Wow i should better go and download the application straight away! Please is it on play store or how do i go about the download?

Thank you @good-karma
I will try to be more active in eSteem discord.

Thank you again, this is very pleasant.

Sir, @esteem link is a good link. I have received a lot of help from this link. Posting from this link could also help you with your ID. But for some days no help is available from here. Can you tell me about the problem What is the reason

I need to join soon :)

We are waiting for you, Alice :)

That's so sweet...wait you know my name :)
I am definitely on my way must be interesting :)

a good design for esteem application users to be more active in steemit.

wow really very interesting

Wow very interesting post...

This is cool... I hope this giveaway make someone there happy :)

Hey and can someone also infest into ? ... that this giveaway can go some day more big :) I just ask.

Yes, sure! You are welcome to invest if you wish to share :)

no..not share... I think if I put my steem or SBD out .

The main thing is that the contest would not provoke spam in the chats of the discord :)

Главное, что бы конкурс не спровоцировал спам в чатах дискорда:)

yeah, we will be keeping an eye on that :)

really great job

Esteem always the best, making very profitable contribution to steemian, @good-karma.☺️

That's a great incentive @good-karma

very interesting has joined on esteem discord

I have joined esteem discord channel. I hope it will be a very nice experience for me. Thanks @good-karma for developing a very nice application esteem.

what is the name esteem link, I want to join in the discord

hi my friend.i follow you
thanks if you visit my new post (comment and upvote)



Thank you so much for your vote on my post recently @good-karma. I hesitated for a long time on posting that photo, so you really gave me a boost. I joined your discord today and would like to be involved here. I have tried and failed to get esteem onto my Windows 10 laptop and I hope I will soon have it now.

Whatever the application, hard work must still be done and will be answered satisfactorily, Thanks @good-karma

Hey I used esteem app for posting and it is good experience but I didn't get upvote on any post....

Work harder on quality and everything will come :)

@ Good-karma Thank you for the information. Hopefully the discord winners can perform even more

the posts are amazingly good, thanks good karma for the advice, suitable for us who are studying in esteem.

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Excellent initiative friend @goodkarma

Buenas tardes. Buen trabajo. Saludos desde Venezuela. Lo invito visitar mi blog

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