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RE: Spin for ESTM!

in #esteem2 years ago

Where can it be found, Mel? @melinda010100

I am also having issues with posting now. I cannot post using the updated version of @eSteemapp. I don't know why. 😢

I also couldn't use my ESTM. 😭


Did you go into settings and try changing servers?

Be sure you are logged into eSteem with your active key. You need that to use your wallet functions. You can log out and log in again with your active key.

To find the spinner, go to your wallet. It is the square next to the pencil at the bottom of the page. The first page is your ESTM wallet and if you have tokens click on the ➕ to claim them. In that same square it will say Get ESTM. Click the ➕ again and you will see the Free ESTM choice at the bottom of the list. Good luck!

Thank you Mel, this is a great help. And it is exciting! Hahaha! 😁😂

Isn't it fun? I watch the count down clock to see if it's time to spin again!

Yahooooo! I got FREE 30 ESTM!!! Thank you so much, Mel!


Yay! Congrats! And you can get more every day!

Oh yes! Something to look forward to everyday. Hahaha! 😂😁

I will be looking forward to my next spin, too

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