eSteem 1.6.0 for Android. UI Tweaks, Activity Center, Bug Fixes

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We are happy to deliver the fresh release of eSteem mobile for Android. This version has some nice user interface tweaks to make eSteem look better and more pleasant to use. Also we had been working on lots of bug fixes and performance improvements. You can find the bell icon for Activity Center where you can check many useful things.

eSteem Android 1.6.0 Release Post Preview

Update should be available within few hours depends where you are located and Google Play Store crawling schedules. If you want to report bugs, issues, suggestions or create some tutorials feel free to do this via Utopian using eSteem section or do it directly via Github issues page.

You can download APK for Android and IPA for iOS directly from our official github releases page. It is possible to build your local version from github, don't trust any other sources when downloading application!

What is eSteem

Our application is the second most popular Steem blockchain client with many additional handy features which is missing. Learn more about the project by checking recently updated eSteem FAQ.

Keep an eye on @good-karma and @esteemapp posts for eSteem news, latest announcements and some greatly rewarded contests.

So here is what's new

  • Brand new loading screen
  • Welcome screen
  • Activity Center greatly reworked with new options and cleaner look
  • Tweaked: main application color
  • Feed design tweaks which you will like
  • Night mode color tweaks
  • Side menu redesign
  • No more pink overlays for profile covers!
  • Your profile page is now looking same as your feed
  • Removed: text tags under icons (Profile, Comments, Replies and Wallet)
  • Changed: long press server list for edit
  • Added: current post images gallery button
  • Added: Favorites feature to bookmark users
  • Removed: Voting slider from settings
  • Further source code clean up for performance improvements
  • Application hangs no more while fetching big comments threads
  • Other minor bug fixes
  • Many other changes we might have forgetten to mention, but can be looked at github source code

Some fresh Screenshots

Side MenuReplies
Night ModeMentions

Google Play - Android - v1.6.0AppStore - iOS (iPhone, iPad) - v1.5.1 (update pending)
Get eSteem on Google PlayGet eSteem on AppStore

We appreciate reviews and feedbacks on Apple AppStore and Google Playstore as well as ProductHunt.

Please, report any suggestions or bugs commenting here or using Github or on Utopian and we will work on them as soon as we can.

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I have been with you from the start and I am really glad about one change that has been bothering me. Press the back button and sometimes the app would exit. It was annoying to have it reloading when you had planned to just answer a comment and go on with your day. It does not exit now. Very much more usable.

I like esteem because as a minnow you have slide vote enable for you inside the app that's only possible for someone who has a lot steempower. thank you


i like you @caonabo


Now in new version you do not have "slide vote enable" !
I didn't find now option for upvote with less than 100% !

That`s very good news

Is there a solution for mentuon notifications? If so sorry i could not find it. Thanks for the update :)


What's wrong with mention notifications in you case? Would you please explain more?


When someone reply to me, I don't get any notification or maybe 6 hours later.
Also IF I get a notification, I get like 8 times the same notification.

Next time it happens, I will make a screenshot if that helps

I woke up in the morning and I totally could feel the difference, Like a world has changed when I logged in, so much faster, you are back on my voting list for witness. Good job!!!

i like esteem app.

That's awesome .Will update to latest version

Nice information

Nice Stuff!
At the same time as Bittrex, eSteem also gets a new UI...
Seems like you are always working :P


Yeah, but we are not so radical with changing UI yet! At least for now :P

For the Bittrex some user experience changed a lot. For example if you was selling coins there in past you could quickly choose current top price. Now you can not do it. Or maybe it's just me who can not understand how :)


I noticed that too...
Seems like you have to choose it from the list of Asks or Bids now.
The quick button disappeared :P

what's wrong with eSteem? . I can not upload pictures after updating



Strange... my uploading is working fine.


to this day I can not upload yet


Could you check which version of eSteem you are using?

This is notification info. Double info.

Some information for more times. Esteem 1.6.0 on android 6.0 samsung S5.

That's great news, now people with androids will be able to post
Nicely done!
Keep on steemin'

A unique characteristic of a dedicated developer is the willingness to make updates to ensure that the experience of the users gets better and better.
thank you.

Esteem apps update nice

the usual development, the esteem goes on. i love this development i will ressteem this post

Thanks you for information

interesting information I want to share this post in @jalora

I really like the app, thanks

@good-karma I just installed the app on Android... I'm trying to login using QR code for posting key. But the loading wheel just spins and won't stop?? How to fix, I can't get logged in. I am trying to login without "@", just username and posting key QR code. Does anyone know? thanks!

I have a download in this app Apps work very well Thank you for posting an app like this

yes, i've updated the esteem app.

Neat, gonna have to try it :) tipuvote! 0.2

i would like to bring you witness to my w/(h) ea L/L (t/h) D

Yay! I'm so excited to hear about this new app development. I can't wait to try it out :)

Good news

I really support what you give us thanks

Thanks for the information and explanation about the application to use the esteem. I personally use the application more esteem for postings from other application pad.

Skali again I say thank you for everything

is this reality? because i want to be the first Ugandan to download it.

useful information

The design looks nice. Just hope it would give notifications just like does. I'm just in love with


Would you explain in details please what is that you like in notifications provided by busy?


The fact that whenever I login into my account using, i see all the activities that has been going on, while I was away. It's a nice feature as it makes it easier for me to respond to comments like this. doesn't offer that


eSteem also has Activity center, where you can see all activities on your account we will improve that even more with next releases... Bell icon on top right corner opens up Activity center


Oh yeah, this is really handy. You could have something similar in Activity Center. For me eSteem done it better because you can skip following notifications there and see only replies or reblogs or votes etc. Check it out and let us know please if it is what you need or not :)

Beres booss

wht a great news. i can't wait for the update. lovely display.

