eSteem Photo effects, filters

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In this post, I am going to share some tricks and tips on how to apply certain effects and filters for you photos uploaded through eSteem app.

If you are eSteem user, you already know it is blazing fast and easy to share your photos, snap and share. But what you didn't know until now is that you can apply some effects to your photos after its been uploaded through eSteem. Here is the cheatsheet for you to try out on your next post...

How to give effects to your photos?

Filters are simple, capture/select image through your mobile camera and eSteem will upload and insert link for you. All you have to do is use below cheatsheet to apply some effects and have fun!

OptionExample URL
width x height``
brightness (-255 to 255) ``
contrast (-100 to 100) ``
pixelate (0 to 100) ``
smooth (-10 to 2048) ``

Try them out and give power/boost to your photos!

Steem on!

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This is so great @steemit and @good-karma
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@naseerbhat true that!

Thank you for this post. I'm 3D Animation and vfx student . These effects can be really helpful for the editing plus time saver too.

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Do share your Views.

Thanks Again.

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Thank You! @thing-2
Means a lot.
Really appreciate you for the upvote.
not everyone here notice or even after noticing they don't care to respond to the posts or comments made by new steemers.
Thanks for Noticing.
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Esteem is gonna evolve more and more.
Consider to use an option to apply the effect, or having a check list to apply the effect.

Thank you.


Not sure I'll ever use those. I tweak photo as I want it to be before I upload.


If we could tweak it in esteem i think it will be great. And people like me who dont know how to tweak photo i think it really helpful.

Excelente herramienta. Gracias por compartir tus conocimientos en esta comunidad, la cual necesita la ayuda de todos y de esta manera todos saldremos beneficiados. Sigue asi.

Thank you so much for the updated version of esteem app @good-karma. You did very great works! My vote for you as a witness really worth it. 😀 Good karma indeed! 😀

Wow ow thats a lot happening on every image upload..! Would like to see if steemit adds these option in post screen to make it convinient to use.

This is very great @ good-karma and @ steemit with your posting for us beginners steemit is very petrified in operating steemit, hopefully your next post can be more petrified all frient in other steemit. I would feel happy if you visit @ahyalfazari to follow and mengevote me later for my future post ..

thank you and best regards.👍👍

Undoubtly, I am appreciated and influenced by sir @good-karma in Steemit world and follow the rules of this respected personality. This blog can be reffers as the more effective post as yet in Steemit world. I have uploaded various clean and HD photos but they were not highly ranged.From today I will put the above effects on my photo post. Thabks again sir, @good-karma ...

Great work from all the @steemit team and @good-karma
With time Steemit network will number 1 social networking site . We never had any payment before for posting OUR contents, now it's possible via Steemit family.
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Oh my god! It is a very good feature! I am happy to enjoy these new function! Thank you very much for your efforts! I have used yiu apps for 2 weeks and I have Avery good user experience on it! Please keep it! Looking for your new function in the future! Support you!

Great new improvements. Steemgram:). eSteem should have an advertising online campaign. I might start one some of my large Facebook pages. We just need to be careful not to lure scamming cryptos horde so the basic social media IT population would be the best marketing targret for the begnning.

Thanks for sharing all of this good info


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Thanks, this makes me wanna dance!

This is some great information. Haven't used eSteem in quite a while but it looks like it is definitely improving.

This may be the answer to my question. Lately, when I enter the story via esteem, the photos I upload always rotate automatically to the left. So this frustrates me, and I have to edit it first. thank you @good-karma


Thanks for the info. I just start to know how to make a better thumbnail. And now it definitely helps to lift it to next level. Thank you!

Good idea!

Thanks for the info.
I will try a couple of them out!


Looks like I need to learn markdown to use these.

Nice Update.
I Wish Esteem Could Have A Feature's Like Facebook And Instagram.
Easy Posting And Filter's
And Double Tab To Upvote 😉

I Want Steemit To Beat All The Social Apps.😁

@esteem @steemit @steem

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Still a bit lag.But great improvement

Hey thanks for the useful info!
Those effects will come handy :D

Thanks again for sharing

Thnx For Info & I will try , steemit is improving so fast

i enjoyed to post from eSteem

Very good post, please upvote my coment

Good Job @good-karma! I hope the preview will be there for the person to see what the picture looks like as he/she retouch the photo?

Thanks for the info, going to download this app ASAP!

thanks will have to try these out, really liking your app, finding more I can do on it each day and slowly using it more thanks

I am having issues with the esteem app.

I logged in through the manual method with active key etc...

