Are VR headset actually feels realistic

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I tried out an Oculus Rift at a Best Buy a bit over a year ago. Within a month, I was able to come up with the money to buy the desktop/oculus bundle which came to about 1500$ ( I always joke that Mark Zuckerburk spend 4 billion dollars after his VR demo and I only dropped 1500$)
This was even before Oculus Touch (which changed everything). At first, my biggest concern was health issues. I would wake up in the middle of the night, not knowing if I was dreaming, awake or in VR. (I shit you not) And that kinda scared me a bit. Even in real life, I would get moments where if I looked at my arms without moving them, I felt just as detached as if I was in a VR experience. I mean, I wasn’t losing my damn mind or anything. I remember having similar experiences with Tetras and Guitar Hero. I was just spending too much time with it.

Anyway, its come A LOOONGGG WAY since even that amazing time frame. AAA games , multiple online expereinces/games, MASSIVE updates that have fixed damn near everything. More updates every day just to improve things we didn’t even know needed improving.

Some experiences WILL make you sick. Its something they’ve been working on. Some games have solved it, some haven’t. Taking Dramamine helps quite a bit so, when you first start using VR make sure you have some cause, you might get sick.

So, its not a question of “Does a VR headset actually feel realistic?” That is laughable for anyone with a Rift or a Vive (I’ve heard the mobile headsets are pretty great as well) Yes, yes, yes. Realistic. The only question is if you are ready for such a jump in technology.

This is NOT Nintendo Wii 3.0 or XBox X-5. This is NOT an updated console system or playful little gadget. This is something different. Something you have never experienced before. Another freaking dimension. The future. I’m not quite sure WHAT future? but, its the most amazing thing I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of.

When I first got it, the only way I could explain it to people was that its just like finding out Vampires are real. Yesterday, they were only in movies and books. Today, Vampires!! Same deal. Yesterday, you only thought about VR in movies and books. Today, That technology is better than anything you’ve ever read about. I read recently that like 2/3 of the population still don’t know VR even exists or think its bullshit.

I will again bring up the fact that after Mark Zuckerburg demo’d Oculus Rift , he immediately offered 4 billion dollars to buy the company. Which he did end up buying.

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