eSteem maintenance plans

in esteem •  10 months ago

We are planning to migrate to better servers and move some of our backend services to handle future growth.


With upcoming changes and new features (private messages, stickers, desktop app, marketplace), we are getting ready for 2018 and have enough space for massive growth...

Migration will not impact:

  • Posting
  • Commenting
  • Voting
  • Transfer
  • Any blockchain operations

Migration will impact:

  • Bookmarks
  • Drafts
  • Image uploads
  • Notifications

Scheduled maintenance will be between 3-4 February, 2018

Migration should not take more than couple hours, but we are making sure users are aware of this migration. There will be another reminder post as well as notification to all app users!

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Thanks @good-karma for keeping us updated with the upcoming migration plan...I am sure esteem will grow at rapid pace after migrating to better servers...


I think the same as your thinks, but must be manifested well and make an interesting and useful post.


Exactly, I perform a lot of my Steemit activities on eSteem. It's an awesome app and with a dedicated team behind it, I am sure we will see a much better app in the future


Me to. Thanks @good-karma for all.

Does anyone knows if there is gonna be a Steemit official app?


Yess it's gonna become official app..
U can trust in this app

Waiting for desktop app.

Esteem does not work for me on android anymore. Kinda choked. The interface is there but no content loads.

Any plan for web version of esteem @good-karma?


Great question hopefully we get some feed back because I was wondering the same .

good luck guys , proud of you

Thanks @good-karma for the update. I was wondering earlier this morning why my eSteem app wasn't functioning.

Oh thank you so much @good-karma for your work and effort to improve the esteem app .. and soon available on desktop ... Thats Awesome!

Honestly private messages is that what i have been waiting for
Thanks for devs

Thank for the migration plant, actually I have little bit problem with the server. That was good idea to include private chat, that was awesome. I've been waiting for a long time for that. Thank you @good-karma and team, I proud of you.

Good job👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

These are great news ! Im excited for esteem futuree, i hope migrating to other servers meain also that the app will work faster. Also grrat news that notifications will be fixed too. I will vote you as a witness, good job :)

hello sir, I want to ask how to get people interested to follow and also vote our post
thank you @good-karma

Hi good-karma, I am a complete novice at steemit and as such I would like to offer my help by serving as a test-user for steemit and its apps.

For example, it was difficult (at first) to find the author I wanted to follow,

Thank you so much for the information, it is very important for us to know about these changes before they arrive. Good luck and keep doing a great job :)

Thank for sharing infornation @good-karma

thank for information.

thank you very much for the imformation, success is always @good-karma ...

Private messages and desktop app sound awesome :)

Am sure its for the best! I growing to have so much confidence in these platform in the little time ive spent here

Good plans u have here, I can't wait to be part of it!

@good-karma thanks for the information, i know you and the esteem team wanna make esteem more intuitive to use, a whole new user experience, waiting to see and use the out of boxness. Success in the upgrade

Good news dear @good-karma congratulations.. Im wait

Thank a user of esteem app...i like it

thanks information @good karma

Nice work going on with the esteem app

But I notice on my feed it always come with a particular tag which I don't want to see and keep me limited to several posts



Tap on that header, it will open list, #nigeria, Trending, Hot, etc., select #nigeria to remove tag.


Thanks for the correction

I will do that immediately


It worked

Thanks for the assistance and the upvote on my blog just now


That's some great news, the private messaging is a feature I have always wanted to see here. After the migration, the steemit community will be a little more closely together.

Gret job good-karma thank's your imformation

Good post.....will spread the information...

thank you for the information and I will continue to follow it and this is probably the best for everything. Migration can make it easier for us to work.

Thank you for this information,
good luck,
salam Steemit

Awesome! After a long time, hope you are doing fine. Basic inconvenience wont hurt much for future comfort. Good Luck!

I think the chat was a big component that was missing and will bring about lots of change along with its other factors . I hope the bugs can be fixed as well

Thank you so much i have issues with bookmarks yesterday

Ohhhhh i L.O.V.E. the eSteem-App on my Phone.
Im happy to hear you guys carrying about it to bring the App forward.
eSteem is a must have on my phone!
You guys doing a great job @good-karma !

