eSteem - Spotlight, top users and giveaway #9

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Great work...I like the new app looks absolutely fantastic! I will be the best user...

The Very interesting project, It must be the very good selection and quality.

I personally fully support this race and activity, as it can build steemit communities to be more relevant and content-expanding.

Hopefully, I get a chance to win once. I also want to like those who get reward ..

They deserve it because of the hard work they do

Congratulations for:

Thanks so much, and keep on eSteemin!

Greatly master. 😁
And please support me, i am a newbe

I also want to thank you @ good-karma who has provided support to continue and contribute the best in steemit and esteem, I also want to tell you that I am a loyal user of esteem application whenever and wherever, I am ready to accept criticism and advice from you if you get mistakes from my post. Once again, thank you.

we would like to thank you @good-karma who has provided useful information for all of us who faithfully use eSteem application to date. So to be honest, we from aceh generally use this application. me and my friends invite all the communities here to improve the quality of eSteem as the world's number one app in this steemit.


Even though we are not included in Top Commenters + Posters, we will learn as well as mukin, and work hard to be the best, congratulations that have received the award from @ good-karma, we will try to make a post that can attract people's hearts. and good comments on someone else's blog,
do not give up even though we have not received an award like our friend,

Top Commenters + Poster
@tattoodjay (2.407) - 15 SBD
@ melinda010100 (1,775) - 10 SBD
@ duaoboo (1206) - 5 SBD

Top poster
@fahry (349) - 15 SBD
@putrialvira (317) - 10 SBD
@geologist (270) - 5 SBD

Top Earners
@singhrajat (420,937 vest) - 15 SBD
@ nv21089 (387,915 vest) - 10 SBD
@geetharao (219,086 vest) - 5 SBD
remember why people can be the best, why do not we,
if we want to pray + effort = success.

congratulations yes friends who have received the award of good-karma, somaga you always succeed and become the best for the future,

Thnx @ipulkpsn01, keep your spirit up and you will see you name there soon. I was not even aware of the giveaway and all I was doing is following my normal schedule of posting commenting etc. Never targeted for this giveaway but thnx to @good-karma who is running it so fairly that one gets a chance to win even if he knows nothing about this giveaway.

insyah god i will try as best mukin to be the best ,, hope you succeed always ya @ singhrajat .. do not forget to upvote my blog and follow ya @singhrajat ..

Keep on eSteemin and your name will be up there soon! Thanks!

Very good infomation @good-karma

I am a newcomer, I need support from you. I am from aceh Indonesia.Thank you

Congratulations for an account that gets SBD from @good-karma and good luck

hi @good-karma, You are a very great person, Keep giving the best for eSteem users in the world. Thanks

Nice job @good-karma
One day i will be among those that you will short list. Keep the good job going

information that is very useful for steemit users

Always thanks for you @good-karma, to support as, hopefully we are always motivated to share useful postings,
always passion and success forever 😊

Great project .. I really like this. I want to be a part of them @good-karma.

thank you notices, I will try my best to get an award.

I hope I am in that category..

A great achievement .. congratulations to you semuav who won the following achievements ... it is worthy for you because you are great ... once again I @zainuddinibrahim congratulate you.

Good job brother @good-karma. Salam kenal dari @aunalestari.

I know one of these days , i will be among the winners. Good job guys!

Thanks! Keep on eSteemin!

thank you for the information

good post thanks men

Its a beautiful good karma

Success ESteem always. most people use this app thanks for sharing good post.👍👍👍

Thanks kindly for all the work on this only when I couldn’t use it for a few days with the issues did I realize how much I truly rely on the app to keep up

Great work

Thank you so very much, my friend! ❤ Congrats everyone!

I wish good luck to the participants who make the publications. you are always trying, motivating and supporting. Thank your good karma.
Les deseo buena suerte a los participantes que realizan las publicaciones. siempre estas intentando, motivando y apoyando. gracias

Thnx @good-karma and esteem team, I never expected this neither aware of the this giveaway. I was just using esteem just for usual posting etc. Feeling blessed to get my name mentioned, and feeling more motivated towards using esteem.

I would like ti learn about this project..seens I’m new i don’t know about this project but i will learn more from you..and congratulations for all users who got reward.

Thanks my bos.
I have in your upvote and salam kenal

I like it very much and am very grateful to @ good-karma and all parties in steem who have helped follow and vote me

Looks like amazing contest. Thanks for sharing this and keepup the great work.

Have a great day and stay blessed.

Please help me.

Amazing post every time .plez visit my blog when you get free and vote me.

