eSteem - Android v1.5.0, Activity manager, 58 languages, keyword search, many more

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We are pleased to announce next release of eSteem mobile for Android. This release has some new changes as well as number of bug fixes, performance improvements. Update should be available within few minutes depends where you are located. If you want to report bug, issues or suggestions, make some tutorials feel free to do them via Utopian in here eSteem. You can download APK directly from official github releases page, you can also build your local version from github, don't trust other sources to download application!

What's eSteem

For those who find eSteem related post first time and don't know what eSteem is: It is first mobile application on top of Steem! eSteem offers some of the unique features (Bookmarking, Post Drafts, Image upload/capture, Personal Gallery, Notifications, Activity manager, many more tweaks, features) for mobile users!

eSteem supports multi-currency where you can see post rewards in any currency you like (BTC, USD, EUR, RUB, GBP, JPY, KRW, INR, CNY etc.), multi-language (58+) where you can use app in any language you are familiar with, multi-account where you can add more than one account and easily change between accounts, multi-chain where you can use both Steem and Golos chains, multi-notifications where you can get notification for your multiple accounts for following activities Vote, Follow, Unfollow, Mention, Comment, Reblog, Transfers, Scheduled post publish, etc!

Check out this blog @good-karma for more related posts and latest announcements.

What's new

  • Activity manager ( votes, mentions, follows, reblogs, leaderboard, achievements [coming soon] )
  • 58 languages ready to be used
  • Node management, bigger list of public RPC nodes and status check on selection
  • Release of eSteem public RPC within app
  • Show/hide comments that has negative rshares (downvoted / low reputations)
  • Profile images fetching
  • FAQ
  • Post link sharing
  • Post keyword Search (using AskSteem) in addition to Tags and Account search.
  • Additional post author info in post page
  • Settings page reorganized
  • UI changes (front page, splash and app icons, etc.)
  • Yahoo finance api depricated, updated new service for currency rates
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • Many more changes which will be featured in later posts.


Google Play - Android - v1.5.0 AppStore - iOS (iPhone, iPad) - v1.4.7
Get eSteem on Google Play Get eSteem on AppStore

iOS update is coming soon

We appreciate reviews and feedbacks on Apple AppStore and Google Playstore as well as ProductHunt.

If you have suggestions or found a bug, please report them here with comments or on Github or on Utopian and we will work on them as soon as we can.


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Good work, keep up!

thx again, love the app. hope the new ios version is soon there.


Yes, in process of testing few last changes for iOS... in couple days hopefully if review goes smooth with AppStore ;)


Great. Looking forward.


@good-karma bro i always love your post.... I am a student. i want to make money from steemit for my studies. please brothe help me.💜💜

So much thanks for new version eSteem
And I have got it
My best regards to @good-karma


*** image

Thank you for your good work. Will update it right away.

eSteem application is very convenient for us users, continue to develop to make it easier for us to open it. Thanks @good-karma, I like your application.

Just updated and loving the clean app! It is faster and lighter. This is my first comment from the updated app and I'm loving the new stuff.

Waiting for activity manager anxiously! Good luck @good-karma! It's great to have an app which keeps improving with every update!

*eSteem on!

Updated bro. I love its color. Looks fresh and strong.

I am an iOS user waiting for the latest version of esteem

Wow, that great @good-karma, new update of your apps.... Wish its faster now the new update, no hang up..when a large content I opened...I really love ur apps...

This is a Great post...keep up the awesome work! Upvoted and following...

Excellent! Thanks for good job!

Excellent work!

Wonderful features of a awesome steem app..

Thanks a lot for the update! My notification area is too dark now while I'm using the app I can not see notifications and time on top.

This is how it look on my Galaxy S8 (Android 7)


Hmm weird, plan to push small update right after iOS release... will test this again before that so we will have fix to 1.5.1 small release...


@good-karma bro i always love your post.... I am a student. i want to make money from steemit for my studies. please brothe help me.💜💜

updating now thank you @good-karma for your efforts you and all who contributed to the #eSteem project. waiting for "writing story" update ;)

Awesome to see the eSteem mobile for Android

nice update I'll take a look on it

Full steam ahead... next stop Weimar 1923!

So this app works with our current Steemit accounts? Is it safe to use?


Yes it works with your Steem account. Steemit uses your Steem account as well.

I was hoping for a mobile app, thanks for making this a reality!

Thanks for the updates and the information regarding the updated features of esteem android app @good-karma

I love the esteem app and I really do like your post. I had already using it and it's a lovely experience.

eSteem, masterpiece.

Thanks for this great news i been waiting for this from a very long time .thanks

I don’t know we have a steem app till now. Thanks for this information.

Wow amazing update @good-karma. I was anxiously waiting for this update. Love your work

in 24 hours how many of our posts can be assisted in Esteem application.


