eSteem - server maintenance and upgrades

2 months ago

Hello everyone,

Just an update about recent notification and image upload servers maintenance! Due to recent growth in number of devices and users, we had occasional hiccups on notifications causing double send and/or delays today. Thanks to some of you who were quick to reach out and notify us on and email.

Rest assured everything is up and running, few minutes ago upgraded servers and source code to address these issues.

Sorry for inconvenience it may have caused. You might have missed few notifications during upgrades.

New release is underway and cannot wait to share upcoming new changes and improvements.

Leave a review on Apple AppStore as well as Google PlayStore, it helps community to grow even faster!

Contact us to say hello or share feedback!

Thank you for your continuous support and feedbacks!

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Awesome... 😁. Thanks a bunch for all your hard work. Everything is coming together very well as usual. I am pretty sure that in the very near future the app will be running flawlessly and have new or updated features that would make the experience even more pleasurable and convenient. I've been using the esteem app since I joined steemit and for me It's very handy and convenient as I almost never use the internet site. @good-karma and team continue to update the app for optimization and I Thank you again, looking forward for future updates. Much love 💗, peace✌🏾 and blessings 🙏🏽 . BTW using the app allows me to incorporate emojis ...

🔥🔥🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥🔥


Thank you for giving me an opportunity to join here in esteem I am very grateful to you You are so wonderful Hope you are successful always I am very happy to be here and I am happy Now is very consistent in steem if you can Can help me in esteem really i am very happy and i am very grateful to you hope to success always accompany you until so on

Hi! I hope you see this @good-karma I'm not sure who else to ask. For the past week or so I've been getting notified every time a specific user does anything, including other uses talking to him. Now I have no idea who it is and I don't follow him. I made a post about it and I've tried to contact him in case he knows why but he hasn't answered me. I don't get any updates from my own accounts, or any of the people I follow, only notifications from this random guy. Could it be a glitch from the app? I've tried resetting the app, I've logged in and out and nothing helps. He's kind of active so it's a little annoying. I just want to know if there's anything else I can do. Thanks for your time!


Hi, thanks for your comment! It looks like that was because of server issues! Have you been receiving notifications for other user since yesterday?


Thanks for getting back to me! It looks like I got two more this morning. Should I try uninstalling and reinstalling the app again? image

Thank you for creating the mobile app and keeping it functional. I am very new to this, this is my first comment even, and i have access even on my low end phone. I hope to get a lot of use from this and also learn along the way.

@good-karma this is so great that you people consider our mails and suggestions and letter upgrade @esteem for better and smooth use to the users. Thank you very much for making @steemit so handy here it is too easy to comment,upvoteand reblog mpst importantly maintaning the value of your voting power that is so cool. Thank you once again

Just FYI, I've been getting double notifications on things like transfers and follows/unfollows for about the last month. I mentioned it in my feedback post 2 weeks ago.


This is due to device properly not handling token refresh. If you had another device and logged in with same account eSteem would send notification for both devices for that reason sometimes if device get's new token it doesn't refresh that to backend server. Is it still happening since yesterday?


we're growing.... awesome

thank you for your imformation post

Thanks @good-karma . I'm heavily dependent on esteem. Great work btw

Thanks for the efforts to keep esteem a great app to use! :)

Thanks man ! Just voted you as a witness

There are more issues I noticed. The eSteem app does not update my reputation, and voting power.

Initially, this was not the case but for sometime now, it has remained so. Prestently, it is still carrying my old reputation and voting power.

Also, constant freezing of the app is an issue you need to look at. I have to close it severally and reopen again to complete the most trivial tasks.

All these happen in android 7.0.


Thank you, richguy! Have you tried to navigate away from Home page? You can go to About page and come back to Home page, that should update your reputation and voting power. It was to save bandwidth/traffic from unnecessary updates, but we have made changes to next release. It will update those data often so you won't feel inconsistency.

