Most awkward moment because of clothes

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I was in a tour organised by my college for visiting different sites to study different engineering structures.
Upon request of my friends, we were taken to a sunrise view point for some refreshment early in the morning of the last day of the tour.

Everyone was excited, including me, so we started getting ready early in the morning.

And I wore this ripped jeans.

We almost walked for half an hour uphill when we finally reached the destination.

I was happily sightseeing around when one of my teachers came to me.

Him: Hey, are you alright? You didn’t get any injuries, did you?

(I didn’t get anything he said let alone those injuries he was talking about.)

Me: Sorry sir. I didn’t get you.

Him: It seems like you slipped down so bad. Look at those scratches on your pant.

Most of my friends laughed at it, including me because he was just pretending them.

Everything was okay until I became the center of attention, which I try to avoid in general.

The stares that followed me after this made me feel super awkward.

Let me tell you, wearing this kind of jeans in my country is not easily appreciated, specially by people of my mom’s age.

Being unconventionally fashionable is not a decent choice here.

Thank you.


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