Why English Is A Terrible Language

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This is another of those hilarious articles lying around my Inbox for years, exactly 18 years ago today. How about that? It talks about how English is a terrible language, citing examples of words and their usages and how a lot of it don't make sense at all. Have a break and click on the link below.

You'll be left wondering as well who invented this terrible language where hamburger doesn't have any ham at all nor an eggplant any eggs.

Click here for an enjoyable read.

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(Photos sourced from Pixabay)


Ako ni tan awon later. Naa diay koy tip sir pag share kay bobbylee ug .1 sbd then link sa imo blog sa memo gasupport siya bisag wala nako gahatag ug .1 gavote gihapon siya. Maynalang pandugang sa ato income.

Salamat sa tip bro. Ako na gisulayan. Mao ra gihapon kani nga post akong gi link sa memo. Update taka.

Wala may nahitabo bro. Ako na gitagaan .100 sbd og ang link pero wala man namisita. Try nako next time (naa pa man ko sbd).

Naa na. Namisita jud. Salamat sa tip bro.

An enjoyable read! The word read is also an oddity. We pronounce it different depending on if it present or past tense.

Thanks for taking time to read it. Glad too that you liked it.

Your observation about the word read made me think of the word lead and why it's past tense is led but for read it is also read not red ha ha. We also pronounce lead with the long e sound unless you mean lead like the metal stuff and you pronounce it with the short e sound like led. It's enough to make your head feel like lead.

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