This is my to go app for steem on ios.
Hopefully getting stronger everyday.

thank you @good-karma and your friends who have improved the quality of this application esteem so that it is easier for us to enjoy it, you and your friends are very meritorious in developing this application and very meritorious in the process of development of small fish in the world of steemit, you very caring to them.
thanks to you @ good-karma, @esteemapp and friends.

Thanks for the updates to eSteem! I just voted for you as a witness. 👍

We're really glad you like it, thank you! ❤️

Thank you for sharing this information @good-karma and very useful to us all.

Wow this great news for us .. latest update wow so cool .... I use too much esteem app its too nice and all things good..... great work sir @good-karma

After a long wait I see your post master ... you doing an awesome job .. really After Use esteemapp i am so much happy and also everyday i tell all my friends about esteem app. I saw about esteem contest but sadly i can't participate but i am waiting for next contest ... love you man .. @good-karma

Hold on, we're preparing new awesome contests for you 👍

Yes, 😊😊 thank you ... I am eagerly waiting .

so cool, this is what I'm waiting for waiting from yesterday, the look is now of luck

hopefully the esteem is increasingly growing and growing with benefit.

Welcome @goodkarma
My name is yady
I like your post
Good job...

again thank you very much for your share content. becaouse i like it all content

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Good post and good news sir....
very good post and impressive once, frankly I really like to follow and read a very useful post like your post

This great new for us,

Excellent contribution

@good-karma, You are so amazing, so much experience you share with everyone, many people there who want to be like you, without saturation I keep following every information you describe, people there as well as me ...

Hmm... I guess I can give it another go, since I stopped using it a while ago. Too many glitches, difficult to navigate and still limited features - in wallet, for example— (compared to accessing Steemit through the internet or on my laptop).

Sorry to complain, just being honest...


We really appreciate any critique, bug reports, glitches and anything related to the application work and your personal experience. Please do let us know if there is anything you want to change or add there. eSteem application is for users, not for ourselves. So we are really trying to make it better.

well done again, still my number one app on mobile!!

Hi @good-karma I want to scrape a little bit of trouble or a problem at the newly released 1.6.0 price. After the update, there is a bit of a problem when I use the app award, sometimes it often stops, the report I submitted is open only my own who got the loss, so also according to my friend report. Thank you for being able to admit it

Would you please be more specific into your problem? What screens or actions makes eSteem to stop, can you reproduce the problem again in some steps? It will really help us to catch the bug and fix that. Are you on iOS or Android? What device and network you are using?

nice post @good-karma
Please upvote/follow @muliamalhaddad

Well done brother. You make Steemit easier. Thanks your support.

Thanks @good-karma. Your application is amazing.

Thank you for sharing this information @good-karma and very useful to us all. and I really like some changes in the Esteem App

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Good post, the best application for mobile

The interface is very clean. It looks great!

let's support each other, I support you, you support me, because steemit should be helpful

Let me resteem your post

Yes, sure. Feel free to resteem it.

saya sudah resteem post @good-karma, help me to level up, upvote new in my post ..!! thank

Wow so good post

Hey @good-karma I like your post, should you see my post and please up vote my post.

I have been trying for months to log in with eSteem. I can't log in for the life of me. Download the new version on iOS it just 'spins and spins' every time I try to log in....

Any fixes or trouble shooting?

Hi @jongolson are you trying to use your master key or posting key or anything else? If you are using any other key rather than master or main password make sure you've ticked the Advanced option and using private (not public) keys. Will it work for you?

Thanks for the reply. Yeah I tried it all. Nothing seems to work for me.

Out standing information, I'll try it out soon. Absolutly I'm glad to support you to be the witness .

It is impressive how much you get done! If everyone of us could contribute as much as you have STEEM would probably be worth $50!

We're sure it will be worth it one day!

so cool, this is what I'm waiting for waiting from yesterday, the look is now nicer.

Woww this is great news for eSteem and the entire steemit community. I have been thinking and want to make a suggestion for the eSteem app sir. what if we make color representations for repitation scores? I think this will spice up the app a little more. I intend making a post on this pretty soon, as a member of the promo-steem community.

Thank you for the valur you add to the steemit community..!

No need to post that. It's already been posted. I think you're speaking about this proposal:

Thanks @good-karma for your information.

