eSteem - Spotlight, top users and giveaway #4

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In this series of posts, We will highlight top users of eSteem and giveaway some extra rewards. Only comments and posts stats are considered. User can only take part in one of 3 sections, either comments+posts, just posts and new top earners sections and 3 leaders from each section receive rewards.

What's eSteem

Learn more about project in eSteem FAQ post here

Check out my blog @good-karma for more related posts and latest announcements.


Congratulation to below users for being awesome top eSteem users!

Top Commenters + Posters

  1. @melinda010100 (1637) - 15 SBD
  2. @lydon.sipe (937) - 10 SBD
  3. @mamamyanmar (844) - 5 SBD

Top Posters

  1. @khairul5577 (179) - 15 SBD
  2. @nurlis031293 (174) - 10 SBD
  3. @iamkunaning (173) - 5 SBD

Top Earners

  1. @boxmining (167449.0 VESTS) - 15 SBD
  2. @kjablonski (69334.0 VESTS) - 10 SBD
  3. @teukurobbybinor (56415.0 VESTS) - 5 SBD

Above stats are for the last 30 days and every month there will be giveaway to top users. All you have to do is to use eSteem like you usually do!

Rewards will be sent out within 24 hours.

Checkout previous Spotlights 1, 2, 3

Thank you for everyone for using eSteem and continuing to report bugs and suggestions under #esteem-feedback tag.

Download app today if you haven't

Google Play - Android - v1.4.6 AppStore - iOS (iPhone, iPad) - v1.4.7
Get eSteem on Google Play Get eSteem on AppStore

NB: eSteem mobile v1.5.0 update is coming in few days with exciting changes, bug fixes and improvements.

Other social contacts

[email protected] | Website | | Telegram | Twitter | Github

Thank you for your support!

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This is cool! Thanks for doing this and giving some recognition to those who deserve it!

It's really awesome that you're giving back to the community in this way.

Perhaps it would be a nice idea to reward some users who use the app at random? This way you'll encourage them to use it more and not only people win who got waaaaayyyyy too much time on their hands to post so much


That already happens. Your own comment has one of those right now! I believe up to 4 times a day you can get random upvotes in your comments posted through eSteem (as long as they're not extremely short)


Oh yes, I hadn't taken those into account!


wow greet Introduction


yes at random would be a good idea too so newcomers like me have a better chance


Yeah, I'm with you here. The last thing we need is more clutter. I do love the Steemit incentives to create posts, and to leave comments, but there's got to be a way to reward quality rather than quantity.

Congratulations to you the best through the application esstem, thank you @good-karma has given us the spirit to continue to achieve success with you. Hopefully we will continue to see the best works of the winners in the application esstem in the future.
For the unfortunate, continue to work as I am, 😁😁😁

For esstem users who have received SBD gift from our witness @good-karma.
Continue to work, because we will always miss the best works of friends esstem users.
Thank you @ good-karma has brought us passion

Congratulations to you who are selected as winners, hopefully others can follow in their footsteps, da keep trying to be the best, because @good-karma as a witness will continue to give us passion through his gifts as well as his cool apps, thanks @good-karma that has given us the spirit.

Gracias y felicitaciones a @good-karma que nos trae estas mejores obras de autores. Gracias a @good-karma recibimos SBD con sus votos. Seguimos trabajando para mejorar

Thanks. I'm using esteem many times as I'm travelling a lot. Looking forward to test the new version. J

Its initiatives like this that made me vote for you as witness. Great job on esteem, using it now.

For esstem users who have received SBD gift from our witness @good-karma.
Continue to work, because we will always miss the best works of friends esstem users.
Thank you @good-karma has brought us passion!
Very good!
Thanks @good-karma

This is a very good thing and I think it will further advance esteem. I have not done my activities through esteem and with a fast time I will follow and take this step to do posting on esteem. This is good information and for me in this esteem it seems to give more about our careers and hard work. Thank you @good-karma and your team all.

For esstem users who have received SBD gift from our witness @good-karma.
Continue to work, because we will always miss the best works of friends esstem users.
Thank you @good-karma has brought us passion!
Very good!
Thanks @good-karma

Congratulations to the winner. Hopefully the future will always be better

eSteem Greatly facilitate me in posting, quite simple, thank for @good-karma,And hopefully better future development..

