eSteem - Spotlight, top users and giveaway #2

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when I change the language to Farsi, the pin pad got like this, and as I touch any number, the page goes all white(latest iphone version).
do you have a bug fix in next version? or is it just my phone?
(sorry is down and I had to catch you here

Good catch, :) I just fixed it, yes it will come with new release... Thanks!

ok then , thanks :)

congratulations to the winners..
please @good-karma release the esteem desktop app already..


haha that gif is the best

Hey @good-karma!! I just saw the reward coming in. Thank you so much!! It is greatly appreciated. I really like using the app. This next week i will be taking a holiday so today i will try and use the scheduled posts function. Apart from that i think i have mastered using it quite well. It fulfills all my Steemit needs. Desktop version is something i am also looking forward to because some days your thumbs start hurting a bit from all the typing haha :D. But i still like using it a lot!

Edit: upvoted to rise a bit higher in the remarks

I wish someday I would also be one of the top users of eSteem. Not to get the reward but I am sure I would get way more than reward if I use this app extensively. Thanks to this app, I am able to manage my account with ease and generate more income.

One feedback I wanted to give is: when are you planning to change "posts" to "Comments" on profile page? It would be good to make it same as the site. #esteem-feedback.

Keep up the wonderful work my friend. Do let me know if I can be of any help to you - testing app or promoting it.👍

Thank you for using app and glad that it is helping you as well as me to continue to improve it... :)
Yes I think, in new release I will have that changed. ;)

Ok, that would be great. Another thing I have noticed is that it keeps showing "Request denied for security reasons" message abruptly. I am sure something underneath is triggering that message but as an end user I can't see what is triggering that message so looks confusing.

Might be because of some spam links in comments or posts, sometimes some links try to track user's location or access data and app would block them. Would you mind reporting/following up on this after new release if you see it again on that new version or not?! Thanks!

Yes, definitely @good-karma. I would follow up on this and let you know if the problem persists in new version too. I am getting benefitted from this app so it's my moral responsibility that I should give back as much as I can. 🙂
Do you have any bug/issue management system where I can post the issue directly? Or am I only supposed to report it as a comment on one of your posts?

Yes, is Official Github repo to report issues. If you don't have an account and/or time to report, you can simply reply to any of my comments to notify me as well. 😉

That's great! Now we are talking! I do have account on GitHub (though I haven't contributed any code yet 😀) so I will use that account to report issues directly there.
I might have more issues to report as I continue using the app. Hope that won't be very bothering to you. 😀

Not at all 😉 As new release is in couple days I would wait to see if some of the issues you found got resolved... 👍

Hello @good-karma! I like the app and I think you've done a great job. I only have one observation, for IOS goes a little slow and freezes a lot, and I must go to restart by removing data access and gallery. Otherwise everything goes very well.

Thanks to @ good-karma and esteem. We are very proud because one of my friends in the aceh steemians community earned top ranking comments, ie @ taufar. Thanks again, dear @ good-karma

Hello @good-karma I like the app have done a great job is visually attractive although I have a small drawback I have Android and I do not let me upload any image... And i dont know why? 😐 I hope you can soon solve this little problem out there.
Greetings from México

Hi, sorry missed your comment! @pjo made short video how to solve capture image issue, please check his recent post

I downloaded the app on my android phone and it works just fine! I do pretty much everything throughout the eSteem app like reading post, commenting, replying, upvoting, reesteming,... The only thing I don't do is writing post cause it's a little bit easier on my laptop. But still, without yhis app I'll be way less active in the community. So thank you to give us this amazing app my friend ! Upvoted and followed !

Thank you @good-karma making this app. So much better to be on mobile now. I have made #esteem-feedback post, hope it will reach you.

comment test one feature of eSteem.

Very good news, for me personally this is news that i have to assume .. in general my race is the same.
I am one of the new users of esteem and still do not know how to use esteem perfectly. But it's getting more and more knowledgeable to use esteem.
Let alone esteem make new changes, I will be left behind from the old users.
With there are informative postings I feel very happy, because it can increase knowledge about using esteem.
Thank for a post this

I have been using mobile eSteem for a long time since it is convenient.
However, until I saw this post, I did not know the existence of the client application.
From now on, using my eSteem on my PC you can do similar operations.
I strongly urge Currency to support JPY and support Japanese for Languages.

Please confirm when Esteem desktop app is ready, i am not comfortable using mobile app... congrats to all the winners of esteem app... Good job @good-karma !

