eSteem - Android stats 07.2017

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Hello everyone,

In this post, decided to share growth stats to all our supporters so they can have an idea about how project is expanding and evolving....

We have reached milestone of over 10000+ downloads on Google PlayStore! 🎉🎉🎉

Below stats are from Google Play and just for the Android users, iOS stats will follow within few days after our release of 1.4.6 is pushed to the AppStore market.

What's eSteem

If you are seeing eSteem related post for the first time and don't know what it is, please check out my blog posts to learn more. In short, eSteem - mobile and desktop application, offering some of the unique features to your Steem mobile experience.

Active users growth

Day by day, active user base is growing, exciting to see many encouraging posts, short notes and photo moments being shared via eSteem.

Daily engagement

Engagement is great, many using eSteem for quickly engage with their followers, respond to comments, follow up with new follower, etc.


Recent growth in Korean and Indonesian community can be seen here as well. We believe growth will continue to go exponential in developing countries because not every user in those countries can afford personal computer. But most have Android devices, you can see the proof of that in below charts...

Map view

Map view basically shows where are the most active users of eSteem. Indonesian, Korean and Central Europe, followed by US.

Please leave a review on Google PlayStore, it helps community to grow even faster!

eSteem users are earning some extra rewards by doing/joining different voluntary activities.

Translation contribution and reward giveaway is growing quite fast and we have over 170 contributors and 44 languages are ready. You all are awesome! Come join team if you would like to improve/add your native language, invite friends, grow your community, just like awesome Indonesian, Korean and many other communities are doing, together we will grow...

Feedback loop and reward encouragement is going great! Thank you for everyone for giving valuable feedbacks and issue reports, couldn’t have done it without you! Intentional abusers will be added to ignore list. Please continue to give your feedbacks and valuable suggestions, I do read them all, even though sometimes I won't get chance to respond.

Finally, another way for you to earn extra reward while enjoying your mobile experience is eSteem spotlight series where you will get chance to be highlighted as top users of a month on eSteem.


Thank you for your support!

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Do you have a desktop version of statistics ? What is the usage of it ?

We have Aceh steemit community , Aceh is one special otonomy of Indonesia.

We are here :


Thanks @zamuria for clarifying... Aceh it is then ;)


Thank you 😉


I see steemit famous in aceh, but why it can be happened

Warm greet from user who lives on other special region of indonesia :)

Sorry for bad english


Wow the highest level of indonesia and there in aceh


Amazing, Follow me @Fadhila

Thanks @good-karma for your great job!
Happy eSteem user from Malaysia :)

Are there any account security issues for users due to this being a third party app?


Hey @captaincanary, project is opensource so anyone can monitor what is happening there or compile and build app locally if they have some technical knowledge. As for private keys and passwords, they are all stored on your device locally and never leaves your device, all transactions are generated locally and broadcasted to the websocket of your choice. You can enable PIN code security which gives extra layer of security.... Side note: for blockchain every app is a third party :)


Thanks for info! I hope this app can help bring Steemit to the large number of people who only use mobile devices, I will download it and give it a try

wow a good one indeed @good-karma keep up the good work. I agree this will be huge in emerging economies because most people there use their mobile phones more than laptop...steemit and its apps will rule social media soon, isnt it?

+1 ))


Wow man, this is phenomenal! You're really reaching out! I don't have an Android, but use the iPhone version. I'll make sure to leave a review later today. Cheers mate!

:) congrats, i am surprised i did not see taiwan anyway as i am using every seconds!

Indonesia, especially Aceh has a very large number of Steemit users. Steemit suddenly became a "boom" promoted through word of mouth and other social media. But unfortunately, 99.9% of Steemit users here are the minnows. However, eSteem has helped us. At least, we already have your upvote. If you can, your upvote percentage is raised.

Haha, thank you for this app.

Great results and I think well deserved. I use the app daily and really enjoy it a lot. I noticed that the power slider gives floating numbers which sometimes causes an error when voting (Something like "Incorrect Balance"). Once I have the correct message I will log an issue on github.


