eSteem - Android v1.3.0 released, Additions - Resteem, mentions notifications, post types, Blockpay payments, more...

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Hello Steemians,

I am happy to announce next major version of the eSteem! After several weeks of work on v1.3.0, I can say that things are moving towards much better user experience and faster performance, neat features. Release should be available on Google Play in next couple hours. Upgrade to use new features listed some of them below.

What's new

  • Resteem and mention notifications - you can now receive notification when someone mentions you in their post, comments. Also if your post is resteemed by others you will be notified of that as well, which I think is great way to know if you are involved in other discussions, if your content appreciated by other with resteem, etc. Remember we already had notifications on Vote, Comment, Follow.

  • Post types - you now can make post with 50%/50% default, 100% power up, 0% declined payout type of posts on submission page.

  • View posts types - you now also can see which post has which type of payouts right in front of post title there is an icon of Steem which indicates 100% power up, if there is an icon with Steem and declined text on top which means that posts have declined payout. All default posts without icon.

  • Blockpay payments, eSteem now supports Blockpay payments so you can do test payments in upcoming SteemFest. Blockpay terminal generates QR images and with eSteem you can quickly scan the QR and make a transfer, it is that easy to pay for coffee, tea, snacks, hotel, etc. anywhere that has Blockpay terminals (POS - point of sale). Blockpay uses @blocktrades for transfers!

  • Profile page design and functionality improvements.

  • Image handling - as you may know, posts rely on image servers, once it is inaccessible or service/server is down post literally doesn't show images, caching also has limits at some point. So to solve this, eSteem now has default image placeholder, if image fails to load you will see that default image. This way, application can continue without doing extra requests to try to reach image server which I noticed slowed down the parsing of the content.

  • Markdown parsing improved

  • Performance improved drastically, you should feel it in every scroll, every action. Although, more newer device is recommended to get much smoother feeling.

  • Many more improvements that you will find out once start using app, you won't regret it, this version indeed improved a lot. :)

Google PlayStore - Android

Get it on Google Play


There are a lot more functionality that users have not discovered yet. I would recommend you to use it as often as you can and try clicking any place, try swiping right, left, up, down. If you find any issues or would like some new features , feel free to reach out directly at or comment below, I will make sure to add it on todo list and bring that feature in next updates.

If you have missed other applications, checkout my recent witness update post and interview to know more about my contribution.

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Awesome thank your Good-Karma. Keep up the good work and we are looking forward to meet you in Amsterdam with BlockPay and eSteem :D

Thanks Chris!

It's working great for me so far. IIRC the image hosting is Imgur is that has proven pretty reliable for me. FYI - if anyone misses the markup links IMGUR used to provide, I think you have to create an account now. Then you get the markup even though sometimes you have to hover on a single image and choose Get Embed Codes.

Thanks, yes recently changed image hosting to imgur. We will see how this works out. Google cloud image hosting got quite expensive, that's the reason for change. In future, if project can fund itself, better image and video hosting will be provided.

Awesome update!

Thank you! Please do let me know if you find any issues... ;)

You're welcome.
Will do!

Thank you for doing this nice app!

You are very welcome! Glad that it helps!

Good work good-karma !!

Thanks @themagus! ;)

@good-karma, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

@steemitfaucet, Appreciate what you are doing, but I cannot allow to copy paste content. Please feel free to make a review or experience sharing type of posts though. Like this one:

I am not reposting other people's content without permission.
Thank you again for your work please keep it up!

Good luck!

Reposting doesn't bring value and it clutters blockchain! That's why there is Resteem function. But reviews or other useful information to inform community is always welcome!

Great update. Really keen to try out some of these new features. When will this be out on IOS?

Yes, @nextgen622! Working on publishing iOS update, will post update once it is released!

Great! Thanks @good-karma

Good work! Resteemed, upvoted and shared.

Thank you!

I'm using it now, like a boss

great, let me know how it works on your device

Got it on my old galaxy s2 and working sweet :)

yay, great ;)

Woo hoo! Thanks for the hard work @good-karma. Resteemed... but you knew that didn't you :^)

Hey @nonlinearone! Thanks! Yeap, got mention, comment, vote, resteem notifications ;)

Hi @good-karma
Upvoted, Followed, Resteemed! Excellent post!

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Awesome! I'm resteeming this and updating it now!

Thank William! ;)

Awesome. I very very like this