eSteem at SteemFest²

in esteem •  11 months ago

It was great to see many Steemians at SteemFest this year, had chance to talk with many of them.

Here is the short video presentation about eSteem during Appy hour. Slots were limited to 3-5 mins, so briefly talked about some of upcoming and current features. Forgot to mention about internationalization of the application during presentation and how it is empowering and helping Indonesian, Aceh, Korean, Indian, Iran, Pakistan, Arabic, Russian as well as US, Canada, Australian, most EU nations to get started with their blogging and with Steem...but I think it was short and informative.

Steem On!

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Good presentation :D!


Thanks 😊

good post


I use the app as my only way of using steemit too! Only will get better with time. But for now I love it.

I use eSteem almost every day. Great app for keeping up with Steemit!


I totally agree... esteem works perfectly for me...


I just learned to know more about steemit, hopefully can continue to contribute and benefit each other

Nicely done, Feruz! I learned things about the app, too!

congratulations.. good presentation. i am on eSteem. really useful app. thanks for that. hope to see more developments. 👍

I am very happy aceh called the country, I'm just saying that Aceh is Indonesia, and Indonesia is Aceh. because aceh is part of the country of indonesia.
see my post by. @fujaxxi

Great video. I'm going to look into using this!

wow ... the masterpiece of a genius like your @good-karma ,hopefully steemian can make use of it. And I seem to be leaving a steemit, because my writing does not get the attention of other witnesses except you.

I've had a lot of steemans to join in steemit, but there's no response from steemit for me. Thank you steemit.

Wanna meet you guy! The great dev with low profile, brilliant, and hard worker. Well done presentation. Let's

Cool a Steemit app!

I love the international outreach... let's try to keep it real.

eSteem has been working much smoothly lately, keep up the good work!

interesting video about esteem.

Wow i am new in steemit i use few apps but it was very bad, but this apps is really good man, i mean really good try it


Thanks glad you liked it 😉

thanks @good-karma, we are with #Steem app is very helpful to us in steemi, if @good-karma upvote us up to $ 1 one post, in 24 hours 2 post.
we are very grateful for you @ good-karma.
always success.

amazing video ...
thanks for sharing

Thank you for sharing

Nice video presentation. Enjoyful and successful conference. We`ll waiting what to do next? great events here.

video presentation of esteem is very useful
thanks @ good-karma (esteem), I am from aceh

Hay sir it's really first time I know about you that u are developed of esteem and it's real great to here you and your Android app is great.

esteem is the best... great work

I love esteem and I always use it. But sometimes the app hangs (freeze).


New release is almost there and it should improve performance, stay tuned!


OK better




Really love this app, Thank you @good-karma

Sir, would you please include the gif feature.

O wow karma nice and beutiful videos info shearing thank you pelese halp myvote

fantastic. conference video

Thanks for sharing this, i did not meet you or catch this segment at STEEMFest But i love esteem and I’m glad you continue to work on it

I am also using esteem. In fact I am writing this comment via esteem. ☺☺
I have also reported some issues on utopian.


Thank you @katteasis, I will check it out 👍

Biggest feature for me is push notifications. Nice work @good-karma


Thanks for chiming in, yes it is mostly used feature. Upcoming Activity manager hopefully be yet another feature people will love... :)

You're doing great work and I was really pleased to meet you on the bus last week :)

I've just seen that you have a github repo, is that the best place for bug-reporting etc?


Thank you, likewise had a good time! Yes, github would be perfect place to report issues or suggestions!

Hay I really like your introduction part and by knowing your app I am just installed and positing comment from here to you . It's real great app.

Never heard of this app until now. Glad I check the Hot catagory from time to time! :)

I love the esteem, and As I keep recommending it to all new steemit user! Great app plus great gem inside! Helping out minnows and redfish grow!


Thanks Albert! Appreciate the support and promoting app 👍

Am very happy to this

steemfest nice topic work Slots were limited to 3-5 mins so briefly talked about some of upcoming best ver post,


You must come to in Turkey:)) i hope one day

I've been using esteem for a while now this is the best app to use to keep track of your blog.... I only have one issue with it, and it's lack of a button that helps me copy and share the link of my post on other platforms.


It's been improved, stay tuned for release announcement of new version...


Would do...

