Hello, @good-karma!

Thank you for your contribution. This is a wonderful project, and I am happy to see all the development being made. Your post is informative and well-illustrated with quality screenshots. Keep up the good work.

On the content side, even though I like all the information provided, I have to admit that I wish you'd gone into more detail regarding the features of the new release. Regardless, I appreciate the time and effort you put into your work.

That said, there were grammar and style issues. In conclusion, you did a good job, and I look forward to your next contribution.

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Thank you for your review, @lordneroo! Keep up the good work!

The new version interface looks so nice. I wasn't able to upload gif images in older version. I will see if this is fixed in the new version.

You can upload gif in this version 🎉

Thanks for the update. New to steem. Not new to the interwebs. We go waaaaay back..

Tried out eSteem over the holiday and thought it had a few.... um... wrinkles? That still needed ironing out..

I do testing, and UI/UX BA work in RL, so will love to add anything I find to Github..

If you see anything from me that's just me

Sir @goodkarma, it is very unfortunate that now there are many other apps that are more competent than esteem, I want to esteem like one day before one post is appreciated, now I have to enter the qurator, I can only upvote if I don't enter the curator, our posts are not appreciated by esteem.
For users to profit, not only qurators such as tasteem applications, trip.steem, ntopaz, actifit.
so that more users of esteem are asked to improve voting to users not through curators
That's just my suggestion

The force is with you! You got a 25.00% upvote from @steemyoda courtesy of @qira!

Right away's really surprise and quite excited to use the new version....will share the latest update sooner....thanks for user base app

Wow! Nice improvement, let me head over to the play store and update my app very quickly. Nice job @good-karma and the entire esteemapp team. More greese to your elbow.

Ohhh yeah I am on it now and have to say that this is a serious update. Looking way sleaker and much better than the older version. You really got it to the next level. Great job.

Hope its ok to post a support question here.
I installed the v2 version but when trying to login via steemconnect using the Active key, i get Password or key is not valid.
Do i have to use Owner or Master key?

Please reach out Steemconnect team if you having login issue on steemconnect, we don't have control over that. But our new update coming soon improves login structure quite a bit.

Thank for reply.
I understand that login goes via steemconnect but the question to esteem is if it is possible to login with Active key or am i required to use Owner or Master key?

Good news...👍

Great job!!!!
I‘m looking forward and happy to use the new IOS VERSION;-)
Lg, Robert

Posted using Partiko iOS

Hi @good-karma I'm writing this comment on v2.
For now it looks great, I will explore better and try to find things.
One already found is, if I leave this comment and back again all I've written gone.

Here can I see my comments without going on posts?

In my opinion there to much wasted space on top and less space on posts zone

Thanks for feedback! Profile details can be collapsed

Can or will be?

Can or will be?

Can or will be?

Can or will be?

It is already possible. This might have been one of the bugs. Have you submit your comment multiple times intentionally or there was something that app didn't react? We are checking this just to be sure. :) Thanks for giving it a try !

App didn't react or maybe net connection...

Sorry! Don't know what it happens

Wow! its really great news for us. Thanks for the cool news. I will check it now. :D

Downloaded already ... its fun while surfing @esteem surfer..

This is eSteem Mobile release! But it has similar design :)

I have been waiting for this. And finally!!! Yay. Thank you. :)

What a delightful gift for the New Year! I could not be more excited!

Thanks Melinda. We will be pushing regular updates to get all functionality. I hope this will improve your experience on Mobile :)

I love what I am seeing so far! You have no idea how excited I am!

Awesome @good-karma! Though it's unreleased version, but it has been working over the top.

I want to share some feedback:

I'm loving the search function. It shows information that I wanted.

I do agree with @onze. The save draft isn't working. Once exited the application, it won't show the last saved draft.

I couldn't get my unclaimed SP reward. The button seems to not function as well.

The Exit button won't function as well. It won't let me exit the application.

I sometime get this Blank Profile(attached photo) with Undefined status.

The Read All Notification is fantastic.

So far, that is my feedback. I can't wait for the full release.


Thank you very much for feedback, yes we have some of those on github issues and we will be working on them.

I am waiting for multi-image uploading and GIF adding feature. When will it be added?

Gif upload is already supported but multi-image uploading feature is in our todo list for now.

Hello there!

The app sure looks a lot better than the 1st version. Well done!

In this version, is the Schedule feature working already...?

Scheduling is not implemented yet, we are filling up remaining feature set as we iterate app. You can expect update, improvements and additions every few days...

Not yet. Oops. I will update comments before answering next time 😂

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Good news @good-karma searching in Google play store.

Oh yeah!
Pretty cool!

Amazing innovation! How creative you are. It's look more easier and simple with the tools.

Wow!! This is Nice

That looks like an amazing update. Have been mainly using @partiko on my android but also will always have a special place to esteem and will always support and come back now and then 😊 because my first times as a creator in here I have spend eternal hours on the esteem app. ♥️ Great work keep them coming. Are you guys coming out with the sign up on app anytime soon?

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks, yes we have signup in pipeline

Thank you, great work !

I used v2 app today and created a post too but i saw i am unable to edit the post. Actually choosing edit option i removed some wrongly typed words and tap on update but the wrong words did not remove. I have recorded a video of all process of edit and update.

Editing is coming with new update soon!

Okay Dear I will wait.

Thanks Mr. @good-karma.
Your suport to my post

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Is there a way to delegate some SP to your project?

Posted using Partiko Android

We will announce delegation plans soon, but you can always delegate to @esteemapp. Thank you for your support!

Okay great to have V2 of eSteem.
But need to fix this unreleased.

Posted using Partiko Android

As stated it is beta release which says unreleased

You have done great job. I love it very much and I will keep on exploring.
By far I only notice the banners on the bottom of the posts appeared like images only but without their links.


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I'll give it a try too:)

Actually, I'm already trying it out. It seems to be way better than the first one.

Are there drafts? I was going to publish my post but slipped the button. And alas when I came back I saw nothing.
I need to start all over again:( Maybe I did something wrong:)

Drafts are coming soon with our next update, likely to come out this week.

Ohhh yeah I am on it now and have to say that this is a serious update. Looking way sleaker and much better than the older version. You really got it to the next level. Great job.

Thanks @sergiomendes! There will be frequent update, let us know if you find any issues. You can use for your report which you will get extra reward as well.

Now download. I'm gonna load it up right now. @good-karma

Wow, this was much needed thing, the current @esteemapp lags a lot and is slow at times, hope this gets sorted out as well in the new app version

How much percentage is the cut of esteem from the post rewards @good-karma?

Installed on my mobile and downloaded for my PC.

It seems to me a great idea and I will continue investigating the operation. If I can advise, it will be a pleasure for me

Pleased to meet you and receive an affectionate greeting

Alguien puede decirme porque steemit no me deja publicar ningun post?

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