Yes, somehow allowing decimal has limitations from blockchain. Looking into it and improve that with next release, thanks!

That's very encouraging :)

i found the software very healthy. thanks @good-karma for providing such a benefit to public... :-)


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Esteem is now trending !
I'm continuously telling about it to all my friends.
They'll are liking it.
It's very easy to use
And we can make post in traveling also

Thank You giving us such a app @good-karma

Interesting that Indonesian, Korean and Central Europe are top 3! I'd assume US has a high active user base on Steemit/eSteem. Great to know for scheduling posts at a specific time using these top 3.


Those are for Android users, most of iOS users are from US! :)

@good-karma you have done a great great job
Unable to described in words app is working fine. Feeling such easy way to share posts or comments are unbelievable.
Yes when ever I will face any issue I will definately let you know to fix it and will definately suggest you for making it more great.

that map view is cool.

I will try to UP the french % by my download @good-karma !

BTW, the app looks perfect to go over browers. I will give to you my feedback as soon as possible !

Just starting to discover the Steemit community and it looks incredible !

Good Job

Stats looks promising, keep up the great work!

downloaded the app and I would say it's extremely intuitive to use particularly if you are using your smartphone to capture photos.

Great news to hear.. Ive noticed that its far more fun using the app.. Im even starting to write articles on the phone because it's so comfortable.
The normal steemit website layout is kinda of dull where the app is far more styled and creative.
Cheers for the amazing featur

Thank you @good-karma for app and statistic!
Now i can see, that it is nearly 240 people in ru segment using eSteem, cool!

thanks for this awesome app. a friend told me posting through the app alone earns you $2? is this true @good-karma


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I like this app very much. It is the only thing I use to access steemit. I hardly use my pc because I usually post on the go. I just wish it want so laggy and didn't freeze up so much.


@good-karma thank you very much for such an informative post. You deserve an upvote and resteem for this kimd of article and i already did it. Am felling lucky for being one among your followers. U are shearing very good and informative posts about @steemit and @esteem which helped me alot to understand about steemit. And i request all minnows to follow your account if you have to understand how to suceed on @steemit. Thank you once again.

Hey @good-karma! Enjoying the app a great deal! Downloaded it a few hours ago. My spouse @majikthought has had it for a while now. I delayed in getting it bc may cell screen is small. Lol. Glad I did though? Thanks!

Ohhh thanks for all of this information, i'm new and i don't hear about esteem, so i will take a look @good-karma thanks


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Esteem is a nice app, but needs some refinements


Yes it does, by reporting bugs and giving feedback/suggestions you can contribute to make it better... ;)


I also had an idea for a steemit app but am currently looking for proper API to implement the idea.

That's awesome, I really like the eSteem app! We actually used it to get our first post worth $500 Jul.jpg

I think you have to go deeper and dive to the point that you will find where we are, surely you will find us in aceh on sumatra island .... And as per our reality Aceh steemians comonity know steemit and esteem is inseparable from the role Active @curiesea he who encouraged us and introduced Esteem. Maybe you should immediately reward him ....

thank you

This is all great news. It's excellent to know there is a mobile steemit solution, but it seems to not be an official app that you can just easily install. When I tried to use it recently, I was directed to GitHub and instructed to download files among other things. The entire process turned me off and I didn't really look into it any further. Is there a more commercially adoptable version that I have yet to find? Is it a lot easier than it appears to install and use?

I was so excited to find there was a mobile version of Steemit

Then when I first looked at the files on GitHub, this was my reaction.

Amazing development on #steemit
Master @good-karma indonesia does not seem to enter in this community (steemit)
Many of us #aceh are using STEEMIT
Because it should not use the name Idonsesia, but wear ACEH Name Because Aceh Who Makes Indonesia There.
Aceh Is One State That Has Never Been Destroyed Like The Kingdom Of U.K ...
Aceh Is Our Country So Many Steemians Come From Aceh Not Indonesia
Thank you Master
Sincerely Yours @sallsteem

Ok, I was seeing esteem posts but not searched much and today I noticed something that few users are getting some upvotes from a team that included esteemapp, so I decided to search a bit more.

