eSteem - iOS (iPhone, iPad) v1.3.0 released, Notifications - Resteem, mentions, Performance improvement, Post types, Blockpay payments

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Hello Steemians,

I am happy to announce major update of eSteem for iOS is out and ready to update/download! If you have missed Android version notes and update post check it here. Release should be available on Apple AppStore now. Upgrade to use new features, listed some of them below. Changes are almost identical with Android version, expect few more improvements that are specific to Apple users. And performance is clearly visible on iOS devices.

What's new

  • Resteem and mention notifications - you can now receive notification when someone mentions you in their post, comments. Also if your post is resteemed by others you will be notified of that as well, which I think is great way to know if you are involved in other discussions, if your content appreciated by other with resteem, etc. Remember we already had notifications on Vote, Comment, Follow.

  • Post types - you now can make post with 50%/50% default, 100% power up, 0% declined payout type of posts on submission page.

  • View posts types - you now also can see which post has which type of payouts right in front of post title there is an icon of Steem which indicates 100% power up, if there is an icon with Steem and declined text on top which means that posts have declined payout. All default posts without icon.

  • Blockpay payments, eSteem now supports Blockpay payments so you can do test payments in upcoming SteemFest. Blockpay terminal generates QR images and with eSteem you can quickly scan the QR and make a transfer, it is that easy to pay for coffee, tea, snacks, hotel, etc. anywhere that has Blockpay terminals (POS - point of sale). Blockpay uses @blocktrades for transfers!

  • Profile page design and functionality improvements.

  • Image handling - as you may know, posts rely on image servers, once it is inaccessible or service/server is down post literally doesn't show images, caching also has limits at some point. So to solve this, eSteem now has default image placeholder, if image fails to load you will see that default image. This way, application can continue without doing extra requests to try to reach image server which I noticed slowed down the parsing of the content.

  • Markdown parsing improved

  • Performance improved drastically, you should feel it in every scroll, every action. Although, more newer device is recommended to get much smoother feeling.

  • Many more improvements that you will find out once start using app, you won't regret it, this version indeed improved a lot. :)

AppStore - Apple (iPhone, iPad)



If you find any issues or would like some new features , feel free to reach out directly at or comment below, I will make sure to add it on todo list and bring that feature in next updates.

If you have missed other applications, checkout my recent witness update post and interview to know more about my contribution.

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Thanks, cheetah for pointing out relevant Android release for Android users ;)

excellent news thanks for sharing my friend @ good-karma

You are welcome, @jlufer!

Awesome, eSteem keeps getting better and better with each update! Keep up the good work! Will give this a try tomorrow and see how it goes.

Thanks ;) Yes, there are so many things in pipeline and they are being implemented and will be rolled out to community!

Thank you for all your hard work @good-karma! I use the app nearly exclusively. Downloading my update now.

Very welcome ;) Let me know how it works out... Also if you are coming to SteemFest, you need app to pay for coffee and other things with SBD...

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Thank you for posting @good-karma. esteem has enabled one to post pictures from photo library on ones there anything on the newest version that will hinder this? Otherwise...the improvements sound really helpful...however one is hesitant to update if this feature is no longer available.

Hi @bleujay! All features gets improved and so far none was removed. Because all of them useful one way or another. You can still upload images right within app, change profile picture, cover picture of your profile. View other users profile and cover pictures. There is always addition at this stage, no removal, if they get improvement which will be for better user experience. ;)

Thank you for your reply. esteem is working for bleujay and these additions sound lovely. Thank you for applying your skills and concentration on esteem. It is appreciated. Kind Regards.

Very cool! Especially love the BlockPay integration...

indeed, that's start of somewhat future, where mobile payments are going be through mobile ;)

This is great, thanks. I downloaded the latest version and left a 5 Star review to help it gain visibility. I'm having a problem, though. I turned all the notifications on, but I'm not getting any notifications. Can you provide any insight?

Thanks @shenanigator for support! That's odd and first report of notification is not being received. Would you mind, restart app or leave it background and try to comment or vote yourself? Note: it might take up to 30 sec to receive notification, if not receiving, please let me know. Will check more in-depth.

I did that then upvoted my comment here. Still didn't receive a notification.

that's weird. checking notification server... I just checked that my comment sent out successfully, you should have received it...let me know though, maybe you have disabled app from showing notifications, from phone settings - eSteem app details ?

I went into my phone's settings and clicked "notifications". Here it lists my apps that can send me notifications and esteem isn't listed. I then realized I hadn't updated to the newest version of IOS, and thought maybe that was the problem. Now, the newest version of IOS is downloaded. Esteem still isn't showing up under "notifications" and the app notifications still aren't working. I don't know what else I can do from my end. Please let me know when you've looked into it.

ok, I will update you about details bit later after I do some extra tests.


Looking good. Still some unreproducible flakiness.

Thanks Bill! There is minor update in next couple days it will be out, though let us know some details perhaps this can also be fixed on that release.

I've had stability problems all along. I don't know how to reproduce them reliably. If I find a way, I'll let you know.

I see, if you can also clarify what pages give you stability issues or slowing down the surfing, that would also help a lot! Thank you! Looking forward to hear from you...