The thing narcissistic don't want that we know..

in #esteem5 years ago

They don’t want you to know a thing about them…..That would render them transparent and unarmed.
They thrive on the cloak and dagger, smoke and mirrors scenarios. Any type of confusion is paramount to them performing their insidius and nefarious deeds.

Knowledge is power has never been more appropiate as it is when dealing with a narcissist. The more you uncover the more benign they become. Nothing more than a gnat you’d swat or crush. A thought that paralyzes them with fear.

Terrified of you having and forwarding proof of their blind jealousy, cancerous activities, blatant slandering of good people, the gullibility of and totally willingness to assist the flying monkeys were, exposing to the masses how self serving and malignant everything the narcissist ever said, done, insinuated was. Not 1 honest bone in their body. Or 1 redeeming quality to speak of.

Fearing their fantasies in their entirety and ensuing fraudulent claims of how spectacularly talented, desired and or brilliant they were will be exposed too and will be the final nail in their coffin during their short lived reign of terror.

Although dangerous at times, when everything comes to light their essence consists of your basic, pathetic, lying losers. Happiest when their lived ones are miserable. An oxygen thief !!!


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