Esteem so far to me as been the best and the only app I can proudly and confidently recommend for anyone on this platform. The supports and give aways is amazing .
Thanks for the support and encouragement @good-karma

I am suuuuper excited about surfer because I manage a few accounts. One for myself, one For my @steemitbloggers community and then last night I FINALLY managed to get my little boys profile and intro post sorted. Mostly SUPER EXCITED about his new profile and having a multi account option is going to be amazing!

So a big thanks @good-karma :)

Thank you @jaynie, new update is coming this weekend.. hope you will love the changes and fixed :)

@good-karma ooooooh!!!! Looking forward to it :)

Thank you so much @good-karma...
And congratulations to all the winners.. :)

I love that you give these awards! It is such good motivation for all of us to eSteem with quality posts and comments! 💕

Not a good way to make friends, and it could result in you getting flagged.

ok thanks for the warning, I'm sorry to you?

Good luck on eSteem!

"quality posts and comments!" Well said!

I think so .
I am so happy to join steemit. . Here i can write anything. I have so much thing to share😄😍

Thank you very much @good-karma and eSteem team for your work, for your support! Congratulations to the other winners!

Huge Congrats, @erikah! Well deserved! You always leave thoughtful comments and they are appreciated!

Many thanks dear Melinda, your support and kindness in much appreciated!

Excellent, keep up the great work!!

I think I would be the top user once I download it . My whole day consist of commenting commenting commenting

Great to hear that and looking forward to it :) if you are PC user, you can try our brand new eSteem Surfer application, for mobile users eSteem Mobile of course.

One problem , when I make a comment on the app it freezes afterwards and doesn’t allow me to go back. I have to close the app and then start again. I have an iPhone

Thank you very much @good-karma and eSteem team for your work, for your support! Congratulations to the other winners!

@good-karma Nothing to say for your esteem surfer this is just awesome and awesome i loved this app first time with my heart. And keep it up updating thanks.

Hello sir, I am using esteem for some time, but i had no idea about your support. Let me check esteem surfer and wish to join there. I'am sure i will get support from you @good-karma. Surely it will be fun. Thank you all...

@good-karma thanks for your android app. There are some points which could be improved IMHO.

when i list posts, there are only 5 or 6 on screen. could we have a parameter to have 10 or 20 depending on network.
when i choose a post in the list to view it and i come back to the list, it doesnot return to the point in the list wher e i'm from, but at the beginning; very boring .
upvoting is not evident. Color seems to change sometimes to blue, but amount does not change. We don't know if upvote is ok or no.

I LOVE THIS! So many features that make me happy! It's really an awesome foundation...and I can see all of the hard work that went into making it. But I have noticed that some of the graphics on my blog posts don't resize horizontal divider and my table coding show up all squished and stretched while here on the website it looks normal. It could be my fault...or perhaps something with the coding? I can post screenshots and links if necessary! <3

Are you reffering to eSteem Surfer? We have fixed it, new version is coming tomorrow.

Hey @good-karma is there an update for the desktop app, I love the android version but I'd love to make use of the features on my desktop, unfortunatley I cannot log in, I've tried on my windows PC and linux laptop, but seem to be stuck on loading once you input your private keys. is there anything you can do? thanks :)

Could you please share screenshot of error message if any? New update is coming tomorrow, btw.

Teruslah jadi yang terbaik,dan selamat kepada pemenang di antara lain @babangsunan,dan terimakasih kepada @good-karma

Hi @good-karma, I have tried to download the desktop version to my PC but I'm having issues with it. It says something about having problems with the encryption. I also noticed others were having problems with the desktop app so I thought I would ask before I went any further with it. I have also been having problems with the mobile version off and on just fyi. Not sure if there's a place to report the bugs to or not. Many thanks for your time.

Hi @mrashik, please use or directly report to our Github, link inside post. Are you trying to install on Windows? Could you share screenshot of the error message if you are getting any?

Dude you all keep up the great work! I have recently discovered eSteem and now the desktop client with its synced features and robust functionality. Sign me up 😀

I am new to the Steem platform, but an experienced app developer and have just started to build my own mobile application which will incorporate Steem blockchain. Your apps are a great inspiration, keep it coming!

You got my vote for witness.

O my goodness this is perfect @good-karma. The feature I love the most is the scheduled draft posting. What a dream come true. I was hoping that they'd connect Bitshares on the trading side of life. I love keeping ish decentralized. Thanks for this post. I am enlightened!!

@mukhtarilyas, congratulations to the winners of the @good-karma program, can inspire and motivate myself #mukhtarilyas

I am very appreciative of the esteem app that is so developed to date and I am a loyal user of esteem. Your @good-karma owner of app esteem has many benefits and supports steemit users generally. thank you :)

congrats to all, pleasure to see such type of reward, esteem always provide some new feature, thanks a lot dear @good-karma

This spotlight and giveaway is the best

good to see, such type of competition.
wish you best of luck.

this giveaway is good

congratulation to all winner..
its an appretiatable events...
thanks @good-karma

How @good-karma way to top like them, I'd love to be like them :(

congratulations to winners..
it's really a precious step dear @good-karma
I always appreciate you..👌👌👌

I am new member in steemit.
I have esteemapp mr @good-karma
Nice to meet you

Welcome to eSteem!

