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Hi Steemit Friends

This morning I will show you one of the places I bought a nice and cheap breakfast, this place has no street name, but this place is in the town of Lhokseumawe aceh, precisely in my village old pit.

He said, if the place of people selling it in kerumunin people, then the food of the person means good and very in the course will be in search for people even though the place is remote and somewhat narrow

Original Photo by: @gardeniazz

This is one of the most selling places for breakfast people are looking for, of course in our area. The place is not on the side of the road like most people sell, its place in densely populated settlements, the road is rather narrow, but very in search of people.

In this place they offer various types of food for breakfast and everything costs between Rp.500, - to the most expensive only Rp.2000, - the price is quite cheap for me a student.
Foods that offer include:

CameraSmartphone Xiomi Redmi 4A
SettingAuto Focus
LocationAceh, Lhokseumawe city

Usually this sale place will start at open at 08.00 am, so if we come late, the food supply will run out in the assault by the buyer, especially Sunday will be more quickly exhausted. It is not excessive, if the place selling this mother is in search for people, good food and the price is very cheap.

Maybe this is all I can recommend to my Steemit friends, hopefully it will be useful for all Steemit friends.

Thank you for visiting my deacon, do not forget to continue vote, comment and also Resteem. See you again ^^.


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