#AllAboutSunset Is Back!

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Hello Sunset Lovers,

#AllAboutSunset is back to partially pay the debt to all the winners. I have been away for the longest time in Steemit, and I am just back for a month, trying to figure things here once again.

I only have 13.653 Steem in my wallet, which is far, far away from the original contest price of 5SBD. But I am not happy to continue using this platform with a debt in mind. So for now, I will be paying the winners partially with what I have. Then, as I gain some more Steem, I will be sending it to you again.

There are 8 winners for #AllAboutSunset Week 9. Thus the price will be 13.653/8 = 1.706 Steem.

I'm so sorry for all the inconvenience my disappearance have cost you. I beg for your forgiveness.

The participants who are still active in Steemit until now are the ones who are chosen as winners for #AllAboutSunset Contest Week 9 Mountain.

Congratulations to the following:








Thank you everyone for participating. Please give me a feedback if we shall still continue this contest.


Hello @gingbabida, welcome again, missing your precious contest, I hope you continue, thanks for selecting my sunset

Oh hi @maxili63! I'm so glad to hear from you. Thank you for your warm welcome. I'm happy to be back, and would like to still continue the contest if I get positive feedbacks from everyone.

You're very much welcome, as your photo is such an amazing shot! Hope to see you around.

Again, thank you.

Wow naman gaganda o!

Ayaw mo SBI na lang reward? Hehe

Ano ang SBI, sir? Di ko po kasi maintindihan yon kaya di ako nagmemention ng ganun. Hehehe. 😁😂 Saka di ko alam kung paano magkaroon ng SBI. Haaaayst! Marami akong di alam, gaya-gaya nga lang ako minsan. Discover-discover lang din. Hehehe.. Medyo nanganapa pa ako, sir. Kaya nga nagpapasalamat ako sa mga tulad ninyo na nagsi-share ng knowledge. 😊

Steembasic income. D ko din maxado alam haha pero ang intindi ko may vote ka makukuha depende kun ilang SBI meron ka. Send ka lng ng 1 steem kay steembasicincome tas name ng guato mo i-sponsor. Ikaw at un ni sponsor mo may tig 1 Sbi automatic. Tagal ko na di nabasa pero mas mainam check mo muna si steembasicincome. Check mo un link sa dulo ng blog na to.


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Bale, magkakaroon ka ng 1SBI pati yung bibigyan mo? Parang .5 Steem ang worth? Di bale, sige ichecheck ko nalang ang link na ibinigay niyo. Medyo magulo rin sa akin eh. Pero marami na akong nakikita na nagmemention ng price na ganun. Meron nga akong sinalihan na contest na SBI ang ibinigay sa akin. Hehehe. Di ko naman alam yun kaya di ko lang pinansin. Haha!

Anyway, maraming salamat ulit sir. 😊

Ganun na nga hehe kaya pag mas marami sbi mas malaki ang vote sa posts mo parang ganun. Di na rin ako updated hehe.

Yw 👍👍

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So, kayo marami na ring SBI? Hehehe!

Sino ang mag-a-upvote? Maglalagay ng tag na SBI, ganun? Or automatic lang na mag-a-upvote?

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Kunti lang hehe nakalimutan ko na kun pano check. Since nagstop ako mag steem nakalimutan ko na hehe

Si sbi na automatic mag upvote. Tas may update blog sila kun navote ka

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I see. Sige, pag-isipan ko kung ano ang maganda sa contest. Pero magandang idea rin ang sinabi mo na SBI ang ibigay. Hehehe. 😊

Icheck ko rin ang link na ibinigay mo, for further information. 😊

Okay din sya kasi lifetime ata. Check mo n lang din discord nila.

May isa pa nakalimutan ko save. Un naman parang constant un value ng vote. Si sbi kasi may percentage. Try ko search kun mahanap ko haha sabihan kita. Unahin mo n muna sbi hehe

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Oo, parang may nabasa akong lifetime ang SBI.

Sige, itry ko rin ang check ang mga bagay-bagay.

Save? Ano naman yun? Parang SBI rin?

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Hi @gingbabida so nice to hear from you and see you back on the platform i hope you had a great break and all is good with you and family. I am overwhelmed with your positive reaction and you have my best gratitude thank you so much for honoring your debt much appreciated and it would be awesome if you bought your contest back to life :)

Aw, so touching of you @hangin. My family and I are doing great. Hope you are doing well, too.

I am contemplating of continuing the contest, depending on the feedback I get from all of you guys. Hehehe! 😊

And I sincerely appreciate your thoughtful words, it means so much to me.

Have a great day ahead! 😊

You are most welcome and hopefully there will be enough support for you to bring the contest back to the platform no one else has taken on a contest like you had it was always interesting and fun.

Good luck and you have a great week ahead :)

Hahaha! It was equally challenging even for me! I hope I can get the support, too. Maybe one day when I have sufficient steem to hold the contest, I will continue the #AllAboutSunset Contest... Soon, very soon, hopefully.

Thank you for taking the time to express your thought. I dearly appreciate it @hangin. 😊 Have a beautiful day ahead.

You are most welcome hope it works out for you i will keep a eye on you now that you are back...Cheers :)

Thank you so much! Well appreciates! 😊

Welcome back @gingbabida what a lovely surprise i did not expect that coming thank you so much and nice to see you back and i hope you can pursue with this contest once again it was always a challenging one and fun :))))))

Thank you for the warm welcome @bigsambucca. It's great to be back and interact with all of you again. 😁

You are most welcome with the very late prize. I wish I had done it sooner. But anyway, it's better late than never! Hahaha! 😂

Once I get a sufficient fund in my wallet to host the contest, I'll sure continue the #AllAboutSunset Contest. I miss holding it too, and seeing the variety of stunning shots.

Again, thank you for the warmth of your welcome (and forgiveness 😛).

Have a beautiful day ahead.

You most welcome and will be looking forward for your contest to return.

Have a great week :)))))))

Thank you so much. Your kind words are much appreciated! 😊


1SBI each has been sent to @melinda010100, @beto14, @maxili63, @hangin, @bigsambucca, @himalayanwomb, @roxy-cat and @axeman

Thank you so much for participating the #AllAboutSunset Week 9 - Mountains.