I'm glad to hear Esteem is getting a big update.

i am already install this app on my android thanks for nice info sharing you

Doing a good job . Steem is great because of guys like you and your team doing a good job and making here a great place. Upvoted and Following you in order to continue supporting you..lets stay in touch buddy.
Also see why steemit will take over social media -including facebook:

Success to you.

hello @good-karma thx for all this

I'm looking forward to the desktop version.

hi @good-karma :-)
i try to win this thing as well via esteem.... but i don't get any rewards
so i wonder why, any idea?

If you are using eSteem for commenting or posting you should be able to get votes due to encouragement program that is running. But short content and spam content will not give you votes...

what is the definition of spam?
i had a look on the winners account and can't see any difference to what i did

You are right, challenge will be improved each month. I did hear some people were just copying and pasting their content/comments, those kind of behaviour will excluded next month.

ok i see, very well, that's fair enough. we gonna improve and write unique text.
however i tried this as well and did not get any reward. so i was considering that i am black listed.
looking up the winners account, made me come forward to point out this issue.
you know, all possibilities will be used if you allow them... am i correct?
i'm writing this comment via esteem. unique text to check again.
if this text is not long enough then just let us know the rules :-)
we are happy to participate...

Yes, just checked, looks like you got yourself blacklisted, because you used same comment on multiple posts few days back :) I will remove you now but please try to contribute to the posts/articles with relevant comments... ;)

@good-karma Followed that discussion as it seems that I am blacklisted too..
First of all I want to tell you that my idea was not to spam, but reach out many
new Steemians and get new Follower and even get upvotes for that - that was great..
Also I saw many people doing it, so I thought it is okay that way.

As I thought it was an algo that blocked that kind of comment I changed my commenting, but
still no upvotes...
May you will consinder just blocking comments in introduceyourself postings
instead of blocking us - as long as you dont have an algo to define spammy postings ?

As there have been no stated rules, its hard to be blacklisted :(. I agree with @chrisx, that define and post
rules and set everybody to zero would be a good thing...

Appreciate you are reaching out and it is also subjective matter. I am sure you would agree that good comments bring encouragement to author of the posts as well as contributes to the conversation. You might have noticed yourself, if you bring value to the conversation/discussion/article, authors will vote for your comment. I will remove you from list as well... Have fun and Steem on! ;)

thx, you may consider to write an article to point out your rules.
i'm sure on that "blacklist" are more names, why no algo?
it's a great chance to tell them how to improve, like you did with me :-)
if they fail again... well ok
would love to see a cool startover for all others as well, there are many... on your "blacklist" right ? ;-)
have a very nice day mate, you are a cool straight dude, nice talk, i was a bit horrified to face a typical MOD ^^

You are right, there was no rule at first but after this experiment started, a lot of people started to abuse voting power and it is not practical to comment everyone and ask them to use it properly. Blacklisting them seem like quick and efficient solution... Will consider including note in future posts, Have fun ;)

This is an awesome app I love it!!

@nba05 Steemit's 13 Year Old Blogger!!

Congratulations everyone!

What are the risks to privacy and authorization when installing the app?
What kind of permissions it requires?

Ahh snap I love me a good challenge! You will see me on top next month! Have been using eSteem for a few weeks and I'm a huge fan. Just being able to continue to interact with the platform when I am away from my computer is a massive plus. I will make sure to keep track of some of the issues that I have faced with the app to help get them fixed. Thanks a million to good-karma and everyone who keeps this thing going. See you next month on the elder board👍

Excellent post, very pedagogic and easy to understand. Many thanks for sharing your work well documented.

Great going esteem team...all the best to your future endeavor :)

I like that

I came to know yesterday by a user's comment. Using from then... Liked the app.

Nice Work. Keep the good work and helping the community.
Upvoted and Following

how can i enter the giveaway ? i just joined steem an hour ago~

I am just new to this platform. Looking forward to explore exciting content.


I followed you this morning. Can I install esteem without Google Play on my Android?

Of course, checkout our official github releases to get APK directly.

This looks like a great application. I definitely have to try using it . :)

Its great...keep steeming bro..

Yes, I have downloaded eSteem app, however while posting from the app it gives error message! Hope developers are working on it. 👍 upvoted

Hey @bitgenio! Could you shares screenshot of error messages, please so we can try to help to solve it? Thanks!

Ok, how to upload screenshots?

@ Good-karma. I ask for his vote a little more yes. Because I again need me to apologize if there is a word I am wrong

I downloaded esteem to my iPhone yesterday! I'm going to try it today!

Great, hope you enjoy it

I am using Esteem on IOS 10 for past one week (I am a minnow 7 days old - so practically from Day 1 :-) )
It is a great app but frequently locks up. It also is very difficult to upvote quickly sometimes. It also a bit slow. Also - it is quite an involved process to get to see ones own blogs ( go to side menu, tap on username, then tap on profile .. etc. ) I do not know if I am missing an easier way.
However, I like the way the app shows feeds and is quite fast in loading images. I am using it for making meaningful comments but have not yet posted a blog from it. That is my next step. Will wait for the update. Thanks for all the work on the App

A minnow (7 days young and counting..)

