How to start learning programming language with pencil and paper...

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That’s pretty simple. Start with Pencil & Paper.

Let me explain…
I'm age

My very first algorithms class started with us having to put away our computers and solve the following:

Tell a computer to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

After a few minutes everyone handed in their answers.

The worst answers read like this:

“First, take peanut butter. Second, take bread. Third, put peanut butter on top of bread.”

The best answers started out like this:

“Start location program:

Locate jar with the label peanut butter on top of kitchen table.

Locate bread by searching for soft looking white mass inside a rectangular shaped plastic bag.

Initiate opening sequence:

Open peanut butter jar by placing left hand on the bottom of the jar and right hand on the lid.

Hold firm with both hands.

Turn hand on lid clockwise.

Stop if lid and jar are separated.

Begin tool assembly phase:

Search for metal object to retrieve peanut butter from jar.


What’s the point?

Learning to program is an order of magnitude easier when you separate the logic from writing the actual code.

Doing both steps at the same time will slow you down as a beginner.

As you start solving your first coding challenges and apply your new knowledge you’ll realize that coming up with the actual logic is half the battle.

So stop worrying about picking the perfect programming language and simply try out a few programming languages by diving into any of the .

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