Thank you for your information and cooperation @good-karma

Thanks for information @good-karma

Many thanks for the update. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for information @

The main thing is that everything has already been fixed. Thank you!

Yes some time ago, I try to install this application latest version and it is still error. I hope the repair works well. I'm glad you can help us.

Thanks for your hard work!
Can't wait to see upcoming improvements!

Thanks for the good news

thanks for the information,

Thank you :) I m useing eSteem at my Android phone , way mor usefull than scrolling the Facebook Feed. Keep the good work going , This App has a golden future like steemit !

Thanks for the update, had alot of hiccups past 2days but working great right now. Cheers

We should support for any up gradation from Steem or esteem that would be better 4 us only as i think.

Hello ! I did not notice any inconvenience, thank you for taking care of the users of the program. Good luck and prosperity!

Good post

Thank you for the info sir @Good-Karma, and hopefully the normal esteem returns, we will remain faithful together esteem.


Hey @good-karma, the occasional hiccups are anything but expected with the kind of increase and popularity steemit has seen in the recent past. It's a thing to celebrate as the more steemit gathers eyeballs the better it is going to be for everyone of us, who believe in it. Peace

Great app, I'm using it right now. 😁 I didn't notice the hiccups this time, but mad props for the quick action. I can't wait for the new release!

Thank you!

Thanks for the update!! Great to know what's going on :) can't wait to see the upcoming changes and improvements!

Thanks @good-karma for this informational post.

Thank you very much with the @esteem this program we all can very easy to comment, follow and post very profitable all of us. Thanks a lot @good-karma

thanks for keeping us all updated with what's happening and for fixing the mentioned bugs,keep up the good work.

Good new sir! What update is aswae?Thank for share it.

I can confirm my fix for what its worth, meaning erry thang a okay! ;)

I'm looking forward to try the new version! Because the current one runs not so fast on my iPhone.


Hey, Are you running 1.4.7 version? What iPhone do you have maybe we do extra test before next release to improve performance for that devices? Thanks!


The right version, mine is an old 5s, maybe it's about time to upgrade my phone lol.

Thanks for the update

Keep up the good work.

Thank you for developing this app. I rely heavily on this app because I am always on the go and can't be in front of my laptop all the time. I am looking forward for the upgrade.

Thanks for continuing to improve this app.

So nice to update usefull informations.thankyou.

Very good work! Thank you @good-karma

I sent a STEEM donation today and received 10 ( T E N ) notifications from the app. Haha, thank you eSteem to be so much caring about userfunds. If that transfer would not have been initiated by myself, I would not have missed it for sure :D


Haha, there was small glitch which is taken care of now... You should receive only one notification for each of your device you use eSteem from now on... :)

U are really doing a great job :0) so much work
to make things better ♡ thx

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thanks a lot for the program esteem and I really like to wear an esteem.hopefully I can learn a lot from the master teacher @good-karma.
I like it..

Thanks for the update. Looking forward to more updates including a fix on the signups. I'm still getting people telling me they can't get confirmation emails.

Lots of people are trying to join steemit but can't.

Thanks......very good your information

Thanks for the info

Thank you for the update, keep steeming :)

This is awesome @good-karma

Thanks gor letting us know

hi, I learning steemit,please you can help me

Hi @good-karma! I have a little problem, can't upload any image (android).


Hi, Yes it was due to server update, please check now... it should be functional and faster now ;)


Now works. Thank you!

Ty for the valuable info.

Thank you for the update @good-karma - I truly missed the helpful alerts that seem to have stopped about a month ago. I will keep a close eye on today. Thanks again !


Month ago, hmm I think you are talking about Steemit not eSteem. Because eSteem notifications are working fine, only small pause due to server upgrades but it is up and running again... ;)


Ah yes Steemit - thanks so much, my head will surely never stop spinning 'round here and with all tha crypto bizz! I know you all are masters and working hard, I appreciate your follow up !

thanks for the information


Hey this is a great app because it adds many functions that Steemit lacks.
One thing that I think should be addressed is the Start-up time of the app. It's too slow at the moment.


