eSteem Desktop v2 - sneak preview as promised!

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I have promised to share sneak preview of the upcoming eSteem desktop version. So here are few screenshots to give you idea what to expect. Remember, eSteem already have announced v1 of the desktop app here and if you change websocket, it is still functional. New version will have different user experience and specially designed for desktop users. App will be available for Windows, Linux and Mac users, will work with any local or global socket connection. This is the grand vision and each component requiring special design pattern and user flow with proper navigation.

Steem on!

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I think I peed a little...

😂 Vision and potential is big, it is Exodus/Jaxx of Steem and Graphene!

glad you have a big vision because i really like exodus! :)

Haha, happy to know that you are seeing where it is going... I too use exodus and eSteem desktop will combination of my experience with all different wallets and of course Steem apps and eSteem mobile...

fantastic! - look forward to testing it out, giving feedback, help if i can somewhere, voiceovers, screencasts, graphics if needed.

Oh wow that is so needed
I can see why you have @good-karma

I am looking forward to it and am curious how it will be. I need it for Mac. Good work my friend!

Thank you! Like v1 which is already available for Windows, Mac and Linux, this version will also cover those platforms 😉

Any plans to make this a UWP app? Major kudos on the account creation - that will be a popular feature. I'd also request delegating SP. These are both popular features doesn't offer, so there's a demand you can fill.

That might come later date where we can slowly adapt it to mobile as well! Yes Account creation will be possible with Delegation as you can see from one of the screenshots. There are many unique features and many of which is going through Usage and Design patterns to prioritize sequency of action which I am really looking forward to see how users will use it with ease 😊

Great to hear! I meant delegating SP to existing users, by the way. Fair amount of demand for that. Eagerly awaiting v2!

Oh man if you make a UWP app that would be great. Could use something like xamarin to make it work with iOS and Android as well! I'm so happy I'm not the only one that's totally down with that haha.

I'm just a regular user, not a developer or anything, so I don't know what Xamarin is. I was skeptical of UWP but I'm totally a UWP convert. It just works so wonderfully - performance is consistent, never bogs down, has all the auto updating, notifications support etc of modern app platforms etc. What I love most is how well it scales and syncs between different devices with screen sizes, pixel densities and device types. It's like magic! I still use many legacy x86 apps, but I try and use UWP wherever possible.

Yeah I'm the same! A huge UWP fan, I also have a windows phone as well and those apps just work seamlessly over to there (think I'm like some kind of 3% of the market or something so edgey!) so I'm all for a nice tight UWP app. As for Xamarin its a platform that allows you share code between apps on different platforms. So instead of having to do your UWP app again for iOS or Android (or whatever way its done), you can share the guts of your app between all of them and then just do your iOS, Android and UWP specific stuff. Its really neat!

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Since I have not been able to make v1 work on any of my desktops (a linux and a windows). I hope this v2 desktop runs in either of my desktops. I really want to use this software. The andoid app is fine, I think.

In v1 you will need to go to Settings and change websocket to wss:// it should work, but would suggest to wait v1 of the desktop app ;) Thanks!

Ohh... Thank you!
Replying  from esteem-desktop

I have seen the future, and in it there will be a hell of a lot of me using this application! :)

😊 glad you liked it, there are a lot more things in work which better surprise you when out

Hello @good-karma !
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THIS looks SUPER slick!!! GREAT JOB!!! Thanks for sharing and namaste :)

Congratulations @good-karma!
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Very nice!

Thank you @thecryptofiend for the comment! Hope once it is out, it will surprise you more and improve usability of Steem features that otherwise might be difficult to have them on other apps.

When is this going to be released?

Development is in progress, no ETA yet.

Room for one more tag, #steemdev

You are right, thanks! updated...

One step closer to Steem being a fully functioning ecosystem!! I left steem awhile back, but its nice to see huge development ongoing!

Will this work for Golos? Very much waiting for the announcement.

Let's start with Steem and we can expand from there on ;)

Yes, I believe in it! ) Viewing works now, but it's impossible to log in to the Golos yet.

This looks awesome!!!

Man, wow!!

I'll keep the surprise and wait till v2 is out. E-steem android app is awesome by the way! Is there a way for users to participate in the growth and give feedback?