I am going to playstore now to download and start using the App.

@good-karma Any idea on how to get a team upvoting my posts like this user getting on her posts .


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Hi @good-karma, I was very wrong about esteem having a steep adoption curve. I downloaded the app and am actually writing this comment on my phone using esteem. Are their any unsaid benefits to using esteem that you could share?

We really need some new version on AppStore because the old one laggs periodically and it's more convenient and safe to work via web-site version.


Yes, v1.4.6 for iOS is in review, once it is done by Apple, I will make an announcement post about changes and ask for everyone to update... 1 more day now...

I discovered eSteem on GooglePlay, & think the App very user-friendly. I actually find that it shows more information to your own profile, (with voting power & voting percentage power) Im a fan & recommend it to all.

I'm kind of new on Steemit and didn't know about eSteem but definitely I'm going to check it out

Thanks for the update! Go Steem!

Good job @good-karma. I always promote to new steemians for using this portable application in their daily blogging.

Awesome achievements!!! Soon Philippines will have more active users of esteem app 😀

Great post. Thank you for shearing. Hsve a nice day

Huge growth potential here in the stats for sure. I love how like the one big blob in the USA is exactly where I live lol

That's fantastic! I hope it will reach the 100k mark soon.

statistic very promising and real post i can relate to the post there no doubt that
you are profesional and the post is objective ..
The new users are every day better and bring new things to steem they helping grow steem so they are important as older members in my opinion

Very very nice

I have the app. Just needs a bit more work. Maybe a votes given-recived ratio.


Could you elaborate, what you mean by votes given-received ratio, please ? Thanks!


Basiacly so you could see how much you upvote and how much other people upvote you.


You can see it by tapping on vote numbers, it shows you detailed information about voters. Check feature-set #9 here it shows how to use it in action.

Happy to see the growth :)

Great post.

Thanks for this information dear friend.

Fllowed & upvote

Plz my brother vote on my page for support

Great article!! Goodluck with your steemit journey!♢


Map completed. Keep it up, GK!


👍 😉

Waiting for IOS....

I'm glad no matter how minute, I make up part of those charts

helpful applications keep going on..

Esteem is the great aplication, it's very usefull to many people for sharing their articel.
Thank you much @good-karma

Congrats on the 10000+ downloads on Google .

Just waiting for the IOS update and I'll be testing the new changes and providing my feedback :)

Whatever... Who cares about the app stats, except its developer. All that we should know, we can find in play store by ourselves. I would not recommend to become angry about my words, so as it is just a bit of criticism. But this post is worthless.


Why my comment is hidden? Even here we do not have a liberty of speech. Bring it back.


I downvoted with 1%, because word Whatever doesn't contribute anything to the article and just spamming the network. I see now that you have edited your comment. Stats are as mentioned in post is for supporters of the project. If you don't find it useful to you, no need to comment.


Ok... But I edited the comment afterwards, so I would like my post back. And what about posts "Like" or "Cool", they are not spamming your network?


Common @good-karma )) are kidding.
Do the Comment from @zkazhmah scratched your ego)))


Thanks to @good-karma for removing downvote! Steemians, you should follow this guy, so as he really restored my trust in SteemIt community. Standing ovation to you!!!


I'll agree with @good-karma about this. I was first flagging and down-voting post. I'm starting to be sick from spammers and bots in 20 days or so, how long i've been here. It has to be some order, or Steem will fail, leaving around 150k seriously dedicated to this without anything.



@mudra-ra. Could you, please, provide your reasons for downvote? If they are not consistent, please, bring my post back.


