Congratulations to the winners.

@good-karma, write this down, I am collecting these giveaways next month, lol.

Actually I am serious!

Congratulations again to the winners.

Let's Steemit......
With the power of Esteem!

Congratulations to all winners. Big thanks to @good-karma for making our lives easier with esteem.

Thanks so much for 1st place in commenters! It is a wonderful reward for doing something that I love doing! Congrats to everyone!

Good job @melinda010100
your name is always there

😊 It's just because I talk a lot!😀

Congratulations @melinda010100 That's an awesome effort! You are a great role model.

What a sweet thing to say @trudeehunter! I am so looking forward to you being a brand new #esteem #surfer user!

It's very true Melinda. You are a great role model. Thank you for your kind words. I'm looking forward to surfing in eSteem. I think e-surfing will be a lot safer than surfing the waves. I'd be a menace with a surf board I reckon. (lol)

😍😍😍 thank you.😘 I'll be watching to see when you finally begin posting from @eSteem!

I'm still waiting on some answers as to why I couldn't send my post. Different time zones can be a bit tricky. They were marvellous in discord for helping me with my other IT challenges.

Hahaha! Yeah...Hope I get to use Surfer one day soon!

@good-karma, what do you mean by "Top Earners?". Can one user win more than a single prize in any series?

Congratulations to @melinda010100, @cranium,
@adit123, @joelnoni @arie78 @shikika @saarinout @nv21089 @surfermarly

...what do you mean by "Top Earners?

My guess us that what is meant is that of those who have posted using esteem the winners received the highest rewards payouts with their posts.

Checkout previous Spotlights, I think it is possible and has been precedent for that.

Congratulations @erikah Tremendous effort!!!!

Thank you Trudee!

Congrats to all especially @shikika, just right for the birthday gift. 😊

Thanks @carlo1974. You'll be listed on next spotlight. 😀 Keep on eSteeming! 😀

Thank you goodkarma for giving me gifts, before I never thought of entering in the top three posters.

I always hope to win the competition in the esteem, maybe this month I'm out of luck, congratulation to all winners

great post keep it up

Congratulations to the champions, when I can win.
I really hope that kind of thing. @good-karma 😍👍

Congratulation to winners all category

Congratulations. good

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Wonderful project. Congrats for the winners.

Great... Congratulation For The Winner.... 😊😊😊

big hands to the winners👏👏👏

@esteem have been a source of hope to every esteem users and @good-karma have help to me, I believe everyone.
I wish I will be one of the winner.

congratulations for the winners ... hi @good-karma I am also a esteem app user but you rarely visit my blog ...

Thanx a lot brother ,

I voted you as a witness .

I use only esteem application.

If you need help on anything or the know.

Congratulation for all the winner

Congratulations to all winners. thanks a lot to @good-karma

Congratulations to the winner. you are really great.

Hi @good-karma. I am so honored being one on the list. I still remember the last time I commented on your previous post that I am hoping to be one on top. And here I am included in your list. I consider it as your birthday gift to me. Thank you so much. God bless.

Congratulations to the winners chosen by @good-karma

Thank you @good-karma, I will try to be a wise and good eSteem follower.

Mmm how i got the winner too, thanks alot

Yehey! Congratulations to all especially @shikika, happy birthday!

Thank you for doing STEEM - better. Good luck to you and Love.

Спасибо, что делаете STEEM – лучше. Удачи Вам и Любви.

GOOD KARMA sounds nice! But have you heard about GOOD SUKRITI? Following you from now my [email protected]! Upvoted & resteemed!

Congrats folks! Also, posts are improving and I'm seeing a lot of quality content recently. Remember guys - effort pays off!

Congratulations for all the winner

Great app @goodkarma. Fab contest! Congrats to the winners!

I gave you an upvote on your post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in give return and possible future votes.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks, you are very good

Hello @good-karma it's been a while! What's esteem spotlight all about pls. I really want to know

Thank you @good-karma, @esteemapp, @dansky and whoever is part of the team! Congratulations to the other winners!

Congratulations to all!! Kudos to you @good-karma for the initiative, you are awesome.. keep on inspiring us to do well on our crafts.

Esteem on!

Awesome! I hope to make it on one of these lists one day haha. Thanks for all your good work.


Good job esteem

Wow congratulations to the winners.

How do I see the points I have? Am not on the leaderboard so I can't see my points anywhere. 😅 Also where can I see the point equivalent for esteem activities? @good-karma I'm using the mobile app.

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