@good-karma I am having problems with my esteem, I can login quite alright but I can't make any moves there. It shows me some warnings and it makes me uncomfortable using steem, hope you can help me with this.

Hope its working now...stay in touch

Would you mind sharing screenshot or content of error message? I am sure you can find solution from one of these posts #esteem-feedback as well...But I will do my best if you could elaborate more on issue. Thanks!

I'm very much enjoying eSteem. Shit, Im actually eSteemin in bed as I write this. :)

Haha, me too. Keep sreeming

@good-karma i am using esteem since four days and totally loving it as a mobile user i didnt hv much functionality on mobile website for posting therefore i m using esteem app its very easy to upload pics in ur post from esteem i posted all my earning posts from esteem 😊✌

Hey, I remember this! I was one of the beta users, and let me say, I am very impressed at what you've done with the app. Good job.

As soon as I manage to buy a new cellphone I will give it a try
Thank you @good-karma you are one of the god responsable to make this comunity grow!

hi @good-karma,

are you still giving upvotes when we post through esteem?

Yes, as long as people don't try to cheat and make meaningful comments they are getting upvotes...

good to know :) thanks!

The app is so awesome. It's very easy to use and convenient. I enjoy it so much

The same win for all

Congrats to all of the winners! good works!

Thanks a lot @good-karma
Esteem is very easy to use and very helpful to me. Let's go forward and work with steemit

Just joined Steemit. Give me your love

Nic post,really intresting

Thank you for the App and we have begun using more often.

Congrats to the top users. I just started using eSteem and quite like it so, maybe I'll catch you guys! Haha. Doubtful, typing on my phone is going to drive me up the wall. On the other hand it is perfect while I'm lying in bed right now!

Congrats to the six posts and comments winners! woot

thanks, my first go on the app was buggy, but il give the update a go and try get some feedback for you. i wasn't sure where until now

good post...

thanks alot

Great post :)

Dear @good-karma I really like your post and downloaded the App on my smartphone - but its importance is .... i need put my long password to login - lol

Lets see .. i will use it and share you the update and feedback

The app has been great so far. I mostly use the website on my desktop, but eSteem is the best when I'm in bed or on the toilet. Thanks!

it seems thay two Indonesian name are on the list. congrtas for the winner. and you always rock @good-karma.

Quite active Indonesian community :)

yes mosy of us prefer using our phone becuase it is hard to get a fibre optic based connection for PC. so we rely so much on our phone internet connection which is faster, and easy to get the internet connection.

How long are the up votes going to stay when using the app, or are they disabled already?

There is no definitive deadline for now. I have lowered weight for comments, seem like not passing through due to low voting power. It should continue once my voting power is reached above 30% but posts are going through voting though.

Amazing news to hear.
The upvote idea you have is the next big thing after hf19.
I can't tell you how much joy it brings to the people.
Munch low and stream on.
P. A can't wait for the update :)

Hello everyone I start today help me pleased help me

I just downloaded the app about about 20mins ago. I am a minnow and someone had suggested that I should use that platform as well. Looking forward to the updates and interaction.

hellp everyone help me
i start today i'm beginner

Hi. I am greatly inspired by your progress and posts here on steemit. I’m still new here and still trying to copy up. Can you help me perfect my work like the way you do. You can follow this link to see one of my posts and help me by commenting what I must do to improve them

Thanks for the hard work man. It's appreciated

I think it is important to develop the eSteemit Transaction Module (straight and escrow). Because it will allow us to use our blogs -also as a convenient platform for direct exchange of goods. It seems to me something new and needed.

eSteem desktop app - same as mobile version?
Is there support for accounts?

eSteem desktop is being worked on, it will have Steem support and in future Golos support as well.

sounds great. I'm both Golos and Steem user. Will it support multi-account usage (both Steem and Golos being logged in) at the same time? This feature will be great, many users from Golos are having both accounts and using them at the same time.

Are you using mobile app, it has that support now where you can add multiple account both from Steem and Golos? As for desktop app, it will be slightly different ux but yes...

Great news! Thank you!

please add me to the comment benefactor @good-karma
thank you! :)

@good-karma thanks you very much :D

I agree

Nice...sounds like a fun comp! Cheers @ good-karma

Good one indeed.

Upvote, Follow me and joint the whatsapp group for steemit promotion link is given above in the post. "This reply for every steemit user".