@zkazhmag - Flag removed, everything explained back in my post and here as well with proof of concept :) Obviously he is not a spammer since he can interact in very polite way, even though he has been violated with flags and downvotes today :)

Here is one upvote for surviving :)


Digital Lucifer


Thank you!!! I have got your point, thank you for explaining!

I did something special today, and that is download esteem! thanks for your quality app everyone in the esteem team. every bit is appreciated:)

Never doubted this network. Esteem all the way! Let's take facebook down homies!

#upvoted #follow4follow

Keep doing a great job. Trying the app as soon as the sun rises

Woooow this is amazing, but It's so crazy,Where is #Aceh ...... ????

Welcome to the most powerful community in the world and I hope you find interesting and good things here that will help you in life. I congratulate you on the decision to register here and post interesting posts and I hope you do, welcome and have a lot of success from me
follow me and i'll do the same for you

Nice post.. Upvoted, followed and resteemed... Please Follow back @gauravchugh... I m your big fan

Oh i did download it after seeing ur post yesterday ,
Its really easy and made using steemit way easier for me. Am not a person who spends long times on the laptop. I replaced it with the phone like everybody now i think

Wow! Congrats on the tremendous amount of downloads!
At this rate esteem will be huge in no time. :D
Been using the app for a couple days now, and I really enjoy how easy it is to post from my tablet.
The whole blogging experience is more fun when your not tied down to your computer.
Looking forward to your future development on esteem.
Thanks for sharing the android statics, was very interesting!

Resteem it....

Thank you friend @good-karma for the valuable information! You are a professional! I'm just learning a bit! Enjoy with me the summer in Ukraine!

Amazing good karna

I must say its a great app I've been using it from last 2 days and its very user friendly

Yeah, Indonesia, especially "Aceh"
Steemit community in Indonesia most of them from Aceh.

Thanks for sharing :D

This is some really detailed work. You put a lot of energy into it. I think we would all like to get some advice from you.

I do really like esteem.... however there are so many fundamental flaws with the app which really need fixing.

For iOS I have downloaded the app several times on iPhone at least 3-5 time and it still does not work, in fact it does not even load... so the download stats you provide for iOS I will not be taking seriously. I am being critical not ecauze I dislike the app but because it needs to be sorted and soon. I blog mostly n my phone and if I can't use the app on my phone then what's use is it... maybe there's a fix I don't know about yet...

Secondly I was able to successfully download the app on iPad and use it at times although I still use safari for steemit because it's far simpler the new the app right now... it constantly gives me broadcast errors for which there is no fix as ive already tried what you recommended I need previous posts... it does work 50% of the time... I can only post, upvote, resteem etc half of the time which is really annoying. The app tends to just switch off on me suddenly for no good reason which can be majorly frustrating if you just spent half an hour writing your blog and it just dissappears Pooooff..

I do like it overall... the layout is great, the functions are good it just needs major tweaks. I actually don't use it because of the above they are sorted I would love to use it 100% of the time.

I'm not a hater of the app btw... just someone who can't use it until the issues ar fixed

Thank you... no downvotes please... that would be majorly disrespectful.


Thank you for your feedback!
iOS 9.x wasn't supported in previous version and had bugs, but we have fixed it and pushed update to Apple AppStore, it is in review. We should have update available for all iOS users tomorrow if everything goes as planned. If you had an issue, why not reach out to us, email us? Have you checked this post where we addressed most common issues and their solutions? Please try those solutions if it doesn't help, tomorrow try new release...


Thank you for such a swift reply, I do appreciate it and I wasn't intentionally trying to be negative.... just getting my issue started and concerns across.

I have tried the fixes... some worked some did not... so I'll wit for the new update release tomorrow for iOS and try again:) hopefully it isn't fixed for me because I do like the app and it's features.


Please, don't hesitate to reach out if you find upcoming update didn't address or solve your issue. Will do best to fix it as soon as possible with next release ;) Any screenshot of errors and iOS version, device type also helps to track down the issue...


Thank you & I will do.