Thank you!
Yes, eSteem is community driven and what you see now is community effort to make app better and better with their valuable feedback and translation contributions, etc.

this is the first of the project I've heard, though the interface looks pretty slick... :-)

Thanks! First version didn't receive any updates that's why not many heard or used it. But upcoming version is indeed different user experience and layout, it is wallet plus extras (exchange, marketplace, communities, etc.)

You're getting things done! Glad to see your blazing progress continues week after week! Do you have a team or is this all your doing?

It looks good! Good job :) I'm looking forward to testing it once its released!

Good job @good-karma! I really look forward to this release! I applaud your hard work!

Thanks brother! 😉

Good to hear !!! upvoted

Nice, sorry can you give a little explaination for delegation ?

You can delegate your SP to someone else so that they can use it to grow. You can also create account with delegation where you pay less fee for creation and compensate rate limit with delegation of SP.

Thank you ! for this explaination.

Oh this is going to be fantastic! Thanks a bunch for the sneak peak :)

Thank you for all of your hard work @good-karma your version looks very easy to use and I would not know how to use Steemit at all unless you made your other Android apps. Again thanks

I cant wait to try it out, I am very interested in the Linux version.


How to install it?

This mew version is in progress, you can check out v1 which is linked in post. There are download links for Windows, Linux and Mac!

Uploading progress...

From a mobile version to a desktop version! that's really amazing, looks forward to see how it's like, how it works, and the future updates!

Yes mobile and desktop versions work in sync giving users possibilities to work across devices. You bookmark or draft post from mobile and you come back to desktop app and access them...

That's a good feature, it'll make it easier for the mobile users for sure! keep up your excellent work
Btw i recieved my translating bonus thanks a lot, your a good guy wish you the best & success in your life.

Awesome work @good-karma! It looks great!

Thank you @voronoi!

Good job!

Looking forward to it!

splendid !! bravo!!

great job mate thanks alot and congrats on completing this great project.

v2 is not completed yet but is in progress! v1 is available though 😉


looks really nice

It really does look promising. Upvoted, follow, resteem… 😊


Looks amazing and has a nice simple design. Definitely gonna download this on release.

This is shaping up to be excellent.

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Looking forward...

By when do you expect to have the Mac version available?

You can try v1 on Mac now, v2 with above changes will take some time but it will be worth the time 😉

v1 didn't work for me, pwd needs to be typed in by hand. Tried it several times, and didn't work unfortunately. That is why I used SteemWrite that I really liked, but was not finished. But HF18 killed that App. Hence I'm looking out for eSteem desktop.

What is some time? Weeks? Months?

v1 has old default websocket, you should change websocket from Settings page to wss:// Not months that's for sure, but few weeks and we go iterative way same like eSteem mobile app, improve consistently... Depends on project load as well, because as you might know I am working on other projects as well (SteemPoll and others).

Well, eSteem desktop I tried before HF18, I think at least. But I'll wait for the new version since I cannot work having to type in my random pwd for Steemit by hand all the time.

Weeks: COOL!

Excellent work! Thanks for doing this :)

Nice work!

Perfect eSteem Desktop v2.
Good job @good-karma

Great Job @good-karma ! Thank you so much !!

ESteem application that I have installed on my android, but can not login, what is the problem?
Please finish all Steemit.
Thank you :)

Congrats for the great idea.

Good Job

Wow! Nice! I really like the interface! Keep up the good work!
Could I create a post on this to share it?
Here's a follow and resteem to you

This looks very smooth, nicely done @good-karma.

Very intuitive, good feel

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Никогда раньше не встречал таких популярных статей!
Удачи вам и дальше @good-karma!

Nice! keep up the good work ;)

Anyone on here have a chance to review the Mac version?

Is it preferred to the online client?

Excellent! With Desktop app and Mobile app, I think we will have more interface for users.


Will the app version always become easier to access? Makes it far more convenient than having to use browser.

I don't quite follow the question, could you clarify, please?

I can't wait :D my phone broke a few days ago :'( so i hope to have a PC version soon. Looking forward !!

@good-karma, Will we get a Portable version too for PC? I love Portable Apps!

Why it so hard to login..?

link please