Thanks @good-karma for keeping us updated with the upcoming migration plan...I am sure esteem will grow at rapid pace after migrating to better servers...

Exactly, I perform a lot of my Steemit activities on eSteem. It's an awesome app and with a dedicated team behind it, I am sure we will see a much better app in the future

I think the same as your thinks, but must be manifested well and make an interesting and useful post.

Me to. Thanks @good-karma for all.

Does anyone knows if there is gonna be a Steemit official app?

Yess it's gonna become official app..
U can trust in this app

Waiting for desktop app.

Esteem does not work for me on android anymore. Kinda choked. The interface is there but no content loads.

Any plan for web version of esteem @good-karma?

Great question hopefully we get some feed back because I was wondering the same .

good luck guys , proud of you

Thanks @good-karma for the update. I was wondering earlier this morning why my eSteem app wasn't functioning.

Oh thank you so much @good-karma for your work and effort to improve the esteem app .. and soon available on desktop ... Thats Awesome!

Honestly private messages is that what i have been waiting for
Thanks for devs

Thank for the migration plant, actually I have little bit problem with the server. That was good idea to include private chat, that was awesome. I've been waiting for a long time for that. Thank you @good-karma and team, I proud of you.

Good job👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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