Are you on Android or iOS, any device specific to help identify the cause ? Thanks!


Thank you for replying.

OS: Android 4.4.4
Device: Samsung Galaxy S 4 = SGH-M919
Boot time (on eSteem logo): 16 seconds.
To start loading posts (white screen): 4 seconds

These numbers may not look that big but compared to other apps that's very noticeable.

It's not a mayor thing but it will definitely improve UX


Thanks for details, will look into this with next release ;)

The previous update was misbehaving...hope to see many bugs fixed and working fine this time...its slow sometimes too...thanks for the good job..lets steem

It's just okay if this concern will lead into improvements for the upcoming

hello friend..
Please upvoted me

Hey @good-karma, I noticed my scheduled posts disappeared after downloading the update. If I no longer see it under Schedules section, I should resubmit it, correct? I want to ensure I don't post duplicate posts.

Thank you!


Please check back due to server upgrade scheduled posts were postponed or unscheduled... You can reschedule them from your Scheduled posts lists


Thanks for the response!

cant wait to see the new update.........hope u will be more updates to it in future

thanks @good-karma for informations..
So nice to update usefull #eSteem

Thank you @good-karma for your announcement. Hopefully the Steemit server will soon recover. Compact greetings from Indonesia.



It is eSteem server, not Steemit... ;) and it is up, running!

Thank you @good-karma i was wondering today why my esteem is so silent this afternoon (thai time) Thank you for all the good job you are doing. Love and Happiness

Thank you for all your work, it's great to have this app, using it now:)

Awesome news. Looking forward to using again.

Thank you for the information
Hopefully the maintenance is finished fast


Yes, it is done! ;)

Thanks for your awesome services to SteemIt. Keep the spirit alive!

Thanks for your information brother @good-karma

Hello, @good-karma I have a problem my pictures do not want to upload. Sit at 0% and crash is there any solution to this problem. Thank you in advance.


It should be up and running now, server maintenance delay caused upload pause...

keep up the good work bro..
thanks for the update.


thank you for the effort ..finally eSteem work in my iphone 4s

Hi @good-karma... I just wanted to let you know that I'm not receiving any push notifications since a few hours... Hopefully you'll get this fixed soon.


Thanks valderrama, it should be up and running now..


Ok, got some notifications but they came in multiple times.

Keep it up

Amazing 👏

Thanks @good-karma for this informational post.

Thanks for your Update , I am feeling very comfortable after join with esteem project last week, as i am glad to have work with @good-karma. I did my best in translation job to assist this project . and i want to promote it among my local friends in here as most of them do not understand English. So best of luck to the Esteem and I am waiting again to work with you, as want to contribute the project as well as future growth of my self carrier too. Esteem, the best team in steem . thanks

Thanks for the update!

Hi @good-karma, thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us eSteem! I absolutely love it. Because of it, I'm able to participate in Steemit anytime of the day and sometimes into the night. I'm always telling people to use eSteem and I even commented once that I would need to research and find out who created it so I could thank you. Please pass on my gratitude to the eSteem team. xoxoxo

Thanks for keeping us up to date with what is going on behind the scenes with steem

Hello steemians friend ... I just joined in this steemit .. help me to expand friendship network here .. Best regards best friend thanks..

Great news and thanks to the team running this
Great work by you all and truly appreciated

Thank you for the information you have provided Hopefully useful for us all.

thank you
I have repeated to insert the image through the post several times, but can not, I think my internet network that is in trouble, it is being renewal ...
Thanks again to @good-karma as the founder of eSteem, I hope with this renewal eSteem application is getting better in the future ..

Thanx for the update otherwise I will be fighting with the app.

Thanks for all your hard work on this project! I really enjoy using the app. Thanks again!

Esteem app is awesome I m loving it

hey upvoted and followed ! check my blog about cryptos :) follow for follow ?

