Tofu fried is very tasty

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Indonesian people are very fond of eating fried foods. Usually this dish is always available when there are events such as patrolling, meetings, meetings that make gorengan as a prima donna with warm sweet tea drinking friends. One of the menu that became the mainstay of favorite fried foods in Indonesia is to know the contents. Know the contents in some areas is called to know bunting and also know susur. Usually the content of the tofu is a vegetable, egg or meat made to the taste of the maker. Recipes know the actual content is very simple. It just takes patience because it takes patience in cooking this menu.
Because this menu is one of the menus included in the menu gorengan then it is not healthy if we buy it from fried that many sold outdoors. Average traders pay less attention to the cleanliness of their wares and also the oil they use to fry the food they sell. This becomes a problem when it is eaten because it can lead to diseases such as typhus and digestive problems.
Well, in order to know the contents of a healthy food so its our practice to make it yourself at home. But you do not need to add MSG to the dough to know your contents because it is not good for the health of the body, especially for children who are in its infancy. To make it taste delicious then you can add broth from chicken or beef bone stew with a little salt and sugar.

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