All our posts can be accessed from eSteem, Steemit and other sites that use the same "database" called The Steem Blockchain

Hi @good-karma, I've been using the app for a couple of months now have found quit pleasing to use. The UI is easy to navigate and it a pretty solid feature. set. A sincere thanks for all the work you have put into the app to make it a polish product!

wow..great news....
thank's for your sharing
@followed and upvoted

eSteem mobile app is simply the best, I could remember how is help me the time had some downtime, I'll be glad to see the iOS updated version soon as promised.

here u go...@good-karma
you rocks...comes up with new update not to let esteem down...really appreciable. Just got my app updated too..Thanks :)

this app is steemit app or new similar to steemit.


eSteem, Steemit and other sites use the same "database" called The Steem Blockchain

I like the new development of esteem. thanks @good-karma

Thanks information brother @good-karma.

Thanks for the update. Schedule post option not included there?


You can enable Advanced option in Submit a Story page and give application permission to Schedule a post.


oh. It is already there? Good to know.

Thanks, this is very valuable news for all steemit members.

I like eSteem. Thanks for the new version.

Thanks.I like your posts.

Well done, thanks for the the app. hope the new version is soon there.

Waiting for ios version update.

excelente amigo

Wow this app looks very useful!

Amazing! Great work guys, glad to see how all is developing in a ecosystem!

Wow that really great , I joined steemit yesterday and wasn't aware of esteem, I should look into it. It looks more convenient than using steemit on mobile browsers, that shows in follow notifications as well , I did my introduction post today plz look into it if u got enough free time, any suggestions are appreciated ☺

Updated my app and thank you @good-karma

it was esteem reboot???

Nice @goog karma

I love @good_karma

great job done

Thanks for the new Update...Gotta see the changes in new version yet...However, hope that you introduce a feature of "Mentions" in near future. That would be amazing. I totally love using this app tho.
P.S. You already among my witnesses votes @good-karma


Wow...that is Wish come true...and that too so quickly...Thanks alot...the option to see all mu reblogs, mentions, votes, etc is awesome. I love this update....woooo!!!
But there is a problem that i am facing with new update....i tried to comment a post many a times, it shows only the circulating circle "loading" and going no where!!! Don't know why? Tried many times but still the commenting from a browser steemit webpage


Hmm, can you restart app and try again? if doesn't help, please try logout and login back


Activity manager already has Mentions, check it out from your profile page.

I like your post brother and always give u upvote and follow u.

if u like my post Please brother follow me and give me upvote.



I post all my blogs through the esteem app. Very userfriendly interface. Curious to see all the new features😁.



nice post


nice app, i test this, it awesome,
@followed and upvoted with esteemed

thanks for info @good-karma

😍A very informative post. Great job. Keep it up! 😍
OpenMusic Steemit Kiss.gif

Very very nice post!

Great post:)

How is the security of eSteem? stores keys on the phone? plain text? use secure connections? etc, etc?


All your keys are stored on your device and only used for signing transaction and broadcasted to the network via Server (websocket) of your choice. You can used extra security layer by enabling PIN code. Feel free to surf old posts from my blog to learn more.


All your keys are stored on your device.

A malicious app could see that keys?

You can used extra security layer by enabling PIN code.

A pin to open the app?

I am a little paranoid about my phone, specially because Steem platform is not just user/pass, there are money involved.


It is as secure as your device, if someone gets hold of your device only PIN code can help. Same goes to your computer or browser. You can set PIN code from Settings page of application.


You can use advanced mode login, enter your valid posting key and enter a fake active key. You won't be able to make transfers or change the profile picture from the app, but you will feel safer :)

Marginally announcement of next release of eSteem mobile for Android. Thats massive news for us now we can use esteem via mobile.
Thanks for update us @good-karma.
Prefect description.

It is looking cuter ❤ thank you

Thanks for the announcement of esteem i will go and download it

verry good news bro

Sweet! Now all you need is some ASO for that baby... Gonna poke you on the chat.

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i m using, its working great

Will come someday some app for windows phone

I've upgraded, thanks

Thank you so

Hi bother good-karma or feruz ,, I'm a bit want to ask, can we manage the robot account, if possible, please help me for a while, how to be able to use the robot account, if you can please in the comments yes, thank you. app coming...Thats better coz multi languages and use multi cryptocurrency. Awesome.

Esteem, is the best.
Thank you so much @good-Karma

Good post bro..💞
Follow and upvote now..i will too

In Russian there is a miracle of creation

wow so many features and development on esteem this is awesomeness :D

Informative brother. Why is this not being published on PlayStore and What are the programming languages behind this apk ?

i updated the client right now ! looks good and not too heavy as was the previous version

As an acheness, i'm very happy find my esteem could be support my national language, basa Aceh. I know that this is the first aplication internasional level that support basa aceh. My respect and our of bangsa aceh for @good-karma

Teurimong geunaseh dari kamoe

Thank you for sharing and for your visit!

Didn't know about this app! Will be downloading it right after hitting "post" on this comment ;)

I found that app more easier and user friendly then PC version of steemit.

UI design still bad, i think if esteem use flat design to all material design, i think this app will look fresh and elegant.

Good news, best app for me

Great boss

nice post and pic
Dont forget to upvote follow & resteem

Wow... Amazing.....

Success always to #esteem and be the best for all its users.

what a post

fantastic news, greetings

great news
thanks for sharing

Great news
Thanks @good-karma

Awesome @good-karma, thank you. Loving esteem keep up the good work!

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my mobile updated and thanks for upgrade esteem @good-karma thanks

Nice content and pretty interesting. Thanks.