Esteem so far to me as been the best and the only app I can proudly and confidently recommend for anyone on this platform. The supports and give aways is amazing .
Thanks for the support and encouragement @good-karma

I am suuuuper excited about surfer because I manage a few accounts. One for myself, one For my @steemitbloggers community and then last night I FINALLY managed to get my little boys profile and intro post sorted. Mostly SUPER EXCITED about his new profile and having a multi account option is going to be amazing!

So a big thanks @good-karma :)

Thank you @jaynie, new update is coming this weekend.. hope you will love the changes and fixed :)

@good-karma ooooooh!!!! Looking forward to it :)

Thank you so much @good-karma...
And congratulations to all the winners.. :)

I love that you give these awards! It is such good motivation for all of us to eSteem with quality posts and comments! 💕

Not a good way to make friends, and it could result in you getting flagged.

ok thanks for the warning, I'm sorry to you?

Good luck on eSteem!

"quality posts and comments!" Well said!

I think so .
I am so happy to join steemit. . Here i can write anything. I have so much thing to share😄😍

Thank you very much @good-karma and eSteem team for your work, for your support! Congratulations to the other winners!

Huge Congrats, @erikah! Well deserved! You always leave thoughtful comments and they are appreciated!

Many thanks dear Melinda, your support and kindness in much appreciated!

Excellent, keep up the great work!!

I think I would be the top user once I download it . My whole day consist of commenting commenting commenting

Great to hear that and looking forward to it :) if you are PC user, you can try our brand new eSteem Surfer application, for mobile users eSteem Mobile of course.

One problem , when I make a comment on the app it freezes afterwards and doesn’t allow me to go back. I have to close the app and then start again. I have an iPhone

Thank you very much @good-karma and eSteem team for your work, for your support! Congratulations to the other winners!

@good-karma Nothing to say for your esteem surfer this is just awesome and awesome i loved this app first time with my heart. And keep it up updating thanks.

Hello sir, I am using esteem for some time, but i had no idea about your support. Let me check esteem surfer and wish to join there. I'am sure i will get support from you @good-karma. Surely it will be fun. Thank you all...

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