eSteem Android: v1.5.1 released, Bug fixes, Golos removed and other changes

in #esteem6 years ago (edited)

My to go app for ios.
Esteem has been a life saver for a lot cause not a lot of people own a PC but they have a smartphone.
Keep on steemin'

Wow, this app has transformed so well!

Thank you @good-karma for this update. It was damn required and the necessary changes will definitely come in handy, I believe.

Happy to join Steemit!!!

Yes Thank you! Iam very pleased wit this news... WE needed something to make transactions easier!! Yay!! I will definitely share this news....Steem is a wonderful platform and my Android will be loving it too....


wooowww.. this is good news for steemian..
hopefully make steemian easier in making transactions and using steemit.

good, slalu be the best. The picture is steady.

Great news for Steemit!

thank yoy inforation friends @good-karma, I am one of the subscribers of esteem users

Wonderful news. I was really missing the activity options due to bad servers. I will update and share detailed feedback. I may have to update my eSteem guide soon after Golos removal. Good luck!

Thanks to the release the latest version of eSteem for android, I have tried, and my first impression is, this application is much lighter than previous versions, very easy to open it even in super slow internet as in our place

Thank you so much I will download it now and I upvote you as witness you deserve.

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