eSteem - iOS (iPhone, iPad) v1.2.7 released, Set Cover and Profile pictures, view Voters and Payout info, many more improvements

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Hello Steemians,

eSteem - iOS Apple (iPhone, iPad) v1.2.7 is available as of today for Apple users. This brings multiple changes from last two versions that Android version had. Performance is improved a lot and iOS version seem to work much smoother due to Apple devices being somewhat powerful hardware wise and up to date with software wise.

iOS 10 is out and there are some great feature that we can use in upcoming updates like handling notifications better, is one of example with more advanced/featured notifications. There are some other specific features for iOS users in roadmap, one of them being 3D touch functionality. In coming versions 3D touch will be implemented so that users can quickly make post or transfer fund, etc.

What's new

  • bug fixes and performance improvements
  • profile cover image changing
  • improvement on feeds navigation
  • improvement on followers, fix follow functions
  • payout details of each post (tap on amount)
  • voters info (reputation, vote weight) of each post (tap on numbers)
  • filter bar auto navigation when swiped on view
  • login/logout caching fix

iOS AppStore



Check out latest update here


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If you have any questions or feature request, feedback contact

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I love seeing so many updates on this! Keep up the great work. I've also given you my witness vote.


Thank you Luke, appreciate the support! Working on short and long term roadmap, will keep community updated once it is ready ;-)

Very good job, I love it. At least for me, this is a huge step as I am on the road constantly and, until now, the only way to check steem was on my laptop.


glad that it helps, after all eSteem is for community...let me know if you have any feedback or feature requests... ;-)


By all means. You can already count me as a power user. :)

Thanks for a great app and prompt response to problems

Thanks for this nice app :)


My pleasure ;-)
Glad to be of any help...

It's getting sexier with each update. Thanks for your work on this!!

Using android, but my support is non-platform specific. :P


Thanks for support ;-)
Let me know if you have any feedback or features you want to see in next updates...

I upvoted, and thank you for this update. Just some feedback:

I'm on an iphone. I noticed the app loads faster and less buggy.

I tried to upload an image for profile picture - it uploads 100%, but never shows.

I try to set notification settings and it says they are saved, but when I exit out they don't stick.

Everything else is working - before this update it would take a few minutes for anything to load.

Good luck.


Thanks for feedback. Profile picture upload after 100% waits 3 seconds for blockchain to update account info, after that it should show up, I will test this more though no one reported this before perhaps there is specific issue. Note: you need to login with your main password or login with active key as well to update account info on blockchain.
What is the iOS version?
Notifications got some updates and working on iOS 10 updates and support. If you are having issue, it is most likely that next update will have patch for it, as of Apple's recent iOS 10 release, they made some changes and deprecated some APIs...


I have iOS 9.3.5. I did receive notifications and they are now working correctly, but profile image does not show still. Thanks!

This app has many features. It is great.


thanks :) Many more to come...

Thank you for the information.