Thank you very much @melinda010100

Please follow me,,

thank you for information

Esteem is one of the best App to use to share post on steemit and I get to use it very well also I like the App because it show your progression on steemit from one level to the other . I urge everyone to make good use of esteem App @good-karma great post best of regards

Please me follow the I your name use my post, this steemit job my most you like @ good-karma , and you very a great man.

eSteem - Spotlight, top users and giveaway #13 has been resteemed by @resteemmuse

Hi @good-karma

How to upload a picture in a esteem surfer?

New version of Surfer is coming tomorrow, it improves upload process. For now you can drag and drop image on editor to upload.

Appreciate the initiative. Thanks @good-karma and the team. Congratulations, all winners! Very good job!

congratulations to the winners...

i always use apps esteem @good-karma i like to esteem and at the time esteemapp vote to me. I am very happy,

Hopefully this application is moving forward and its users are increasing

thank you for your information.

This is great stuff!

How do you count?

my comments and posts 3,000 + original posters,

what is wrong that you count the comment,our small community coaches in Aceh specifically post on the #eSteem app.

Do not disappoint us !!


How do you count?

my comments and posts 3,000 + original posters,

what is wrong that you count the comment,our small community coaches in Aceh specifically post on the #eSteem app.

Do not disappoint us !!


Congratulations to the winners, do enjoy the spotlight.
I'm sure going to be here come next month.
Mega thanks to @good-karma, you are truly a gem

I always using esteem everyday.. Say thanks also to you @good-karma. Because have given upvote on my post sometimes

Congrats to the awardees.

congratulations for all the winners
Thanks and great work @good-karma

Sir good-karma your result is rong I am 1000 Posted upload on esteemapp

please help @ good-karma
why esteem application there was a reblog.tapi mobile app Esteem now no reblog.resteem.edit
who have direct comments on the sign .. please solve.
this is my new app.??

Try tapping the share symbol in the very top right hand corner of your screen. You might find what you are looking for there.

Wow congratulation.
I really like this esteem app. makes it easy for me to expression in a writing

I can't wait to make things happening...

Great job @good-karma, we know how you help people. I and my friend using @esteem to get more then usually in

Congratulations to the winners.

@good-karma I tried reaching out for you on discord about the interview we conversed on but it not going through again. Why?

Will get back soon, thanks!

Alright boss! Please buzz me @dhavey when you are back. Thanks.

The incredible provision of my esteem followers who are always faithful in the post or commenting

Congratulations for all winners.
Thanks @good-karma for your support

Congratulations to the winners, keep on working and always creative.

Congratulations to the winners, success for you.

But, does #esteem party not make a challenge in the form of posting so that users can be more creative?

May the non-complacent in this achievement continue to work and be the best, congratulations to the winners.

Will be more challenged if the #esteem make the #challenge in writing, this will increasingly make the atmosphere so much more lively.

Congratulations on the winners...!!! Good post

i sent You a personal message via the Wallet please read the problem. thanks.

wallet messages are hard to keep track, would you please send email: [email protected] or reach our via discord (link above in post) ?

I sent You an e-mail . I registered with using Your link. I have to find out what it is about. Maybe I can even send private messages, as I used to do while I was in FB, I am not in FB anymore.

Congratulations for the winner

That's great! Congratulations all

Congratulations all!!

Please return my account

Congratulations to all winners.

You are the best

Hahaha his gift is not up to why?

thank you @good-karma for all the information

I personally strongly support the program you do, the presence of this surfer is very helpful to friends in this steemit, our honor for you @good-karma

thanks @good-karma I am very happy to be a gift from you. and I will continue to use the esteem

Hey, @good-karma am glad you talked about esteem one person once told me esteem charges 5% of your rewards when you use it now my question is it true or some false rumour? thanks for the kindness

Hey @ireneblessing, thanks for your comment. There is 10% beneficiary reward that goes to development and server costs, also used for various contests to give back to our users via Spotlight, via Encouragement votes, etc. It also helps us to build new things and expand our team to deliver better quality services. It doesn't cover all cost but it helps

@good-karma thanks for the app, but you should advice CLEARLY to the users about the 10% of reward tax/contribution for every post made through the app, don't you think?

It has been stated in changelogs as well as can be found in FAQ page of each app

Or even you can put the visible option to donate/contribute, otherwise it feels like dark intentions on background.

Wow very and beautuful @good-karma

this is really a very out post, thanks for the information @good-karma

I give my witness vote to you Keep doing what you do i like it.

Wow this is good.. Congratulations to the winners.. I couldn't post through esteem App yesterday because i was having issues uploading my pictures.. I hope it works out fine today..

Hey @nmalove, Could you share screenshot of error message if you are getting any? Feel free to join our discord or telegram group to get near real-time support from our members.

congratulations to the winner. you are all the best choice. thank you @good-karma for the information

Thanks info nya

iam also super user 😂 not top, by the way its very good platform

congratulations to the chosen winners, and continue to give the best, hopefully you will be remembered in steemit today and forever !!

Most welcome sir.
I urge everyone to make good use of esteem App @good-karma great post best of regards.
Really sir you so great man. Really I am your post resteemit done.

you all the best @good-karma 😉
I always follow you and hope you are always successful @good-karma 👌

Thank you good-karma, I will always use teging esteem, which makes me excited in steemit is because of your good in every post I. I respect you.

using esteem makes me easy in writing and distributing pictures, for about a year I use esteem and never disappoint.

Congrats to the winners. perhaps there should be an award for resteemers as well hahaha

how to appreciate from you @good-karma

Wow this very good

Wow.... thank you very much for the prize!!
This encourages us to work even harder using the incredible esteem each and every day!!
Thank you!!! Keep up the good work as we will keep using your work and app!!

Thanks info nya

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