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Today we mourn the loss of these great baseball players Venezuelan professional, sad the departure of these stars

They say it was an accident but if this was a murder, as it happened to them there are many Venezuelans who have lived it and live every day on all roads in Venezuela

The criminals every day make theirs, they placed obstacles on the road to turn around and the roads in the dark since there is no lighting

We also live with roads in very bad condition, because of the bad government that we have today, what reigns is crime

All this was done to clear them of their belongings, this murder happened at dawn yesterday

The players of the cardinals of Lara JOSE CASTILLO AND LUIS VALBUENA, Carlos Vivero who thank God also left unharmed the driver of the truck Raul Medina who also left unharmed, they moved from the city of Caracas to the state of Lara in a private vehicle , since the buses where the players were transported do not exist

They were traveling in a toyota model fortuner truck belonging to one of the players

They overturned at the height of the highway Cimarrón Andresote to the height of the Morita due to obstacles placed by the criminals operating in the area, the players died in the same area and the other two people were helped by the authorities

This fucking government to finish with so many things and nothing works, we have no quality of life, only watch over their interests


Luis Valbuena also played in the big leagues for the ANGELES

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Both players played for Cardenales de Lara Castillo played second base and Valbuna third base

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So the truck left after the murder of the players, they did not save themselves being stripped of their belongings, what sadness and pain because so much evil



Oh my goodness, that is so devastating to all involved...I am so sorry for your countries loss of such precious men. My heart and prayers to you.

thank you friend for your nice words <3