eSteem - Spotlight, top users and giveaway #11

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In this series of posts, We will highlight top users of eSteem and giveaway some extra rewards. Only comments and posts stats are considered. User can only take part in one of 3 sections, either comments+posts, just posts and new top earners sections and 3 leaders from each section receive rewards.

We have Leaderboard feature in Activity manager which you can follow your progress daily in terms of staying on top among all other eSteem users and ultimately winning monthly spotlight! This is being improved in future releases to engage users of the eSteem better.

What's eSteem

Learn more about project in eSteem FAQ post here

Check out my blog @good-karma for more related posts and latest announcements.


Congratulation to below users for being awesome top eSteem users!

Top Commenters + Posters

  1. @erikah (2,271) - 15 SBD
  2. @dyd2663 (2,001) - 10 SBD
  3. @hogata (1,940) - 5 SBD

Top Posters

  1. @adnansyahir (761) - 15 SBD
  2. @ajier39 (646) - 10 SBD
  3. @sudutpandang (643) - 5 SBD

Top Earners

  1. @nv21089 (81,020 vests) - 15 SBD
  2. @geetharao (70,806 vests) - 10 SBD
  3. @jayjes (55,864 vests) - 5 SBD

Above stats are for the last 30 days and every month there will be giveaway to top users. All you have to do is to use eSteem like you usually do!

Rewards will be sent out within 24 hours.

Checkout previous Spotlights 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Thank you for everyone for using eSteem and continuing to report bugs and suggestions with Utopian, we are closely following suggestions and reports there.

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Great work @good-karma.. Amazing giveaways and amazing app too

Congratulation to winners

hadiah yang menarik . terus berkarya @good-karma

Thank you @ good-karma. I as a newcomer hopefully in the future I will get 10 SBD. I want to be like them. congratulations for the winner

congratulations to @sudutpandang and @hogata even though the champion 3

Thank you @hermanlc for what he said ...
This is a remarkable achievement of many blog users via #Esteem ....

@good-karma does have a pretty concept in this case.
I am fascinated with #aceh steemians who reach 91% percent via #esteem, while the remaining 1% is shared for some other countries.
This number should be viewed specifically by @good-karma, this is one proof that the #Esteem application will always be in front thanks to the aceh user.

I hope @good-karma will raise a higher Upvote value when the SBD and STEEM prices are so down at the moment.

Come on @good-karma ... Add your troops to #Aceh .....

I agree as you say, and may the @good-karma could give more to #aceh.

Yes .... Hope that soon happens ..!

Congratulations to the winners. my post is always through esteem. thank you @ good-karma for your kindness

Thank you very much brother uni is interesting information for us🙏

Noble awards from @ good-karma. this becomes my motivation forwards. hopefully I'll get that award from you

Esteem is a great platform... and your giveaway is really awesome initiative...@good-karma ..
I have a little suggestions that if esteem If it had its online version or desktop version, its user increase more.

We are working on it! Stay tuned :)

This is a great appreciation for esteem users, hope this will be an inspiration for another steemian, thank you very much @good-karma for the announcement!

upvote for you and please help support me

Thanks for sharing this post, i appreciate steemit. keep it up my dear friend.
upvote and resteemit

Congratulations to the winner. let's join your friends. hopefully I can win in the future

congratulations to our friends in this esteem

I love esteem.
Thanks for sharing this post

thanks to good-karma who have posted important information to follow.

Hi @good-karma.. I'm humairah from indonesia, i have read your post , its interested for me. I am new comer on steemit. So i will use eSteem for next post in my daily activity..

Hi good karma. This post will be trending tumorrow.
Oh yeah. Thank for esteem app. I use this app for 1 mont ago. It is make easy for stemian


Thank you very much this is an interesting information, may always be successful in making other projects

Thanks for your post @good-karma very useful for us all

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Thank you very much this brother of information that appeals to me as a beginner, with this announcement delivered hopefully to be an encouragement for all steemian.

Congratulations for all of you and keep working in steemit, esteem is the best application in steemit

Esteem is a great app and it's easier to blog through esteem.
I'm going to have to go up that list. I wish to see my name at the top. Thank you for the esteem though. Cheers

esteem app is the best
I alwats use esteem app. thank you so much @good-karma for this app. I hope my name will be at your next month list.

Thank you very much @good-karma, I am happy to use your wonderful application\ esteem /, which makes the publishing process easy and simplified as well as the process of browsing all other content in steemit.

This is evidence of goodness @ good-karma. I am proud of you for this kind of participation

very good news ....
Good luck always,.@good-karma
congratulations for the winners, hopefully my future can be like them and I make you my witness

Congratulations to the winners.

I'm using esteem forever.

oke Thanks you for information @good-karma
congratulation for the witness

Woew... Good projeck
Keep working brother,,,
I alwasy following you,,,

You are a true gem on steemit platform. esteem is by far the best app on the block chain. Its the most useful.of any other apps related to blockchains.
Well done.

Nice your post

Thank you so much @good-karma! 🙏 I really appreciate it!