Thank for realese app,,good luck and success for you,,

Thanks for sharing...

For me esteem is the best app! I love it

My first impression of the update is good. The performance has really improved.
But there is still an issue that is quite annoying. After opening a DTube post there is no possibility to go back to the esteem app. So I still have to close the app.

Thanks a lot for your report! We'll look into it and will try to fix it soon.

very useful

Eventually the apps esteem can be in operation via Apple's iphone, this is very fun for all community lovers of application #Esteem steemit.
But for now I am still waiting for the release of @good-karma app #Esteem for desktop ..... Hope that soon can happen ...!
Good jobs @good-karma ....

A little bit of patience, my friend :)

Yes @esteemapp ,,, hopefully will get the perfect level.
Hopefully later all users on the #Steemit platform in my country use the #Esteem app consistently for their riches, I really dream it ... That's a big target for me ...

And hopefully @good-karma , @feruz , @esteemapp , and also @demo able to bend upvote to all users of application #Esteem , hope no one left, that's also my hope @esteemapp .....

It's great to have faith and hope in life!

Incredible @Esteemapp ...

Hi, I just followed you :-)
Follow back and we can help each other succeed!!@romyjaykar

frankly your post I've seen and I've read I think your post is very nice and quite interesting and very useful for me and for all friends steemian's all thanks

"Our application is the second most popular Steem blockchain client"

If your application is the second most popular, which one is the first one?

First one is - in sense of blockchain is also application for Steem.

Thank's for updating esteem app

This is a very useful Announcement for iOS Users, Thanks for the information about this application release you provided @ good-karma. Let me share the information you share with all the steemit users in the world. before you have also released eSteem 1.6.0 for Androidunnamed (5).png

Yes, you can freely resteem any of our posts or write your own news and thoughts on the eSteem updates.

@good-karma I am updating the app right now. Thank you!!

@good-karma, my friend after updating esteem can't access and can't upvote.

Would you please explain a little bit more about your problem? Have you tried to log out and log in again? What keys you're using to log in? Private posting or master key?

Thank u sir @goodkarma for informasion and i love u esteem app...!!

I love the app and appreciate all the effort you have put into it, so not a complaint just an issues I am having

Since the update whenever I leave a reply to a comment it stays on the reply entry page and the back arrow does not work to go back to get to the next comment I want to reply to

This is on both my iphone and iPad

Yeah, we're also experiencing this bug on Android devices as well. We're working on the fix. Thanks a lot for your report!

thanks, will wait for an update and try it again, cheers

let's support each other, I support you, you support me, because steemit should be helpful

let's support each other, I support you, you support me, because steemit should be helpful
thank you @ris

good esteem application, i like good life i always use esteem thanks @good-karma

@good-karma Can you watch dtube videos through this esteem? I cannot watch it from a firefox browser. Thank you!

Yes you can. But after opening a DTube Post you have close the app after watching it. I reported the problem and I got an answer XD

That's annoying but hopefully that bug will be fixed. Thanks for the info :)

Nice article mr @good-karma i like your post, good luck mr, i hopefully you successfully on your steemit

I like this post brother

Good idea sir.. Thanks for your sharing :)

Esteem 1.6.0 verygood.. thanks esteem.

I have a list of bugs I'll be reporting that occur when using the eSteem mobile from my android smartphone @good-karma

Please do so. We really appreciate it! ❤️

hola amigo @good-karma una pregunta su usuario no esta dando upvote por usar su aplicacion steem ?

@good-karma always show the best posts, Greetings comrade


Lot of thanking to good-karma for his insisting outlook over the new steemit user, , we are happy to following you.

Mr @good-karma, When to come to Aceh for a Steemit presentation?

@good-karma That's nice to see the expansion of the app and platform! I currently use android however this will be good to increase steem value with all the new shrimp. Cheers!

very good esteem app news sir,i like your esteem news post sir @good-karma

what apple fruit is @good-karma seems interesting to me ...
do not forget to my account @azhar02

After I read the article you shared I just found out, I am very happy to follow you I thank you once again.

Nice post
Very good

Post yang menambah wawasan bagi saya komumitas steemit, terima kasih @good-karma

before thank you for info @goodkarma, after updated apps esteem why iphone 4s can not get into esteem application .. thanks,

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