Wow, I hadn't even heard about eSteem, so I must thank you for this post! I checked out the FAQ link and will be continuing my reading shortly but definitely needed to drop a thank you to everyone involved in this project. A mobile app will make Steemit more user-friendly to those more comfortable using an app as well, which I feel like is a large chunk of the younger generation. Back to reading about eSteem, thanks again!

Sik asiiik

Congratulations everyone. Great initiative!

Congratulations for eSteem apps. Today i new at Steemit and now i see the esteem apps. Gracias Muchas

You completely made my day!! It has been a week of many discouragements and this has convinced me to keep on esteemin! Thank you.


congrats deserve it...a true steemian ... keep it up
and nice comment... will start using esteem so i get your attention!


Thanks, Ken! Looks to me like you are doing great here! Stop by my page anytime though. I love making new friends!


am honored ad ready to be friends with a steemit rising star
will enter your page now...

Been wondering about this, downloading the app now!

Thanks :)

esteem is the great app,like

thanks @good-karma for the information
will download and start using esteem today... you the best!

Thank you so much for this wonderful app. It makes posting so easy!

I posted a few photos from my phone and now it will not let me post any more. Is there a limit on how many photos it will take?


Hey @hashclouds, no there isn't any limits. Would you please elaborate what error you get if any?


I was able to post one just now.

Last night, when I clicked on the photo in my gallery to add, it kept resetting the program. I tried various pics in case it was just that one, but none of them worked.

Excellent post as always, you are a big, I am your follower. A big greeting from @ joserc.vzla

I hope and wishing to be in the top 3 next month in whatever category...

giphy.gif Thanks again @good-karma for another great post. Upvoting you.

Great post. I dream oneday you tag my name in your steemit blog. Congratulation for all the winner that selected

Good post

thankyou @good-karma i am one of a fan of esteem thats why i always use it when i post.happy to be in 3rd place.

Good post follow me ..i also help you vote comment

This app is amazing!

Great post good-karma ! Nice, i like it the your post, thanks


Very interesting post... thanks for sharing and motivating the esteem app users.. I am also using this app hope one day my name will also be in your top list. Thanks for sharing...

Some work to do :-) But nice "work" is good to be busy with :-) Thanks !!

Please follow back and upvote me :)
Thank you.

Hey! Thanks so much for the reward/recognition. I wasn't expecting anything... Cheers ✌🏼😊

Always good to see this positive news about eSteem and its growing user base. Have to use it more.

You are doing an incredible job

I like your post

I very much enjoy eSteem. Having the ability to keep up with Steemit while mobile is such a great benefit for a social media platform.

I have just followed and am excited to participate in eSteem community discussions and feedback.

Thanks for the info love the app :0)

The mobile app is great. I can post pretty advanced articles straight on the phone. Makes me more consistent.

good better best

Incredible @good-karma, thanks for the support provided so far. May you never get bored with our diverse and sometimes annoying attitude. 😂

Congratulations friends who have been elected.

This is awesome!! I personally love esteem and use it almost exclusively 👌 Thank you for creating the app and giving us and easy way to use steemit! 😘😘

Re$teemed, upvoted & following!

Thaank you for sharing this @good-karma.

Awesome work @good-karma, love that good guys like you are a part of the community.

Many congratulations for the winners. if you are with eSteem you are in wining path always

please help @good-karma when i try to post through this app it shows broadcast error bandwidth limit reached... please tell what i will do..

Thank you for eSteem. Very thank you.

Can funds be transfered to steemit?

Congratulations @good-karma!
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I really like the app and use them mostly for push notifications on my iPhone. But a few weeks ago notifications stopped working for me. I tried to reinstall the app, but that did not bring them back. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. #esteem-feedback

Number one sure is killing it! That is a lot of comments and blogging for just a single month.

Always nice to see a user created application is this successful. How many active users did you average for the month if you don’t mind me asking?

This is good

great post

Good post

Do you have a specific date for the next Android release? If my phone is setup for auto updates will I be notified when your new revision hits the Play store?

Cool ! We meet again lol . Hope you do the same for me.

I need your help, to guide me so that I can become proficient in steemit. follow back me and vote me

nice post, can get acquainted with you