Thanks information @good-karma. This be reference for blogging with eSteem aplication.

a very useful information for us @ good-karma

I want to ask, during these maintainance period, will the app still be fuctional?

Amazing? I hope this can better the app and the service in all ramifications


Yes, app will be functional only mentioned services within app won't function temporarily.

Thanks @good-karma for keeping update, Hope it will be better.

I like it.

Great to hear, can’t wait!!!☺️☺️☺️

Thanks for informastion

hopefully the better the future

Oh, this is very good to know, @good-karma! As I enter my 3rd month on Steemit, I’m spending more time on eSteem—reading & posting from there, I even got the wife in on the game 🤗

I hope you might visit my blog for some poetic and philosophical musings, some time...



Thank sir @good-karma for help vote to new user thank very much sir

Appreciated for keeping us informed .

esteem app is wonderful i am use this @good-karma image


Semoga segala kepedulian saudara memberikan kemudahan bagi pengguna steemit .. wassalam


noon @good karma post you nice

thank you @good-karma for the information. I hope the eSteem application can be done quickly. I am including #steemit users who actively post via eSteem application

Terima kasih untuk informasinya @good-karma

thanks for information @good-karma

this is really good idea,,,,i am also agree with you

Thanks for keeping us updated! I still can't get eSteem to work with my tablet, so it won't affect me personally, but it's great that you guys are letting everyone know ahead of time :)


Android Tablet? Have you tried to change Server from Settings page?


Nope, it's an iPad Mini 2. I tried pretty much all of the servers, but I still get a blank page on the front page, and are unable to login.

Can't wait to try eSteem after the maintenance.

Thanks for your updated information, sir

Hi @good-karma, thanks for the information. As one of the users of eSteem application, I hope this application is perfect so we can easily interact in #steemit via eSteem

thanks @ good-karma for the information ..

I had choce @good-karma as withness, thank for always support me.

Thank you for this update. I have been facing challenges recently with the eSteem app as it takes a lot of time to load up and sometimes it doesn't load at all. I hope this update will fix this issue. Looking forward to it.

Please continue your good karma towards steemit. :)

uvote post im misterr good-karma

thanks and good job making Steemit more accessible on the mobile platform!

Thanks @good-karma for the update I’m in anticipation for this to happen as a lot of people really want to be involved on esteem app. Thanks

@good-karma where you are now

I'm glad to hear that you're working on a better sever than this current one, I know this community will still possess billions of people who will transform and explore this community to a greater level.. Good innovation @good-karma i love that

nice information, good job.

Great information......Thanks @good-karma for you upcoming & update informations. I hope the steemit application would be done as soon possible who post here. Cause already I have using Steemit app.
I like it

Thank you for keeping us updated, you are doing a great job with the app 😁

Thank you for this information, bos..!

Thanks for keeping us abreast of the coming up maintenance bro. Hoping for better usage of Bookmarks
Image uploads
After the whole maintenance is done.

Hi, friend
yok we vote each other, and mutual vllower. ???

Thanks for doing Steem - Better. Good luck to you and Good.

Спасибо, что делаете Steem – Лучше. Удачи Вам и Добра.

Thank you for the information.

sir good-karma why i never get your vote, thanks

Thanks for the info it is very useful for us

Very well!

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Good information. Always post information for me.thanks

I think the private messages will be a great addition for travelers... have you ever pondered a Bloctrade integration?


thanks for information.
I hope Esteem be must better a future...

Thank you for the news! I think it will be interesting! Wait)

thanks for the info, I am wondering about a new features and with upcoming changes that will appear on the desktop later. 👍

thank you good karma I always like to use esteem application

Thanks @good-karma this be useful dan be reference for blogging with esteem aplication

God bless you. I support

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¡Buen plan! Con la aplicación sin su actualización nos viene de mucha ayuda, me imagino de cuan ayuda sera ya actualizada. "Esperando con mucha emoción la actualización" ¡saludos @good-karma!

Most welcom we all r weating for this change like msge pvt

thanks @good-karma for his discord link