Why Do Families (And The World) Lack So Much Love?

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I stumbled upon another relic in my Inbox, sent again by my good friend Sammy. It is an article written by Bo Sanchez about his conversation with Bishop Ruben Abante about the subject. This is a very interesting read and I hope you can spare a few minutes to check the link and reflect on the article's message. Click here for a very enlightening article.

It has been more than eleven (11) years since I read this article and despite the passing of that much time, the lesson espoused in the article by Bo Sanchez is still very much applicable today. He said then, and it is still true now, that the father's love is the most important factor that holds the family together. Second is the mother's submission to the husband as the model the children should follow. No wonder the father is always called the head of the family. It is from his love (or lack of it) for his family that often determines whether the family stays together or breaks apart.

Thank you for checking the link and for dropping by.

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I agree that love is the key to a strong family. However, I respectfully disagree that it is the husband/father's love that holds the family together. I see marriage as a partnership, so that one partner in not submissive but the two work together. Love is the foundation. That mutual love allows for the spouses/parents to support each other. This not only sets a good example for the children, but allows the family to weather tough times.

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Your point is well taken and I agree with you wholeheartedly that marriage is a partnership. However, I still agree with the article's author that a father's love is more fundamental to the foundation of a solid and loving family. A child is always assured of a mother's love. It's instinct. But with the father, a child must be constantly affirmed and showed this love. And as the child becomes confident and assured of the father's love he learns to respond in the manner that a loved child does. There are doubts or insecurities that may be entertained if the father's love cannot be felt or sensed.


Again I respe tfully disagree. The point of cpntention this time is that the mother's love is assured. One of my good friend's mother left after she was born. The father raised the seven kids on his own. Unfortunately, there are mothers who abandon their kids just like fathers.

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