Desktop eSteem Surfer 2.0.4 brings 😎 emojis, Power Up & more

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This is an amazing update! 2019 seems to be a BANG year for the esteem project. You guys are doing a great job, considering the latest update on the mobile app, and this one.
I'm one of the lazy guys that like to have every word as an emoji, and I am glad that this feature is added to the new surfer build. The improvements in this build will certainly make the app to be more friendly. I will download in a jiffy. Thanks for providing this information.

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Thank you for your review, @tykee! Keep up the good work!

I dont understand why a new application needs to be downloaded to get the above features. Can this not be done by default in the steemit website which works on all major browsers? Chrome firefox brave etc...

Because eSteem is not part of Steemit Inc. It's different company. But anyway web version is also planned...

Off to download! I sure won't miss the self vote feature! I have never used it.

Great! What i miss in all applications is a reminder which informs me by e-mail that my voting power has reached 100%. This feature would be very useful. Maybe you can implement it.

wow thats some good job!

Is there an executable file?

Seen. Thanks alot. I'll be writing about it soon as I get my hands on.

😎 🤩 👍

@dunsky please what is esteem beneficiary percentage?

Check eSteem FAQ. You will also get extra info reading it.

Its cool... Great movement. :) Thanks for this information, tomoorrow I will update my surfer. God bless you

I am resteeming! Cant wait to try this.

The update looks amazing! @awesomianist showed us around the app and we like how it looks!

Its a another great news for all esteemian we are wait this updates.. Finally we are caught it sir @good-karma @esteemapp

And i also translated this article for Bengali community sir

Check please

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Keep them good updates coming ♥️

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Fantastic! Love Esteem, great work @good-karma

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Very nice, we need more emoticons on steem!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩 Upvoted and resteemed 😍 😍 😍

I just installed it, I think this version is faster than before.

thanks for update, good job.

Wonderful and interesting .thank you.

Thanks for the update.
It really fun
It save time and money too

Good move to remove selfupvote box. This way I can't check it mistakenly :)

Some smileys ... 😀 😎 🤠 👻

One more thing it is more fast than previous. Thanks for nice desktop app.

One more thing it is
More fast than previous. Thanks
For nice desktop app.

                 - face2face

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I have translated it into Bangla language for bangali Community people,
I hope you will give a look in that

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Wow awesome update... as soon update 😘

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Thanks for your update. Power up option is really nice. People are leaving from steemit and this is a good time for esteem.

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do i get some tips too?

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I'm sure others have told you, but one thing I desperately need on v2 is a way to adjust my feed to see the tags I want to follow. I follow the eSteem tag to do curation efforts, and I can't do that when I am in v2.

We will have release later today or tomorrow morning with critical fixes and after that next release will include tag exploring

Yay! It is already SO great, and I am excited about the final touches that will make it the best ever!

Thanks, I'm enjoying Surfer 2.0.4 and see some nice improvements in overall performance.

У Серфера на api/ глюки появляются:

  • не подгружаются комментарии. Совсем, ни на своей, ни на чужой страничке.
  • В режиме просмотра карточек (без открытия поста) неверно отображается время получения голоса, "19 лет назад" для всех голосов. И репутация у всех проголосовавших 25.

Только с api/, с остальными серверами норм.

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I'm sure this is a very useful update, but when do you intend to fix problems with your application on the android platform (ver.1.6.0), related to the fact that articles with nested links in them are displayed incorrectly?

Hey, i'm using the EsteemV2 righ now, it is really good

This is such a lovely development @good-karma
The scheduler is a fantastic idea too :D

Do you really think that it will be more popular as like as mobile eSteem app?

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thank you @good-karma, information and renewal application

This looks fantastic... desktop and mobile version too... That's cool!


I'm always waiting for the improvements. We receive them with joy, thank you!

This is good news for desktop users!😍😍😍

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Your application is not support myanmar language please update next thank you

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Just wanted to sneak this one in here:))


It looks pretty useful, maybe I will test it out soon.

What a surprise @good-karma

The truth didn't know this application and it really seems super useful, right now I'm going to download it to try it :D

Enjoy your day, Piotr.

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Really enjoying the new android app. Havent had a chance to download and check out the desktop app as of yet.

hello @good-karma I want to ask you. Have I been removed from the discord
I am very disappointed if like this
And my posts are rarely appreciated
Do you want me to exit #esteem ??

Wow! This is amazing. I've been waiting for the update on the scheduler dialog box. Glad to see updates on the editor. I'll update it to the latest version and provide my feedback.

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😂 😂 😂 hahaha

Developments like this is exactly what Steem needs. Thankyou good-karma.


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Hey its really good news to everyone

I have been checking the eSteem app off and on, over the course of 1 year, but every time I check, the pictures in my feed aren't loading @good-karma.

Sometimes it's photos that were added after the original post was published, and other times it is Dtube thumbnails that are not appearing in the feed.

In this case, it was my wife's thumbnails for her @share2steem posts @emaferice.

P.S. I really want to support your app @good-karma since you run your own nodes, but it's hard to use it when the thumbnails are not working properly 😔


Plus.. many more other thumbnails are not loading... almost all of the thumbnails on
my profile don't appear on eSteem.






Looks like you are using old version. Please search for eSteem Mobile 2 app in Google Play.

Thank you @dunsky 👍

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I downloaded eSteem v2 on the Google Play Store and WOW @dunsky - I definitely think eSteem is going to be the first killer app for the Steem blockchain!!

Two things to mention though:

  1. The recent photos posted from @share2steem don't load properly - I informed @algo.coder and he said he will look into it.

  2. One of the @dtube thumbnails didn't load while I was viewing it in my feed. It loaded properly when I opened the post though.

I AM SO HAPPY WITH @esteem @good-karma THANK YOU 😊✌

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I think the program is very good

what about our keys can it be trusted,

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looks awesome, I will try it this weekend!

That’s great! I want to see some good fitness emojis ;)

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Can you please upload a tutorial on how to install esteem on your desktop?

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Nice cant wait to try it when I get home😃😃😃🙂🙂🙂

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