Steem growth is fast but prices continue to decline

in esteem •  7 months ago

Happy happy days for everyone, in the past few days I'm busy looking for reasons about steem prices.

A big question arises from me that hasn't been answered until now ... namely "why does steem prices continue to decline?"
I was looking for a post about this but there was no answer that I could understand. I keep looking for this answer ...!

In this case, I hope there are definite answers from the seniors here and if I can explain in detail and as much as I can find it.
We often hear investment words, but the word price stability has not been able to ascertain, in all things it takes patience, but if a low-priced product is certainly not good. This has become a world market law.

In this post I keep asking seniors to answer about one of my questions above!

I repeat the question!

1. Why does steem prices continue to decline ????

I'm waiting for an answer from seniors ...

By @good-darma
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