Pokemon Go: New Lures Added!

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It has been a couple of weeks since Niantic updated the game with new items that could be used in game when at PokeStops. They have introduced three new Lures to activate at PokeStops for unique opportunities within the game. These were rumored to be coming to the game for a long time but unexpectedly made it in recently.

There are three new lures which represent environments for which the PokeStops shift to spawn different Pokemons in addition to having the ability to evolve certain Pokemon to new Generation Four Pokemon previously unreleased in the game.

First, the Mossy Lure attracts Grass Pokemon when activated on a PokeStop. In addition, Eevee can evolve into Leafeon if evolve in the vicinity of the activated Lure. Next, the Glacial Lure attracts Ice Pokemon when activated and caused Eeve to evolve into Glaceon when done within the Lure area. Lastly, the Magnetic Lure attracts electric type Pokemon and could evolve Magneton into Magnezone when evolved within the range of the activated PokeStop.

Niantic continues to evolve the way players engage and interact with the game as it continues to find ways to retain users and bring back others to the game. The recent Pokemon Go Fest demonstrates that it continues to be a popular game that is attracting millions of users. As new games continue to be announced and released, it will just help grow the community looking to complete their Pokedexes over time!


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