You aRe awesome!


hi @good-karma, I've downloaded and used eSteem on my android a number of times. However, it keeps crashing like usual. So, a prompt: "eSteem stopped working" keeps appearing and I have the option to report error or ignore.

Touching on the comments tab to browse comments still automatically upvote the blog post. Could you please investigate the errors?


Thank you for reporting, will look into crash cause. Could you elaborate on when it crashes and what you mean by automatically upvote the blog post ?


Crash: I'm not particularly certain on the actual cause of the crash. Commenting on a post or scrolling too quickly on phone usually cause the malfunction of the app. I'll try to take notes and document the crash in details when it happens next time.

Automatically upvote: Touching the "comment tabs" to browse previous comments made by other users automatically result in an increase in payout amount even though I did not upvote the post.

I can definitely document the problems and screenshot them.


very thanks !

this is great and very usefull will surely try this out, thanks for sharing

With all due respect I'll like to inform you.. We are losing faith in steemit.. Maybe it's because of the trend which is going on... The community which it had to be is going the other way.... What will happen if it just becomes another Facebook typo... I'll love to steem on n on... But there is something which is going on wrong... Please do have a thought about it.... #Frustrated Steemer..

Congratulations for all the achievements which this community is making.... But what I feel is that this community was not made just to attract more and more people and leave them in between and then attract more again...
Don't take my comment as a negative-----
As I do love this community and do believe in good-karma...
Happy steeming

Downloaded the app last night, going to use it today for my postings. Great interface as well! I know this site was designed without UX as a 1st priority, so a streamlined app makes a world of difference! Thanks @good-karma

Contributed by many steemit and ESTEEM users around the world, this is the best revolution in playstore. Our steemians Aceh Sumatra has never tired of waiting for updating Esteem by @good-karma.
Thank you for your appreciation for #Aceh-Steemit-Community. I am proud of your ability @good-karma.
Feedback and reward encouragement are very satisfying. Thank you for all your kindness for us ESTEEM users and steemit platform.
#respect to all senior in steemit

haha, to much aceh people,
esteem the best @good-karma

The app is simply amazing, it is the best way to use steemit for android users, far betters than browsers, nicely developed with least bugs, keep up the good work.

Good job

Thanks for sharing this! I just upvoted you

Itis nice on the android but photos do not post through esteem for me and i have to do it from my desktop. Anyoe else have this issue?


Hey @jsquibby, could you share screenshot of error message if you get any? What error message says?


Nope no error message. After searching for the photo and adding it, the esteem main loading page comes up and my post is deleted not saved and i am on the home feed again. I have xperia z5 compact and my wife z5 full size seems to have the same issue but intermittently


That's strange bug indeed, would you mind reporting it back if you see it often and exact steps to reproduce this?! I have just tested few functions, couldn't pin point the issue yet...

Nice to being a part here @good-karma
So briliant, warm regard from Aceh :)

Indonesia being on top of the geo list?
Did not expect that.

Great Insights !!

I have been using the IOS app for few days now, and I think it's amazing.

Thanks for sharing that information, this is only my 2nd week and I've been on it every single day.
The figures and charts you've provided just proves how popular steemit is becoming.
This is just the beginning and I can only see it improving as time goes on.
All your hard work is greatly appreciated.

goodstuff thanx !!

Sorry for the noob question but is eSteem the official Steemit app for android, or is it a separate team that built eSteem? Thanks


It has separate team

Im here for a week now and i try to version of esteem i can say its improve very quickly.keep up your awesome work and ill keep being a dayli user

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thanks for keeping the community aware of all the evolution of the process thanks a lot for sharing it and keep on posting ;)

Follow me @irfanbocor steemit from indonesia

I am thinking to join the app soon :D Thanks man!

I haven't seen this before but it does look excellent. Downloading now to give it a try.... If it helps the growth of Steem then it can't be bad!

niice post man !! and good luck for other posts

you have a good subjects @good-karma