How to Improve Your Steemit Relationship

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If there is one valuable lesson I've learnt in the past few months since I joined Steemit, it is the simple fact that relationship plays a vital role in one's progress and advancement. In short, Steemit is more about keeping relationship than the quality of your writing.

For instance, I know a couple of people here who spend time to deliver quality posts but get only a few cents in upvotes. Whereas, I know some other people here who get staggering upvotes for merely posting a selfie. What makes the difference in both circumstances? Relationship. Let's face the blunt truth, you can't survive the rigour of Steemit without building and sustaining a healthy relationship.

So, in this post, I'll be giving you some tips on how to build or improve your Steemit relationship. Briskly, let's get started.

  • Get Yourself a Jotter and a pen
    Every day, as you navigate Steemit, take note of the Steemians who make a fine impression on you either through their blog posts or impressive comments on your posts or the posts of others.

On your jotter, like I often do, pencil down the usernames of these Steemians and frequently get in touch with them. Soon, they will become your friends and then regular commenters and upvoters of your posts.

  • Make Meaningful Comments on the Posts of Others
    In most cases, it is better for you to not comment on a post than to say empty things such as, nice posts, great posts, wow, good, etc. These words, whether you take note or not, latently give the impression that you're a lazy person.

In my first few months on Steemit, I made some valuable comments which not only fetched me stunning upvotes but a few cult following from friends that are still very much in touch. The bottom line is that your comments are baits capable of catching friends from the Steemit ocean.

  • Join and Actively Participate in Discord Channels

Except that you rely solely on self votes, to stay away from Discord is like a man who refuses to sleep with his wife and expects her to get pregnant. In short, Discord is to Steemit what a compass is to a sailor.

On Discord, you get to join and interact with several excellent communities on Steemit. You get to learn new things, keep your old friends while making new ones. Although I disliked Discord until quite recently, I've found it to be pricelessly beneficial. I trust you'll also find it amazing and healthy for your Steemit journey.

  • Conclusion
    I'll have to stop here since I did not set out to write a textbook on this topic. Therefore, feel free to comment some other things that can help to foster Steemit relationship that are omitted here. Until we see again, I wish you a wonderful Steemit experience. Full STEEM ahead.

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Kindly follow the peerless vocabulary lessons delivered by @majes.tytyty and get rewarded with some upvotes for your participation.

Are you a minnow and you're already thinking of giving up on Steemit? Please don't quit. Kindly follow @Steemitcentral and use the steemitcentral tag in your posts to get some upvotes.


I am @gandhibaba, the young man who goes about carrying his magical pen, not his gun, in his pockets.

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Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate your precious time.


Excellent post. Apart from a few big media men such as The Dollar Vigilante, all of us can only build up our Steemit following and Steemit presence slowly, diligently, and persistently.

For any newbies, you'd do well to follow the useful and beneficial advice provided above.

Thanks for your comment and for the extra insight. Indeed, Steemit following can only be slowly and persistently built through a tortuous yet rewarding journey.

This line got me "In short, Discord is to Steemit what a compass is to a sailor". this saying is so true! I know how much Discord has impacted my Steemit journey, so much so that it is slowly taking the place of WhatsApp

You're right bro. Discord is a good place to make connections and interact. Thanks for your valuable comment.

I'm honored sir, to rap from your wealth of knowledge.

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steemit must be more the quality of writing than the relationships... That isn't the goal of have a blog? - -

@gandhibaba You described how to grow up on steemit ?simple and easy language thanks for made knowledgeable post..
Keep posting.. .

My pleasure. Thanks.

Al tener tanta información, los nuevos usuarios nos perdemos en ella, y no será sino hasta que aprendamos a navegar con steemit, que descubramos a los mejores tratando diferentes temas. Felicidades por tu aporte.

Thanks for insight.
Nice image though

Well said, "keep old friends, while making new ones...

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Thx for the advice!

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hi @gandhibaba

very useful and intersesting post i ever read on steemit.

I also facing the problem of not getting upvotes and comments even though i am posting some useful posts. Now i realised do SMART WORK not HARD WORK.
thank you for learning from you

It is my pleasure friend. I am happy that you find the info valuable.

@gandhibaba you said the real fact, well done mate....I started following you and wait for your next post

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That's a great list with excellent ponts. I do most of them, except Discord. I have to make an effort and find time to be on discord as well. I would say "thanks for sharing" but that's the line spammers are using the most, so I'm gonna just say "Good job, keep it up" :)

Good to know that you find this post helpful and worth reading. I appreciate your time. Regards.

my main obstacle is building a relationship...but thanks for the tips though

Good to see that you find this post useful. I wish you all the best.

Thank you for the helpful advice!

A most excellent post @gandhibaba yet again! I have a little jotter/note book by the side of my laptop and am constantly taking notes similar to your tips. Your advice to make thoughtful comments is also a great way to build relationships within the community but, alas, when it comes to the discord groups, I am completely lost as to how to use them. But after seeing it recommended within your post, I am motivated to give it another go and see if I can figure out what exactly it is I need to do there.

All the best to you,


GREAT post, but I do find it funny. I think posting frequency too. You went from a couple of posts a week to a couple of posts a day. I'm still at a couple a week. I had gotten up to a couple of day then medical issues pulled me off for a couple of weeks.

And now I have to beat you with a stick to get you to say HI 🤩
@gandhibaba doesn't like @tryskele anymore 😢 I am just teasing. I have been in a very ornery mood today.

Hehehe good to hear from you. I agree with you on posting frequently. I apologize for what seem like a slow response. You remain one of my favourite Steemians. I love your zeal and your personality. There are lots of things I do for you behind the scene that puts you ahead of others.

I hope you become strong enough to post more frequently. I appreciate your warm friendship. Nice weekend.

With as busy as you have been, I can understand. And yes you do a lot behind scenes, I've noticed and appreciate it very much . Getting back to normal, it's just healing time and get drained.
I truly appreciate yours too. You do a great job of keeping me motivated.

Always my pleasure. Good to know that you're getting back to normal. Maybe we need to chat on Discord.

We should do that some time :) I have to dig out my headset with the mic. I haven't used it in a while.

How do I find you?

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