Thanks for sharing this post @good-karma

Very interesting and useful post @good-karma

thanks for the good-karma information

thanks for the information on the post, good post @good- karma

You very helping others steemians. It's very good to have people like you😊

esteem is the best and friendly. thank you for this very useful information @good-karma

yes, we also rejoice, for the appreciation you give to our best friend, hopefully in the future we can also reach it,

Congratulation,,,, great choice,,, manythanks,,,
Maybe someday i can stay at the list,,, :)

extraordinary. I became inspired

good job i follow you give me one upvotes

Dear good-karma for all our information.

a very good post thanks for the information

Great app absolutely love using while I’m on on my phone 😁 thanks for developing it

Congratulation @good-karma ^_^
Continue to grow and always successful ?? I'm a loyal user of the app.

I Like Esteem Apps.??

good informative post...
@resteem done

Nice to see your content. Thanks for your share and i like your content written.

thanks for your information


2 ay oldu güncellenmiyor. @good-karma

We have updated Activity manager with new eSync service and soon it will be out with 1.5.2 version release!

I miss you good-karma


Saya butuh support dari anda

attractive prizes, esteem triumph, under your control

Upvote and follow back

Congratulations to the winner.

Very good post, always brothers success for the project @good-karma

Thanks to @josephsavage, this post was resteemed and highlighted in today's edition of The Daily Sneak.

Thank you for your efforts to create quality content!


esteem is very good, thanks @good-karma

congratulations to the chosen ones. you are the best..
Best regards from me @jubagarang

Congrats everyone!

the post is very nice esteem

Good post brother, thanks for esteem app, i like posting in esteem...thanks...

Congratulation to winners

Thank you informasi post @good-karma

veery good bg postigan

📣Wow! Way to go! @erikah Congratulations!💯

Congratulation for the Winners!!, hopefully someday i can be a Winner too..😊

Thank you very much for sharing ..

Hello my dear friend! Today is a big holiday in Ukraine - Palm Sunday! It is said that something can be wished on this day and it will surely come to fruition! So today, I want to wish you happiness, health and harmony to you and your family! I wish you creative success and never stop at the achievement! I believe that my wishes will be fulfilled for you! Who is such a happy person? Happy people call those who know what they want and aspires to achieve their goals. Who is planning to implement the most cherished dreams and not afraid of difficulties. I think you can be called happy - let this happiness not leave you all your life, let your dreams come true one after another, let it bring joy! Your friends are always close to you, your relatives are ready to help at any moment - let it always be!2404.png

Hi, mr. @good-karma I want to thank you as much as possible for you because I've appreciated everyone including me 😁😁 to play esteem app

Good afternoon mr. @ good-karma
Thank you for all your upvote all this time to me or to others, surely all esteem community in indonesia expect many from you.
Hope you always succeed😉😉

Woow. How I got itthe. Nice post

Thanks you very much

Wow ... This is cool @good-karma ....
Apparently the @sudutpandang account is selected in the top poster category, I think you have chosen the right account @good-karma ....
It's a beautiful concept ... Best ...

Amazing esteem @ good-karma
Enhanced continuously for more users

Thank you for sharing your vote to me😊
I am very happy and make you as my aspiration to the future in the esteem

wow thanks for your share. i like you content written. keep it up and share also such a great content like this.

Good job @good-karma.

very good @good-karma and you have a very brilliant idea once I like on your post

hey i am regular post from your esteem app.but why you not upvoted me.

good friend

Good reward. Congratulation for winners.

I love Esteem

you have an incredible talent of friend

I really like your posts, I'm not tired of following and upvote you @ good-karma

*** I strongly support the esteem program hopefully successful esteem is always my hope dear ***

yes @good-karma. it's perfect. congratulations on the selected winner. hopefully selected winners can share their experiences with other steemit users. and we all hope that steemit will be the best and thrive all over the world ... thanks to @good-karma.

Nice good-karma

very @good-karma too her. it turns out good-karma chooses and rewards true lovers of steemit. I just know ni, so know ... I just joined the steemit. and I need more in my experience. Thanks to the @good-karma information, I will try to be the best and I really want to advance steemit to all regions, especially Indonesia, indeed, Indonesia is very popular steemit nowadays. but that's just a certain area like aceh .. i want to introduce steemit to the deepening population like, pulou ntb and ntt. I hope @good-karma supports my wishes. thank you

Thank you @good-karma

,with the success of this steam project We should be proud of hope for the future and until whenever steemit and steem can not be in any project, thank you, before I apologize my friends, my friend has been very long not to my post, thank you

Nice post

Thanks you very much good-karma

Third top of @esteem

I like it. You make esteemers keep spirit to make tag #esteem couse they get somthing TOP, maybe Top Commenters, Poster or Earners

Nice, i like this sir

extraordinary esteem, thanks for sharing @good-karma, being the motivation for @jhoni, for the future.😊

Well, my English is not good, otherwise I'll take part in it.

This is an amazing opportunity for everyone we should not let it go
Thanks @good-karma