Your blog is really good!
Thanks for sharing it!

good luck always and healthy

Very good information

Thank you for this very helpful info friend @good-karma

a very good post I hope you are great and more successful in steemit @ good-karma

yeah i am happy to for this app but some time it take so much load and not showing notification on lock screen of new post @good karma ...what you say will you update it more?

ooooh. I have been trying to log into Steem via Safari on my iPhone and it keep rejecting the password. Hadn't heard of eSteem. Installing it now! Exciting!

informative post thank you for sharing

Thank for sharing

Your post the best i like.

thank you for his advice @good-karma

congratulations to all winners!!!

terimakasih yang mendapat

Help me please.

very very improtant infromation
thanks you

Very nice information
Please vote me @good_karma

Wow! I didn't make it to the list this time. I'll keep trying. One day, I'll make it to the list too.

Esteem is the best mobile app I've ever used to interact with steemit.

Thumbs up to the dev. and congratulations to the winners

Happy Steeming

Thanks! Keep on eSteemin!

This is very nice,
I always post using esteem.
but in our place the network of esteem is substandard, therefore I am not commenting through esteem.
and yet another complaint I had in esteem, the text could not be in coffee, so we found it difficult to translate other people's posts.

awesome, go ahead bro

çok teşekkür ederim @good-karma sizin verdiğiniz bilgiler sayesinden inşallah en iyi kullanıcı olacağım her zaman desteğiniz bekliyorum bir kereye mahsus tüm gücünle paylaşımımı vote edersen çok mutlu olurum

good information, thanks

If I can enter or join the program host Mr @good-karma

sudah upvote postingan anda sangat menarik untuk saya

Very good info friends, honest you make a very good content, can you visit my blog

Hey. Maybe u could introduce drops to random users dp every esteem user has a chance to get sth and not only top users.
Cheers J

Amazing people in the spotlight. I wish I could do even half of what those on top were able to achieve.

Thanks! Keep Steemin and you will get there!

I’m sure I’ll get in the top next month! I use it all the time!

incredible,good work

Craziest contest.. @good-karma sir i am on to it right away...🙏 Jai Ho!!

I am downloading the app straight away. It is very nice of you to reward users for making use of this app. Congratulations to all winners.

Good post @good karma

we steemians will certainly continue to provide unlimited support, so the esteem is at its peak. and our sincere thanks to the developers who for their hard work in the development of esteem to continue to be the best

hello @good-karma, i want to ask why my esteem application can't work ..

Try going into settings, and down toward the bottom choose a different server. Hope that helps!

thanks for sharing it, but after I try to replace some different server it also doesn't work

Oh no! Wish I could help, but you may need someone with more tech ability than me! Sorry.

Okay no problem, thanks for the information.

Greetings know @ good-karma ..

In accordance with your instructions I like it very much, and I will try to step by step to achieve the best in accordance with your instructions @
Give us a chance, and we'll keep trying.
Here's a little of me, hope you like it #
Thank you.... @good-karma

All you need to do is download esteem app on your smartphone and start doing your regular posting and commenting using that.

Good-karma why now it's so hard to get vote @luzyphher @good-karma and @meno

Thank up information

Amazing activity on the app! The numbers are really high, it's practically impossible to compete with these guys :D

Please help me.

very good news, for this week from @good-karma

thank you @good-Karma the information is very useful for me

Good karma
We are you

thanks a lot brother, vote back got me

Good information @good-karma

Thank you again for such an amazing application as eSteem.

Еще раз Спасибо Вам за такое удивительное приложение как eSteem.

Seems like people are using this app too much :) That's good. I have the app installed on my phone but I prefer keyboard if available. As I can access to desktop or laptop , even when at office, I don't get chance to use eSteem app.
By the way, congratulation for the winners

Tips for newbies: How to give a fractional upvote when your SP is below 500?

Congratulation for all !!

Good post @good-karna, please help me.

Nice post, @goodkarma
Succses more....

Thanks for the awesome post. I have followed, upvoted your post.
steemit really nice..

thank you for the information friends post successful useful always for you friends and in blessing

I use esteem app in post but not that much in comment and reply because it is slow when you are targeting comments to be at the top

Votes me good-karma

Wow! members are doing great!

Few months ago I posted on my frustration about Esteem but after updating, Esteem works fantastic. I am fully satisfied with Esteem.
Thank you @good-karma.

Saya baru bergabung dan saya masih kurang mengerti cara cara dan tentang apa saja yang bisa di posting.
Mohon arahan dari bapak?

Important news. Good information about Esteem and spotlight. I am interested.

Help me please?

make a post in a matter of a day or night minimum of two posts, one post in the morning and one more at night goal to detail the post that levih good so readers assess we are active and passive in the post.

is there any new feture release?
i think if there any private chat is better to in clude in this apps
we just not post a posting but also we can socialize each other.
may be it's little bit cool.

I use Esteem in android, I think it is very helpfull and easily to posting in android. Thank you @good-karma, I have vote you to become a witness. Good job @good-karma.