I also like to take part in steem fest but don't have money

The more you empower @steemitboard, the more you will get in return.Vote for @steemitboard

Thank you for sharing @good-karma

goof job, great

Thank you for your hard work on this I really love that esteem app, i use it everyday. @good-karma


Appreciate the comment, let me know if you have some feedback or suggestions 😉


Right will do.


Ok, i was wondering if there could be a way to collect all notifications within the app itself, and we could remove them as we check on them all. I have noticed while on the app ill get a notification then it will be gone as soon as i touch the screen. Thanks for your ideas on this thought. I understand the replied section works great, guess what im trying to say is, could we get it all in the app like the notifications, like a new count, and reblogs and upvotes too? What do you think? @good-karma

This is first video I have seen after login into my steem account for first time and I am happy to know that there is already phone app available for this amazing platform, time to put in that long password :O -sidenote I recommend splitting password into groups of 4 letters to get it on first try ;)


Yeah for now you will have to type it in, but you can use advanced login option to use QR code from Steemit wallet page for specific private keys 🔑

esteem make it easy to work on steemit, we actually want to work in easy process always. Nice make post through this app. Sometimes face little problems but it is bearable. Thanks 🙏


Appreciate the comment and feedback, after release of new version please let me know if your issues are still exist so we can continue to work on them and improve app...

Thanks friend

very good :v

I love the app, I always use "eSteem", it's a great help. Thanks a lot

That would be better video introduce @good-karma. Best of description here about steemfest2. Hopefully waiting some of upcoming and current features what we know.


Yes, update is almost ready. Stay tuned! 😉

Thanks.. Add me

Great steem event and great video.
100% like and resteem

Thank you for your great work to community brother feruz, steem on

I am very happy to hear the news, thank you for your hard work, I salute you.

Thank you for the information @good-karma in short yet compact. hopefully the next successful growing steemit
I'm sorry if the words I'm less polite

I think it will be better for all of us.

Thank you for the wonderful post, I really like your post. You are doing a real good job! Continue and get a wonderful day!!!

thanks @good-karma, i am one of the nation you mentioned. With your blogging app we feel very helpful. I hope you are healthy always.

Dope ! I really hope this catches on

Hi @good-karma
I liked it... upvote for you!
Regards from Maracaibo - Venezuela, see you soon!

Anyone else in esteem right now?

esteem is awesome : )

Nice. Very much important and informative post. I will help all of your steemit lover. Thanks a lot.

very good ...
Thanks for sharing

very good! I like your post!

Hi @good-karma, like you app a lot and missed your speech. Great to see it here.

I will try the schedule a post feature some more.

You might like to have a look to a speech about valuable content from SteemFest on

I want to be a part of it.

I am really looking forward to the analytic that you will be adding.

Training about estemit?

#Aceh selalu terbantu dengan aplikasi esteem, seperti akun blog saya 85% penghasilan dari vote @good-karma melalui aplikasi esteem. Terimakasih atas perhatiannya terhadap #aceh.

Excellent! Hope the ver 1.5. of eSteem.

nice post friend @good-karma

Nice presentation.Very helpful Apps

Yea Good post

Good job bro @good-karma. Greetings from Aceh 😎

woww... thanks for sharing this Video @good-karma

Great post !! thank you and keep on !!

Its great app !
Thank you so much !!

I will be sure to check out the app as well, Thanks! And as for SteemFest, sounds like the place to be next time around!

Hi Feruz,

I have said it many times and I am saying this again.

eSteem is by far the best app built on the Steem blockchain. The best thing about it is that it's designed purely for Steemians and for Steemit. The other apps (Dtube, Zappl, dMania etc.) are not purely for Steemit users. Furthermore, I think these apps drain the Steemit reward pool and take it out of Steemit. There's a need for these other apps to shift to SMTs and leave Steemit reward pool for Steemians (and eSteem users).

I have been using the app for a long time now and I have seen it improving so much in terms of speed and functionality. I think a dedicated post about @esteemapp is due now. I will share it soon.

PS: The comment/post rewards seem to be stopped or the frequency has been reduced. I request that comments such as this one may be automatically rewarded regularly to encourage use of eSteem.

Great video content @good-karma. Interesting to part of steemfest2 in lisbon. wonderful events here when i saw steemians blog.
Upvote/ Resteem