But I still cannot post or vote or anything.

Please help me with a fix


Check previous post about common issues and you hopefully will find solution

Very Good. Thank You Good Karma for making Esteem most valuable tools for Every Steemit users.

I wished I had this guide for a post I did yesterday... I couldn't rotate the photo.


You still can edit your post 😊

I am begginer steemer and You are one of my favorite one...

Waoo, very helpful

Awesome! It would be nice if this could be integrated into the platform ,you are doing amazing job here , no doubt , imagine how this all will be after one year? Big respect ,im proud of you @good-karma

Thank you for info. I will now enter the esteemed application.

great... Thanks for the info masta @good-karma, I will try it.

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You're doing great job sharing such helpful info! Thanks!

this is helpful man! Voting you now as witness!

Thanks a lot for these useful tips dear @good-karma , would be great if you could check my post and give me some feedback please.


Thanks for info I'm new user I have no idea how to use it properly but I'll try my best I have no followers please guys follow me

I've already tried eSteem I think it's pretty awesome; however, it seems to be crashing like every 5 mins. I wonder if there's anyone who faced the same problems as I do. I'm using a Samsung Note 4 though.

thanks for sharing information. i was really in need of this. you can find some photo clicked by me recently . Im not expert in photography just a beginner. follow me at @kumar.malhotra

It's so nice 😂

Good instrctions. Thanks

thank for some tips

yes great info thanx

Awesome video, very helpful. You're videos always have good information for everyone. Keep it going!!!!!!!

This is great! I am a new user and I will start using eSteem.

Wow> extremingly amazing ... This post is amazing @good-karma sir this post must be upvote... I have upvoted it...

That's give eSteem more power, thank you very much..

Thanks for the info and will use very soon.

Wow, awesome, perfect improvement @good-karma, this is best than before

So glad that esteem is hosting images in it's own website. Is it possible for your website to host videos as well in future?

Bookmarked. Very helpful.

how that works can someone explain me ???????

спасибо за советы.

This is awesome! I was just wondering about this today - especially in regard to rotation! Thanks so much!!!

One of the most useful posts I've ever encountered on steemit! Thank you! Upvoted and resteemed!

Good post

This is great, thanks for sharing.

💜💜 eSteem 💜💜


Thanks for the tips ! Now my pictures can look fancy hahaha

Thank you. Great content. Keep on pos

Thanks bro ,I am not getting any problem about photos upload through eSteem app.But I will apply your tricks and tips .

I like this, but afraid I won't remember these when I need it. I will bookmark this post on esteem so that I have it.

really helpful post thanks

Bro steemit gonna bang wihin 3-4 years , always there would be awesome updates , well buddy thank you for your post .It is quiet usefull for me .
again thank you

That's one more cool option for apps as i generally use app and its have more function compare to site and all are easy to use. I just Finding how to give effect in post and i got this one which is really helpful me. I have some photos where need some effect and resize so its perfect option for me that I can change it from esteem app too. Thank you die

very thankful for info.

thank @good-karma i will try your tips in my post again

I am using steemit mostly via the eSteem app on my android device. I'm quite happy with the app. It's very easy to use the app while on the go, and posting is easy. The cheat sheet will help a lot. Thanks a lot.

Usefull info .

Woww,, thank you fery much For this information, But I would like to ask how to use that way for the first photo stored...?
Maybe the question from me is a little ridiculous, it's because of my lack of understanding about esteem and I'm still stupid in this regard.
And my second question how to ease esteem on the internet network.?
Whether you can give tips, solution for lighter or increase the speed of esteem application .... thanks @ good-karma.


If you have already uploaded image you can still use filters but note if you see link of image starting with which means you can apply any of above filters...


Thank you fery much good-karma

Right up my alley :D Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for this great update.

Thanks @good-karma, i like this post

Nice post!! I followed

I usually prefer to capture the pictures before hand and if I feel they need to be edited to it on my computer or use other apps 😉

Very heplful information thanks for sharing. Time for some steem practice.

This is awesome! So many times I have really shitty sized photos and have had to just deal with it and toss it in the middle of my post even though it looks really bad. If only Steemit could improve as fast as eSteem :)


I agree photo managing can be annoying... Just editing post with moving images from 3rd column of table to 2nd, it looks like UIs didn't show 3rd column where the most interesting things happened :)

@good-karma Thank You, really appreaciate your tips amd dedication to help us to grow in the Steem Community too !


Wow this is much needed for me.

Thank you for sharing this... 🙌🏻

Thanks! Will try that later.

Marvelous brother

Marvelous brother