Desktop eSteem Surfer 2.0.4 brings 😎 emojis, Power Up & more

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This is an amazing update! 2019 seems to be a BANG year for the esteem project. You guys are doing a great job, considering the latest update on the mobile app, and this one.
I'm one of the lazy guys that like to have every word as an emoji, and I am glad that this feature is added to the new surfer build. The improvements in this build will certainly make the app to be more friendly. I will download in a jiffy. Thanks for providing this information.

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Thank you for your review, @tykee! Keep up the good work!

I dont understand why a new application needs to be downloaded to get the above features. Can this not be done by default in the steemit website which works on all major browsers? Chrome firefox brave etc...

Because eSteem is not part of Steemit Inc. It's different company. But anyway web version is also planned...

Off to download! I sure won't miss the self vote feature! I have never used it.

Great! What i miss in all applications is a reminder which informs me by e-mail that my voting power has reached 100%. This feature would be very useful. Maybe you can implement it.

wow thats some good job!

Is there an executable file?

Seen. Thanks alot. I'll be writing about it soon as I get my hands on.

😎 🤩 👍

@dunsky please what is esteem beneficiary percentage?

Check eSteem FAQ. You will also get extra info reading it.

Its cool... Great movement. :) Thanks for this information, tomoorrow I will update my surfer. God bless you

I am resteeming! Cant wait to try this.

The update looks amazing! @awesomianist showed us around the app and we like how it looks!

Its a another great news for all esteemian we are wait this updates.. Finally we are caught it sir @good-karma @esteemapp

And i also translated this article for Bengali community sir

Check please

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