eSteem - Calling For More Volunteer Translators! 22+ languages get ready, UPDATE #4

in #esteem6 years ago (edited)

I think @levycore finished translation (In Bahasa Indonesia) and I glad @levycore do it better than me. I have checked several words and give some suggestions. I also completed some words that @levycore forgot to translate. Anyway thank you @levycore also many thanks to @good-karma and other people who willing contribute in translation. Nice!

Thanks @happyphoenix and @levycore for your work... Do you think it is ready, so we can push it to next release ?

Actually our translation is ready, but I must contact to @levycore to discuss about several words. Just wait a little moment I will contact @levycore :)

@good-karma, I have talked and discussed with @levycore and we agree that translation is ready. I have reviewed it, and it's okay, @levycore is good translator. We have done the best we can. For some words , we keep it in original words, but many Indonesian can understand about that words. Anyway thank you for giving us to get involved in this translation project. :)

Thank you guys! Appreciate you getting back and confirming that it is ready 😊 We will add it to next update for sure 👍

I guess everything Is Finished , Thanks also to @happyphoenix who has helped me to cover my shortfall

Nice..It's pleasure that we can work together to finish this project. Thank you! :)

Do you need more arabic translators @mariayves0912

Yes, of course @immarojas! @mariayves0912 feel free to join... Thank you! 😊

thanks @doitvoluntarily... this is all because of above wonderful community members 😊 💯 👍

See @good-karma good things happen , those who steemit

indeed, thanks for support @tsxbox, feel free to resteem and forward message across so that we can get more translations for people from different side of the world... 👍

I would like to help with spanish and portuguese, let me know if my help is needed.
By the way, I just updated my e-Steem app ;)


Please, feel free to join with above link and review translations and discuss with other translation team members. 😉

Of course, Alexander...please join with above link! 😉

...And the full Steem ahead continues, great job! All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

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