eSteem - iOS v1.3.8 released, post loading and profile page fixes, Multi-currency, Multi-chain, Beautiful comments, language updates

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Happy to announce eSTEEM 1.3.8 has been approved by Apple for iOS (iPhone, iPad) users. If you have missed Android release notes, please check this post.

What's new

  • After Android release of 1.3.8, we have found few bugs and fixed it on iOS right before submitting it to Apple AppStore

  • Multi-currency support, you can now see post rewards in any currency you want (BTC, USD, EUR, RUB, GBP, JPY, KRW, INR, CNY, UAH, SEK, TRY)

  • Multi-chain support, you can now switch eSteem to use it on different chains (Steem and Golos). Expect in future releases to have better integration of multi-chains Steem, Bitshares, Golos.

  • Improved Comments, major redesign of comments and post page, where user avatars and details of post/comment reward is directly visible, also you can see comment voters info (user, reputation, vote weight), payout value in different currency.

  • My Bookmark, My Drafts, My Images are user specific, if you use same user on Steem and Golos. Then you will be able to access those after you login on any chain.

  • Bug fixes, improvements

  • Portuguese (Brazil) language is added, thanks to @charlie777pt

  • Dolan (meme) language is added, thanks to @maxse

  • Chinese (simplified) language is added, thanks to @huangdashuang and @oflyhigh

  • Russian, Greek, Dutch, Hungarian, Polish, Chinese (traditional) languages updated

  • Overall 18 Languages ready and available, more being tested and reviewed, please join here

Thank You to all contributors and translators!


AppStore - iOS (iPhone, iPad) - v1.3.8 Google Play - Android - v1.3.8
Get eSteem on AppStore Get eSteem on Google Play

Please let us know if you have any feedback or want to translate eSteem to your native language. Make sure to leave review and feedback on Apple AppStore and Google Playstore as well.

All feedback and suggestions are very appreciated. If you find any issues, please make sure to comment below or leave it on

What's next

Hope you will be enjoying multi-currency and multi-chain support on this release. In order to give you an idea what things are in works, decided to give exclusive overview...

  • Improve synergy between chains
  • Improve wallet
  • Improve Internal exchange
  • Allow Multi-account and managing
  • Many more features that better will come as a surprises :)

Check eSteem Feature set posts to learn more about app:

Feature Set #1 (Login, Quick Look)

Feature Set #2 (Filter posts, Post details, Card/Compact view, Search)

Feature Set #3 (Submit posts, Read post, Read comments, Easy access)

Feature Set #4 (Gallery View, Tags Surfing, Payout Types, Transfer Assets)

Feature Set #5 (Bookmarking, Draft, Followers, Market)

Feature Set #6 (Profile Details, Avatar Picture, Cover Picture, Profile Navigations)

Feature Set #7 (Select Image, My Images, Manage My Images, CopyPaste Image)

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More, much more goodness coming our way from you all! Thank you so very much for sharing it all with us. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Just wanted to give a shoutout to @the-ego-is-you for finishing the swedish translation! Good job!


Tack min vän! =)



Thank you guys, Swedish will be included on next release! Jattebra, tack :)

Great that you do all this for the community!
The new version v1.3.8 has many nice features but sometimes my Android (+ EMUI from Huawei, chinese version) operating system gets frozen so that I have to restart it again. It seems to happen especially when I open steemit articles with many images.


Thank you @jaki01, yes we have found small bug that was happening when opening posts. I have fixed it before releasing this iOS update, Android will have fix soon as well with some other changes.

great app, i actually use Android and will feedback on that post


wow thanks

With great minds like yours come innovation and value to our platform. We all benefit! Great job!

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)


Thank you, appreciate the compliment!

Great work @good-karma !! Upvoted and followed =)

I would like inform that it's difficult to upload picture. I have tried several times and always fail. Could you help me to solve this problem. Thank you !


Hi, Do you have any screenshot of error/issue? I have just tried out Select picture and Capture Picture, both are working...


oh... I will try it and check it, may be there is something wrong with my smartphone setting. Nice and thank you !

That looks amazing.

Good job boys!

@good-karma This one isn't working for me


iOS v1.3.9 is coming with fixes! Stay tuned!


Thank you! I'm still getting the awesome notifications!