If you want to keep informed about crypto , check my blog i post each friday raw recording (you already resteem one by the past).

Thanks for troubleshooting!

Thanks for your job @good-karma!!! Upvoted & Followed :D

esteem is for android?

How do i upload my image ?


Uploading images with eSteem is easy. If you are writing post there is image icon on toolbar which allows you to select/capture images. If you want to change your profile or cover images, you can do so from profile page on eSteem.


We are anxiously waiting as well. Because this is just the best thing in the whole World.

Hola, ya hice mi voto, comentario y follow, como puedo pertenecer a vuestra comunidad?

Maybe the better post I´ve seen.

Great post Buddy!

Yes, new release that is faster and less data consumption.

Awesome job @good-karma I love your work - keep it up buddy ;-)

Who doen't love GREAT communication - if all companies were like this, the world would be a better place :) Thank you so much and keep up the good-karma. or should I say GREAT-karma. Thanks Steemit, I am having a blast!

deserves all the activities I do at steemit is disturbed, don't forget to follow me
@hattaarshavin. Thank you @good-karma

Thanks @good-karma for informotion..
Hopefully steemit will becoma the first media social platform in universe

thanks for updating us! Great job!

Hi sir i will upvote you, n follow you .

Thanks for that information. I thought it was my phone tripping again. Hey you know what would be nice for the app, if you had a share button to spread link on facebook, twitter, linkden, and any other platform where users can imcrease their audience at. Just an idea if its not already in the making. Im a heavy user of your app man. Right on


It is available for iOS users but for Android users it is coming soon...

Uploading the images are faster and quicker than before. Thank you so much.

Brother I have a problem, I can not post a video .... tell me how please. I have a very interesting video, I want to surprise everyone!

I love the app and I use it quite everyday (I am totally addicted to steemit :D )
Thank you for your effort and keep the hard work up! We really enjoy the eSteem app! Even if its crashing every now and then. :D That is why we are testing it, isn't it? ;)

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Sir What about Windows Devices? I waiting for that please do something for windows phone users.

Thanks for the honest work you do good-karma.
May God bless you with good Karma :)


Hi, i've used esteem for every post I have. Very easy to use it. Thank you for all the support and information. Nice to know you in steemit @good-karma.

hi @good-karma! then there was a notifications issue! but i'm keep not receiving notifications at all😟

Thanks for your efforts dude!

Congratulations @good-karma!
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i like your post...!

Awesome news, great work!!! I tried to use this app like a couple of weeks ago and I could not get to make it work right, (or maybe it was me that did not understand anything at that time lol). Anyway, this is awesome news, it reflects on how much this community is growing, keep up the work you guys. And if you need a graphic designers collaboration, please let me know, I'd love to help.

Hello I want to be your friend to help each other in this world of steemit Follow me @azman let's sharing

esteem app rocks especially for steeming on the go! ;)

The public's appreciation of steemit usage is growing in my country ... thanks steemit, hopefully in the future steemit will be present in providing the latest innovation and become a business trending for new writers.
We look forward to his boss .. @good-karma allow me to keep abreast of you until whenever ..

Hi! Thank you for letting us know about the maintenance service.. I have lots of friends who joined but have problems uploading their profile pics.... My problem is that when I reply to some comments about my post it does not update and so when I open my site using a different device, my comments did not appear or were not updated as if I didn´t reply at all...
Just like today, I posted my "Introduce yourself" at
post and 2 or 3 replies did not come I had to reply to them once more..

I hope that this problem will be taken care of too!

Thank you... followed and resteemed!


Oops this post is really informative update to all steemitian .
Anyway thanks, anewbie here..

After I joined steemit, I feel I am connecting people all around the world and having read so many articles , I am getting varity of ideas to make my own post for steemit. It is important to always keep updated with new applications like esteem into our phones. This makes it convinent to post articles and not to miss out on steemit.

Thank good-karma atas informasi yang sangat berharga ini