Beautiful illustration and concept. I love to use esteem app when the web version is not accessible and for scheduling the posts it is really good.

I am speechless... Wow. What professional looking literature.

What a professional app.

What a professional way to present STEEM

This is FANTASTIC! Re-steemed!

Good job eSteem and good-karma and team!

Wish you good luck @good-karma and success for eSteem at the London Crypto Currency Show....

Looks good. I wish I could go but I’m out of the country at present. Good luck!

Hopefully eSteem remains the best @good-karma :)


Very great news and very nice
Everyone is excited
I expect something wonderful to happen there
Very wonderful people

is now available for Iphone? I want to try it

It was available for all the time. But it's not yet latest version there because of the difference in stores approval specific.

I meant this new version, I'm waiting for it. :)

This is a great presentation with great graphics and a nice pace of information presentation.Looks like a great information and recruiting tool.

That great crypto show i Will hope can be present like you, succes to you @good-karma

I am from aceh

congratulations on the success of the event.
hopefully this will be a breath of fresh air for stemians around the world.

esteem is cool app for newbie steemian.. thanks for support

hopefully a successful esteem presentation in english and hopefully can visit other country.
Thanks for information @good-karma

good-karma please vote me one I'm new in steemit and I really need pertongan good-karma

what else is this good-karma activity

i wish i could be there, sounds it was a great presentation. Thanks for sharing sir @good-karma

Very good presentation, may you succeed always and esteem also progressed @good-karma.

I suport the london cryptocurency show .good job @goodkarma

thanks boss good job success continues

Good post brother

Exciting project! I think the need to a good app is key to increasing the adoption of the platform given the amount of smartphone users now avoiding browsers completely. Looking forward to trying it.

Beware of over the counter sales of BTC to big business. Circle investing and the Winklesvoss twins are selling bitcoin by the billions and the volume doesn't show on exchanges! There alot going on in the undercurrent....

hopefully esteem progresses and succeeds

good luck esteem team!

post nice broo good-karma

What you do for beginner steemian @ good-karma is a very noble job, thanks for your support and attention may always be successful

I lake information

good luck @dunsky. We are looking forward many investors like esteem

hopefully a successful esteem presentation in english and hopefully can visit other country.success always for steemit

success is always @ good-karma, hopefully esteem accepted dilondon and be the best all the time ...

Thanks for information,, success for you @good-karma,,👍👍

Esteem to thanks:))

I see the only app strong and visible enough to send facebook down the steps, but one thing am yet to fully utilize in this app is the art of scheduling post, I don't know if it's due to not upgrading or not I don't know but I can't schedule post.

Have you tried enabling permission in Advanced section? Scheduling post should work fine as long as you give permission and schedule post some time future dates... This post was scheduled and automatically posted as you can see.

postingan anda sangat bagus terimakasih salam kompak good-karma

In my opinion this is an great presentation and i wish and hope that this presentation can attract many people and in turn can produce productive results for both esteem and Steem Blockchain. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

presentation good art ..
I love his art ..
Thank for sharing ...

This is look like a great pretension i will be happy to see dtube version of it as well

Can we expect video of something of the event? :D

Tell May No War


I hope i can be there

Thank a lot information
It really helps us in finding information and thank a lot of lord for the information

Thank a lot information
It really helps us in finding information and thank a lot of lord for the information

Thank a lot information
It really helps us in finding information and thank a lot of lord for the information

Thank a lot information
It really helps us in finding information and thank a lot of lord for the information

Thank a lot information
It really helps us in finding information and thank a lot of lord for the information

Thank a lot information
It really helps us in finding information and thank a lot of lord for the information

good job success continues @good-karma


now esteem has undergone renewal, beyond can @goodkarma always present give the best for the special steemit for user application @esteem

Hi.!! good-karma please follback @romyjaykar thanks you :)

Very good Mr @good-karma, I am proud to you and you are one of the team members. The Esteemapp is still number one application with enormous number users. High demand. Succeed always for steemapp and steemit.

Great presentation! Well done!