Wow @good-karma this is a welcome report. I will try and upgrade my app right away.

Good feature ... Well-done buddy

Wow man !! This looks fantastic!!

Everything is getting upgraded. Dlive, esteem , steemit overall!!

I have an ios though but will check out the new updated app in my mom’s phone !! 😬hehehe

Thanks for this amazing app @good-karma 😀



iOS update is coming soon as well!

Thank you for the infraction @good-karma

It's good, excellent my friend. Congratulations... Regards @koljanin

Thank you, this information is very important for beginners like me👍

Thank you very much @good-karma for the informations

Thank you very good news.

oh sounds awesome, gonna check for updates asap!

Wow, cant wait to run my update... I hope the scheduling posts and also tags work better now..... Would download in a but


Would you please explain what was wrong with post scheduling and tags in older versions?

Brother @good-karma.. for your information The new update for android is already available in my place now, Indonesia. I am using Samsung Galaxy 9pro, installing now.. and will give a review how do I feel about the update on my next post. Thanks for your valuable work on the update.


Thanks you my post @good-karma

Thanks for the information...
I using @eSteemapp

It has a professional and user friendly interface. It is convenient for me to use steemit on mobile. Awesome upgradation

Thank you. Good news. I will update it immediately. @good-karma

Thank you for information @good-karma

yes! great progress, good interface and more user friendly, keep the updates and success going, loving your graphics as well.

last month I ever post about notification button I deleted because no one care ,I waited about 20 hour and today... I see notification button on your app thank you

Good post, thank for information

@good-karma a very new look and with some added features. Esteem is steeming with the changes. Good to feel the upgrade....👍

I now have this version on my gadget. So the eSteem users now are able to bookmark another users? Does it work a bit like following? What is the difference(s)? Will their posts appear in the feed? Thanks for this release, @good-karma, @dunsky, and other team members.


Nobody will know you are adding them to your favorites and this works exactly lke bookmarking but for user profiles. If there are some profiles you are checking constantly that's option is for you. For now there are no separate feed for them but who know, maybe it will be realized soon ;)


I know this is not final.
I know ideas for improvement will come thru time.

very good application, as well as many in user post, new style application adds esteem design, thanks for sharing, @good-karma.

Nice info

This is very good and more comfortable to use for all users.We are proud of you because you created esteem application about updating.Thank you so much about it.You are the best of us.

Thank you for update! Looks great!

Nice post

hi guys, you have not been to my blog for a long time, i missed your voting friend

Thank you for this positive post , so many steemians will benefits from this post.

After I read this post I immediately do a renewal application in the playstore, thank you and I love using application eSteem

After I read this post I immediately do a renewal application in the playstore, thank you and I love using application eSteem

A great informarion @good-karma. I like ithat info very much

@good-karma,please get me on your list because I am new in your esteem, I really want to grow like you, I will always support you, let's be friends ,
@,sneaky-ninjaa (aceh steemit)

Sir ,i am use this esteemapp in my 32bit windows operator system computer so , Sir give this esteemapp dounload link plz plz plz....Sir @good-karma

Great.... Heeehawwww...

Thanks for information

Thanks for your useful information. @good-karma

woew, now the more cool esteem. looks more neat and nice we see and I just updated it . this is the latest news ...
and should I share this information with friends who do not know it yet. permission to resteemed this post

waooo glad to see the updates good work @good-karma

Wow ... !! Something I've been waiting for has finally arrived. the latest version of eSteem update. I am very happy to use eSteem because it makes it easier for me to post ... Thanks @good-karma! Good luck always.

good post, I really enjoy your post. Follow me back @arisviyo

very good aplications sir @good-karma

Good info...

I have updated this eSteem application and the result is very satisfactory, the latest eSteem application now feels much lighter on the phone.
thank you @good-karma

wooooow this is awesome , am just seeing this
esteem is indeed taking this life to a better place , where we all can be free financially ...
with this new app it becomes so handy that one can update and follow up on the go.
i so much love this...
goooooood job

app esteem meet nice

Postingan anda sangat bagus dan saya sangat tertarik untuk membacanya

I've updated the esteem app for my android. Really a very interesting look, thanks @good-karma



Let us know what do you think about it after some time please!


Please upvote me

Hell @good-karma sir esteem update app is not good data usage is very big

thank you very much @ good-karma
Ever since I got to know you, I always keep up with the developments you share.
It is honorable that you always guide us to learn more wisely with outer insights.

Let me share your post.
Yours sincerely @ good-karma

Thank you very much for his advice, please always be guided.

I am happy to see the post of father @good-karma thanks for his information father

Nice info

I am very grateful and lucky to know you @good-karma in this community. You have given us many things about the steps we need to take to make it easier for us in this steemit. The @good-karma gives a great deal. thank you @good-karma

That's very good news buddy, success is always for you, I am very willing to succeed like you good-karma

Thank you so much!

I like the application of this esteem made by father @good-karma success always pack for turki society. greetings from @moeslimyusuf

this should I try

eSteem is the best App

Hmmm... I wonder if I should finally download the app. But I like using busy because of the upvotes. Haha.

success continues @goodkarma, esteem app is now getting with a very good view now, nice work comrade ..... !!

Incredible mr. @ good-karma @ferus is good news for esteem users