population ...

Meunyo keunong vote bak @good-karma kop Brat semangat teuh...😀😀

Upvote + resteem

Woah that's actually amazing. And to think my country is second on this list. 😀 Steemit is going higher than the more. I'm still participate in spreading the word

with the steemet in Indonesia especially in aceh is very helpful for the community, because in steemet we can expose our ideas and thoughts are positive and useful for the community, and the level of learning is greatly improved, thanks @good karma

Amazing @good-karma

Like Google Adsense statistic ?

posting is very inspiring, I'm very impressed with your post and also very respect with you, and I really hope you also respect with me

Aceh adalah daerah dengan pengguna eSteem terbesar di Indonesia, semoga eSteem terus berjaya.

Respected @good-karma I use mostly eSteem app, can I connect second account with this app at same time?

I have never get an upvote from esteem....... :/ @good-karma

Nice @good-karma cheer! Please give upvote me post 😁😁

Wow... Amaziiingg....
:) eSteem good aplication....

I'm aceh,. I'm indonesia
I always like it...

I am from Indonesia 🇮🇩 @yasir123
I love you @good-karma

I like