eSteem - Android v1.3.7 released, Market Place/Apps and My Drafts, My Bookmarks, My Images, other improvements

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Hello Steemians,

We are really excited and proud to announce new version of eSteem. It is now available for Android (Smartphones, Tablets)! This is major release bringing you some exciting new features, continue reading details... :)

We encourage everyone to review app and let us know what words/phrases on translations can be improved, direct joining link for translators: and start improving languages and make sure to comment or notify us so that we will include it upcoming releases. We have also rewarded Russian and German contributors with help of community, other language contributors will also receive rewards with next translation update post.

What's new

  • Icon change in front of post title for Promoted posts, 100% Powered up posts, payout strike out for Declined payout posts. (see screenshots below)

  • My Bookmarks added/improved, now user's bookmarks are saved on backend so that they can access it on Desktop app as well.

  • My Drafts multiple draft manager is added. This is also saved on backend and allows user to access across devices (mobile and desktop apps).

  • My Gallery/Images added, having in-built image uploader was just a beginning, you can now manage your uploaded images, access them across devices with mobile and desktop app. This allows you to reuse your images so that you don't have to upload them again. You are outdoor, just capture picture with mobile app and write post later on from mobile app or desktop app. (see screenshots below)

  • Market Place for apps and plugins, this is start of more engaging and excellent user experience we hope to bring. If you are game, tool, plugin developer please contact us, collaborate with us, get your tool to wider audience with eSteem, also exploring some revenue models for plugins on eSteem. Tools like AutoSteem by @unipsycho, Scheduled posts/Curation trails by @xeroc, SteemVoter by @steemvoter can all be implemented as plugin or linked as external app. You can submit new mobile/desktop/web app entries through this page as well. (see screenshots below)

  • Profile page design update (see screenshots below)

  • Profile blogs infinite scroll fetching

  • Pull down to refresh on posts feed

  • Russian and Greek languages updated

  • Overall 15 Languages ready and available, more being tested and reviewed, please join here

Thank You to all contributors and translators!


Google Play - Android - v1.3.7 AppStore - iOS (iPhone, iPad) - v1.3.5
Get eSteem on Google Play Get eSteem on AppStore

Please let us know if you have any feedback or want to translate eSteem to your native language. Make sure to leave review and feedback on Apple AppStore and Google Playstore as well. iOS update and Desktop app releases are being worked on, update will follow soon.

Edit: APK file released on github if you don't have access to Google Play Store, check here.

eSteem desktop initial release, please check it out and report issues or make feature requests on github. New version with above changes are being worked on, stay tuned :)

Check eSteem Feature set posts to learn more about app:

Feature Set #1 (Login, Quick Look)

Feature Set #2 (Filter posts, Post details, Card/Compact view, Search)

Feature Set #3 (Submit posts, Read post, Read comments, Easy access)

Feature Set #4 (Gallery View, Tags Surfing, Payout Types, Transfer Assets)

Feature Set #5 (Bookmarking, Draft, Followers, Market)

Feature Set #6 (Profile Details, Avatar Picture, Cover Picture, Profile Navigations)

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Good job! What do you have in mind for marketplace? What type of apps and what would be the integration with eSteem? It's just a place where you announce apps but you don't integrate them with eSteem? Can you elaborate on that?


Thank you for asking! As you see in screenshots, there is an External apps (mobile) for eSteem (mobile). And there is a Plugins, these are the type of apps or plugins that closely integrate with eSteem internal structure so that users can benefit using such apps, for example voting trail, autovote, scheduled posts, games etc. Building all this on eSteem wouldn't be efficient, but building it as plugin would make more sense and could easily scale. If you are developer and want to add/develop your plugin, we can think of the ways to revenue stream for that. Users can unlock some plugins using Market Place to purchase it, etc. These plugins will be implemented both by eSteem and by other independent developers.

Thanks, sounds interesting. I will definitely keep an eye on this. Best of luck!

Thanks! Just to note here, if you know Angularjs and Nodejs, you can easily build plugin or tools.

I wrote stuff with AngularJS, NodeJS is server-side JavaScript, afaik. What library are you using in eSteem for blockchain operations?

That's great, Yes NodeJS is server-side but you can make it so that it works on browser as well. That's what I am doing in eSteem. Using @svk's steemjs-lib and steem-rpc libraries with slight changes.

Great news, especially for my Russian speaking girlfriend and her immediate family! thanks a bunch for sharing, they need this on their tablets. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Namaste 🙏 Eric! Russian contributors did their best and I think translations are professionally done! 😉

Good to hear and great for us all! Namaste :)

Thank you brother! Give it a try, your new uploaded images can easily be accessed from Gallery and you can swipe through images and tap on them to add in editor... Check out other changes as well 😉

Awesome job again! Will check it out later.

Great, let me know feedbacks ;)
Some features are completely new and perhaps you will find some issues :))

Just installed it, will give feedback if needed,, so far , so good. 😎👍

Welcome to Steem! Have fun ;)

ok thank,s

Nice easy to use with nice feature
upvoted , resteemed and followed
Awesome job @good-karma

Nice app. Congratulation! I read this seemit and install in my Android! Let's go use it

Great, thanks! Let me know if you find any issues ;) Glad you liked the features.

Thanks brother! ;) Hope your trip is going alright...

Looking really good! From a security standpoint, might it not be best for the app to suggest users enter their posting / active key, rather than their master password? I see it is an option under 'advanced', which is awesome, just ... I don't trust my phone with sensitive passwords / private keys, and probably no one should. I know this isn't an easy thing to achieve, at least from a usability standpoint, just wondering your thoughts. Again, great work! Cheers!

Thank you for your comments! This have been brought up multiple occasions and we have pin code to give user extra layer of security and of course improvements constantly being discussed. Please feel free to make a suggestions. All keys are stored locally, never sent to servers and there is no way to access it unless you have malicious app installed on your phone.

I understand that the keys are stored locally.. yes, it's the mobile phone of the masses which I do not trust the integrity of. I do not believe this is an easy problem to solve, so, don't take this as criticism in the least! Y'all are doing a great job!

I guess my suggestion, if I have one, is perhaps to reverse the order of suggested keys when you first sign into the app, just make 'active' the default suggestion. If people have made it that far, they have already created an account and should be capable of pulling their 'active' key from the 'permissions' tab in the 'wallet' page. It's a little annoying, but less annoying than losing everything.

You are right though how would you want to explain people who don't know about crypto currencies?! Right now we don't have proper solution for registering new users beside but when there is one I think easiest way would be good for all new comers...I for one think that easier entries and less hassle is good form of introduction. You are right, app should have easier navigation for login and give option to backup keys securely. Some work on this being done, will be out soon 😉

Great. I look forward to it.

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Very nice this post @good-karma

That is really awesome . Well done and keep it up

Wait you are going to have games in the esteem app? That would be awesome. I want a poker game who is with me?

you mean playing for fun , or gambling over steem sort of thing?

Playing with followers/friends and have fun while earning... More info on that later as we build some concrete workflow of designs. ;)

Games will come and we are thinking and working few developers to make it happen. More on that later ;)