Salam literasi buat @good-karma, saya tertarik dengan pemaparan anda maka saya berikan suara vote witness untuk anda saya yakin apa yang saya pilih sudah tepat dan semoga sukses acara di londonnya. Vote Witness juga saya berikan kepada @puncakbukit yang memiliki postingan unik tiap harinya yang memberikan informasi tentang 10 top di bidangnya dalam tiap harinya moga anda dan @puncakbukit bisa ke london dan mempromosikan apa yang anda pikir baik buat oerkembangan steemit, esteem dan crypto.

@good-karma Presentasi anda saya sudah membacanya dan saya mendukung semoga anda sukses dalam mempromosikannya di london

Terima kasih bapak @good-karma kami suka mengunakan aplikasi esteem.

Good post...thank for information

very useful information good luck with you @good-karma

a very rewarding experience

we will always support @ good-karma and other friends. good luck

it's a great work of art and very useful for all users

Just read the point and I must say the presentation is sure to go superb, kudos to all the team members behind the esteem app and good luck to @dunsky on the presentation

Good post, success

Wish you good luck, @good-karma

Selamat siang freend

very good information @ good-karma, please help me from @ good-karma, to make me successful in steemit.

Nice presentation,. Good jobs @dunsky

alot of info thanks alot
i made a small post about crypto profits check it out if you can.

Nice to meet you @dunsky yesterday. He did a great job with his presentation @good-karma. His art is pretty impressive too! 😁

Upvote succes
Back pleas god karma🙏

Follow my steem for newest crypto news.

Success for eSteem, team steem and @good-karma


Success continues @ good-karma

All the best to all of you ,do you best our well wishes are with you guys 😇

posting is perfect and I really support it as you mentioned.

May the days of Mr. @good-karma please.

greetings and respect for Mr. @good-karma.
Have a nice day.

From @anandafaris

This presentation must be lucky and amazing for our platform.We have more bigger and bigger.It is the greatest and famous application over the world.It will carry you next success future.

I wish you good luck to Mr. @good-karma and the products you show off with @dunsky and crytocurrency London ... may your day in the exhibition get blessings from god and have a nice day.

haparapan and support for us as a beginner we hope.

I also want to succeed like other "esteemit" friends.
I think with your support I can grow and be able to advance to the next level.

greeting and respect to.
success is always for you all.

From @abdultalib121213

I am very proud of the latest product you show with @cryptocurrency. @good karma. @dunsky
I think this is a very interesting thing thanks in the "self esteem"

I as a pomula present try to comment on the positive things that interest me in the world of "self-esteem"

I hope this exhibition can be a tremendous success so it can inspire the world's eyes on the product.

I hope your day is always fun and successful.

Hope support from you all for us as a pomula is very decisive our success to take the next level is very influential.

With respect, I want my success, Together with my friends "award" who have succeeded. Of course with the dukuangan @good-karma and friends.

the new one that you show off via @dunsky. @cryptocurrency and also Mr. @goo-karma. this is the most interesting thing in my opinion and the eyes of the world. so we as pomula can know how "esteemit" in the eyes of the world.

hope and support like Mr. @good-karma and with your successful friends with you. I urgently need support and encouragement and development info on how "esteemit" can be more advanced together to develop its wings in the eyes of the world.

until now I see it especially Aceh, very love "esteemit". I am happy to follow and continue to support you
@good-karma and keep following you.

hopefully this will produce good fruit for me in particular and can progress and succeed with you

greetings and respect

Excellent application, every day is getting richer this platform, I hope it will help more people to enter this beautiful community and let us grow, grateful for the contribution @good-karma

Ваш Product Lead выполнил отличную работу в Лондоне, и мы отлично пообщались ! Удачи в начинаниях, мы скачали eSteem =)

И кстати, мы давно искали апп через который будут приходить уведомления если тебя тагают на steemit + когда отвечают на твои комментарии, ну и конечно же когда комментируют на нашем материале. Очень удобная штука, с нетерпением ждём полной функциональности !

Thanks for your support @good-karma and thanks for your information.

Thanks for your support @good-karma and thanks for your information.

Good luck...!

Pls vote me

Good post....thank you

Excuys me

Selamat siang

Voted back ya.

Good post. There is more than I already ( not much) knew about steemit. I learn everyday. Thanks.

I dare say esteem help our for easier posting in steemit.... Good job @good-karma... Successful for you and all stemian in the world.... Regard @muhammadiman

Big thanks for his visit. It is an honor for me that you have visited me. May you always give long life by god.

Voted back ya. Pliss