Sir, I have downloaded the desktop version of esteem, but it just stuck on login page.
After i fill in info like my steemit login id and password, it starts buffering and this kept on and on for ages.
Please tell me if i doing something wrong.
Waiting for reply @good-karma

We are working on v2 of eSteem desktop, so v1 is outdated, but by changing websocket address to wss:// from Settings page you can get it to work, still it is bit outdated and haven't been maintained since work on v2 have started...

oh thanks sir, i m gonna try this option

I love it 😍

Hey @goodkarma ! seems to be down. So hopefully you read this, please e-mail me: [email protected]

I like the idea, great post you have done here :)

Great! I'm new to steemit and came across the app yesterday. Now that I know it's legit, I'm going to download it! Thank you.

ESteem is my favorite program!
I sincerely congratulate the winners!

Great news. I want to see what changes and upgrades the next version has. Plus I'd love to see the new desktop app pretty soon.

A very good concept indeed that will add value to all members who subscribed. I send in my support, good post.

Thanks @good-karma for coming on account @nurlis031293, and thanks for the prize, eSteem best application. Thank.

Hi @good-karma,

please read this article of mine.

Teach me more brother. You are excellent

Jayzuss @taufar 1536 posts and comments in a month? That's 51.2 posts or comments EVERY DAY! And I was worried about becoming addicted myself. :-D

TBF I've only used the app for viewing my account. Well done to the winners.

@taufar get a lot of comment & post. the first rank :)

Ohh i didn't knew it is a desktop app as well. We are always learning 😉

@good-karma, seems like esteem is totally different from steemit. Can I login with my steemit details?

I am using mobile andriod app it's great. Room of improvement but it's a continuous process waiting for new update 😀 congrats to winners keep up the good work.

Any chances you could Add STEEM or BTS currency?
BTC currency is of no use as everything is 0 haha

Mobilize on steemit or in this case esteem! excited to hear that you'll be having an update soon!

Hey @good-karma, I use a lot of your application, it has freed me from the computer, and the best thing when I hear notification tell me a new follower or a new upvote, thank you again.......😃

Yes you have good app. But already reported some issues in another posts. Please fix it up them it will be best app. We love to use.

Bookmarking? Oh that sounds handy!
My phone is rooted (it's the only way to get access to my extra SD card...), so I'm very reluctant to put anything on there that's related to my banking or crypto things. I'll have to stick to my pc until I get a decent phone. Even then, I'd still not really know much about phone security at all, so it's still kind of scary to me.

As long as nobody has access to your device physically it should be safe like other apps. App doesn't have access to your passwords only works locally on your device to sign transactions. Source code of the application is opensource and been reviewed few times by multiple developers...

Alright, that sounds okay :-)

Great post !

Hey man im a huge fan of esteem just made a post, But its been crashing allot on me when loading to feed and take very long to load up just a FYI and im using iPhone. But all in all keep up the great work!

Thanks! Appreciate the feedback, yeah new release should improve feed scrolling 😉

nice app
easy to use but need to add steemit chat
i think bro :)

Wow great post!

Oh wow and I thought i was making too much comments per day (20) seems nothing compared to the top posters.
Congratulations to the winners and a big thanks to good-karma for his outstanding app and initiative to make steemit a better place

Yeah, I saw your few comments quite actively using eSteem. Thank you! Last few days, there was extensive usage which I believe spiked some new users. Hope you will make it to the list next month ;)

I lost the steemit password. can you help me ? @good-karma

Hi, How are you commenting if you have lost the password, Are you logged in on browser already? If so you can find your password from your browser if it is saved

I logged in from the Android app. I never signed in from the browser. I wanted to log in 2 days ago, but I do not remember where I saved the password. I am very sad . Sorry @good-karma

So you are using eSteem Android app and you have logged in already. Now you want to login to and don't remember your password, is that right ?

Will I be able to get a new password? @good-karma

Congratulations to the winner. I hope the use of esteem app has increased substantially.

I cannot login in Esteem, though I tried everything. What can be the problem? I have Windows 7 on my laptop.

it is a mobile application, desktop version is "under construction"

Thanks for posting this.
Upvoted, resteemed & followed. ☺

i downloaded and used all function work good for me but only problem is that i cant post as when i try to post its show error . i can able to do comments vote but not able to do post , can you tell me what problem it is.

Can you please share screenshot of the error message?

This is what i faceing image

No need to use hashtag (#) on tags section, just plain words. Please try again without hashtag front of each tags...


Its working now perfect and post uplaoded thank you so much

Hi, Is it possible to add a property to eSteem that enable it to notify a new post of my followers or followed ? thank you...

I'm a new user and loving the app so far. Thanks!

i already have esteem app in my android but it seems bitter slower than web.

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